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How to Activate MS Office 2013 for Free?

How to Activate MS Office 2013 for Free

How to Activate MS Office 2013 for Free

Microsoft Office 2013 offering the all Office programs that you’ll find on the Microsoft office 2010 suite. This program contains Ms excel, word, PowerPoint, Outlook, and access, and you get all major upgrades with this version of the office.

The other more updated version of these programs can be found in Microsoft Office 2016. If you want to activate the Microsoft Office 2013, then you will need the Microsoft office 2013 free activation key, which is known as a free product key.

Are you looking for free activation of Microsoft Office 2013? Here you are at the right place. If you are searching for the product keys of Microsoft Office 2013 here is the better solution for the activation of MS Office 2013 for free permanently without the product key.

In this article, I will guide you step-by-step on how to activate your MS Office 2013 permanently free.

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How to activate MS Office 2013 for free?

Let take a look at these given Steps to Activate MS Office and use it on your device:

1.Turn-Off Windows Defender/Antivirus

Before starting this it is important that you start the solution you must turn off the Windows Defender. If there any other antivirus software installed on your computer, then turn it off as well because the antivirus will not allow you to create or execute your cmd file

You can easily download Microsoft Office 2013 and install it on your computer, but at some point, the activation key will be required before you use the programs.

2. Create CMD File

Open a new notepad file on your desktop and copy the code completely and padre into your notepad file then click on a file and on the notepad and click the option “Save as”.Then Go to the desktop and choose the saving Location and give the filename office2013. Cmd. Go to save and type as file type” and choose the file name and then click Save.

3. Execute File & Activate Office 2013

You can see here that there is an office 2013.cmd file on your desktop. Do right-click on the file and click on “Run as administrator” and the office 2013.cmd file will be executed there. You have to wait for some time and now you can see that MS Office 2013 has been successfully activated on your Windows 10 for free. You will also see a message “<Product activation successful>”.

Now you can check whether MS Office 2013 is actually activated or not and open MS office on your computer then click on the file option and click the account tab and You will see the Product is Activated and now you can turn on your Windows defender or antivirus. You don’t need the .cmd file anymore.

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What makes MS Office 2013  better?

MS Office 2013 is much better than any other successor office because you must start and make most of the Office programs in the suite to which you have received a major upgrade.

Now it is much easier to use Word and Excel programs, and the interface is friendlier with many features. MS Office 2013 makes the creation of documents, sharing, and management is much easier than MS Office 2010 ever did.

Office 2013 is the same as all previous versions of the Office, you can purchase the software outright, and when a new version is released, you need to pay for that. With subscription-based Office 365, you will get the new versions of programs as they are released.

In what looks like an attempt to drive more people to Office 365 now you can only get a license for one PC meaning if you are a family with more than one computer the one-off Office 2013 purchase is a far more expensive prospect for you.

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System Requirement for Ms. Office 2013 for Activation

There are certain system requirements for your computer that you must meet before you want to run MS Office 2013 on your computer. But you no need to worry too much as most PCs often meet these same requirements and include the following

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Where to get Microsoft Office 2013?

As soon as Microsoft released Office 2013, they also released some new versions of the suite of programs with upgraded and advanced functionality. The major change made by Microsoft is how the activation works. When you want to get Office 2013, you must have an Office 365 subscription for the Home and Professional (previously known as Ultimate) versions of the software.

This new form of subscription also gives you cloud storage space which is up to 1TB along with all the programs included in the suite of Microsoft Office 2013. From the Microsoft official website, you can download the suite and subsequent updates of the program can also be downloaded from the website.

You can download the Microsoft Office 2013 from the website free of charge, although it is important and make sure you have to download the program from the official Microsoft website since files are downloaded online which can pose a security threat on your computer. It is not important that where you get Microsoft Office 2013, you will still need to provide the genuine free product key to activate the program.

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I hoped this article benefited you who want to activate the Ms office for free on their desktop. you can follow this given step-by-step instruction which we mentioned above to easily activate Office 2013. One of the most important factors to remember about Microsoft Office 2013 is that it is reliable and easy to work with work.

The Step by step process will help you to install the Microsoft office 2013 free on your desktop. This is why we tried to provide you with some free activation of Microsoft Office 2013 so you can enjoy all the benefits with the features it is offering.

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