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Top 10 Best Duplicate Photo Detectors for Android

Duplicate photo detectors

Duplicate photos are the biggest nightmare for those who often face space crunch on their computer. All of us mostly use our smartphone cameras to capture images and these devices having lesser memory in comparison to our computer or laptop.

After a point of time, we notice that storage on our smartphone got almost full. Sometimes we critically require disk space but find that it is full at that point of time it becomes really difficult to decide that which files we should keep, and which can be deleted. But actually, we do not need to sacrifice with our important files.

Your android device holds lots of duplicate photos and you can instantly make more space by removing them out of your device. For this, you require to have a third party duplicate photo detector. So, what are you waiting for here is the list of 10 best duplicate photo detectors pick the best one for you and get started but before that lets us understand what the root cause of these duplicate files is.

Why there are duplicate files on your android device:

There can be many reasons for the duplication of files or photos on your device. Here we are listing some most common reasons for this.

1. Sharing the same file multiple times:

Sharing Photos, videos and other files is what we mostly do with our smartphones. We share the same file on multiple applications which eventually creates copies of these files on your android device and results in duplicate files of the same file with different names.

2. Photos capture in different Modes or with different filters:

Some devices capture different shots for different modes for example if you have HDR mode turned on then your device may capture two different shots one is in HDR and the other one as the Normal. At the same time, we keep on adding filters to our captures and most of the applications to do this save a different copy of the original image. We are not even aware that we are unintentionally creating duplicate copies of the same image which is also taking the same size.

3. Downloaded backup from multiple sources:

For safety reasons it is a good habit to keep online backup of all your stuff but if you have purchased a new device or you have just restored your back up from multiple sources on your old device then you will be in a big mess because this will accumulate lots of duplicates on your device downloaded from the different backup sources. There is no option to undo restored backup now what you can only be done is deleting downloaded backup manually.

4. Memory card and phone storage are having same files:

If you have recently inserted your old memory card, then it might also have the same photos you already have on your smartphone and this can be the reason for duplication of photos. Manually it will be very difficult for you to search for each and every file which is duplicate and to clear it out. Sometimes even memory card is having duplicate files. In this scenario, you may need an application which can fix duplicates on devices as well as on memory card.

Here are the solutions of all the above problems try these 10 applications to get rid of duplicates no matter why they are created.

1. Duplicate Photos Fixer:

Duplicate photos fixer is a nifty tool from Systweak software to remove duplicate photos from your Android device. Though it is a cross-platform software if you are installing it on your android device then you will get it for free and within a couple of minutes, it detects all the duplicates on your computer. with the help of this application you it is easy to clear all the duplicate photos because it shows them to you in well-organized groups and then you can choose what you want to keep and what you want to delete. The application allows you to create an online backup of your photos before you proceed for the deletion of duplicate photos. Here is the link to download this application from the Play store.

2. Remo duplicate photos remover:

Another duplicate detector in our list is from Remo software. Its algorithms are well enough to find hidden duplicates in your android devices on the basis of the content of the photos. Smart De-Dupe scan mode helps you to dive deep into your device and look for duplicate files. With the help of Remo duplicate photos remover, you can instantly make room for new stuff on your device. By default, you can choose from two modes one is exact and the other one is similar. On the exact tab matching accuracy level is higher than a similar tab.

3. Duplicate Photos Remover:

Here is another tool which is developed by Neno Tech tools. the procedure is quite simple like other duplicate remover tools it scans and detects duplicates quickly. This application automatically groups all the duplicates and thus makes it easier for you to clear them out from your Android device. You can remove duplicates from both internal and external drives using this software. You can customize your search based on file names. Get this software from the given link.

4. Duplicates Cleaner:

If your aim is not only to clean duplicate photos but all the duplicate files from your computer, then you should go for Duplicates Cleaner the user interface of this application is different from other applications which solve this purpose you will see small preview of images and you need to scroll down and down to see more files which are marked for the deletion. You can choose file types or the categories under which you want this application to find duplicates. The application claim to have the safe deletion of files because it shows you a warning message before you finally proceed for the deletion of duplicates.

5. Duplicate photo video remover:

What mostly occupies the space on our android device is photos and videos. If we can wipe out duplicate photos and videos, then it can help us a lot to recover space quickly. Duplicate photo and video remover app come with a basic interface to solve this purpose this application is lightweight and hardly take few MBs on your device. You will have full flexibility to include or exclude folder for the scan. You can save your search results and can choose later what files you want to keep and what you want to delete.

6. Duplicate image remover:

Duplicate image remover is an easy solution to remove duplicates from your device quickly. All you need to do is to start scan after choosing some preferences and you will get a clear representation of duplicate files which can be deleted in just a few clicks. You will also see the size of duplicate files which you can delete quickly, and you will get a fair idea of space getting free by doing this.

7. Duplicate Media remover:

As you can understand by the name itself that the application is a duplicate media remover where media includes photos, videos and audio files. The application shows you a list kind of format to decide what you want to remover and what you want to keep safe. With the capability to remove duplicates from SD card and both from the device stores the application all together works as a perfect solution to get rid of duplicate files on your device.

8. Duplicate Remove:

Duplicate Remover is a perfect tool to remove duplicate photos, files, media, and even contacts. At the starting point itself, you can choose what you want to delete and what should be recovered. This tool also works to recover images which are deleted by mistake. If you are done with deleting duplicates and still want to delete files in bulk, even then you can use this amazing software to delete files in bulk.

9. Duplicate Photo Finder:

As we all understand that by clearing duplicates our ultimate goal is to make more space on our device. This tool is an effective way of doing this. You can clearly see the file size of each and every file before you wipe it away. This helps you to decide that either you want to keep the best quality image, or you are more focused on making device storage free.

10. AZ cleaner-Duplicate cleaner:

Another advantage of removing duplicates is to clear out this unnecessary junk is that it enhances the device performance and here is another application for this purpose. A-Z duplicate cleaner remover all the duplicates in all the attributes from your Android device either they are duplicate photos duplicate contacts or empty files.

So, these were the 10 best duplicate detectors for android. If you are looking for a photo management tool for windows as well then you can find some of them for Windows too.

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