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Make Money While You Sleep: Here’s Your Guide to Build a Viral Quiz Website

build viral quiz website

Online quizzes have become very popular over the past few years. If you are into them, you definitely did some on Zimbio and BuzzFeed. Some of the online quizzes have become so viral that their social media explosion was hard to miss, even for the people that are not particularly into them.

If you want to generate a new source of making money online, the quizzes are the option that you should definitely consider. But how to make them, and more importantly, how to make them viral? Here’s your ultimate guide to building a viral quiz website.

Picking the best Quiz Builder

Although there are dozens of quiz plugins available for WordPress and other CMS platforms, they do not offer the functionality and advantages the dedicated quiz builder platforms do. With a good quiz maker, you will be able to design quizzes that both look and feel engaging.

What’s more important, you will be able to embed your quizzes wherever you want with no restrictions at all. We are not talking about embedding quizzes only on your website, but also including them in your social media posts, emails and blog posts. This is incredibly important in the beginning when you want to use the quizzes as the main building blocks of your online presence.

Since most of the quiz maker platforms are based on the latest learning management software, your quizzes will tell you a lot more about your audience. Besides, you can use the analytics data to improve your quizzes and make ones that resonate more with your audience.

Go With Popular Quiz Themes

One of the hardest choices that you will have to make is picking a quiz theme. A great thing about the quiz maker tool is that you can make whatever quiz you want and store the template you’ve created for future quizzes.

To choose a theme with viral potential, you should research the popular quizzes online. You will quickly discover that love styles, personality and trivia quizzes are the most popular ones. You can stick with one of these themes and add a personal touch to it to make it unique.

There is another reason why we suggested picking a quiz maker for this purpose. If you have no experience in making quizzes, this tool will make it easier for you. Simply because it comes with thousands of quiz templates that are ready for use.

These templates are designed by professionals and they look great. Once you have several quizzes ready you will need a website to publish them on. Here is what you need to do.

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Go With the Right Domain Name

Since you are going to start from scratch, you have an amazing opportunity to pick a domain name that goes along nicely with the viral content you are going to share. Here are some general rules to consider when choosing a domain:

Your domain name is your online brand name. If you want to extend your online efforts, you should consider picking one that is both catchy and brandable.

Good Hosting is a Must

Once you get the right domain name for your quiz website, you need to choose your hosting company – a good one that is. Why is a good Host a must? In the online world, there is one thing that always comes first. That thing is user experience. If you want your quizzes to become viral from the technical point of view, you need good hosting.

With a renowned and credible hosting company, your website will have no downtime at all, it will be fast even for the most remote visitors, and stable as well. This is a very important thing to pay attention to.

After making a quiz with a quiz builder and publishing it on your website, you may have hundreds or even thousands of live visitors on your website. If you used cheap or shared hosting, you will ruin the experience for these people and your potentially viral quizzes will go to waste.

Make sure your future hosting company has a good reputation and years of experience, as well as SSD caching and 24/7 support.

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Pick an Easy to Use CMS

Have you heard of WordPress before? Of course, you have, it’s the most popular CMS out there. It is very easy to use, comes with great support in terms of guides and videos, has a large community behind it, and it’s free.

Most of the best hosting companies offer it through the website installation wizard. All you have to do is log into the CPanel and start the installation wizard.

All you need to do is choose a CMS that you think will be perfect for your website and get started!

This means that you can get your hands on the top-notch and great-looking website without any technical knowledge. Don’t get confused by the variety of plugins available on the Internet. Go only with the absolute must-have ones to keep your website clean and the user experience at the highest possible level.

This is all the essential steps that you must follow to build a viral quiz website. To become viral, your quizzes have to be promoted. Don’t refrain from sharing them across your social media profiles and, of course, a little bit of SEO goes a long way.

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