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How To Cancel Showtime on Firestick?

If you are searching about how to cancel showtime on firestick and you are looking for a solution, then tell us that today we are discussing it in our blog. As we all know, Showtime is a flagship service of CBS Networks that offers to its users a library of prime movies and shows. However, You need to subscribe to access Showtime services. Users can avail themselves of a free-trial service to experience the quality and the type of content they will get in the future. And in any case, you don’t feel like continuing the Showtime subscription, you can cancel it before the trial period ends. Below I have compiled a comprehensive guide on How to cancel Showtime on Firestick.

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Cancel Showtime on Firestick – (How-to)

The subscription for the Showtime service is quite expensive. But you always have an option to cancel the subscription –

The free trial period of Showtime varies from 7 days to 30 days. At the time of a free trial subscription, you are asked to save your card details for automatic billing. And to avoid automatic billing you may require to cancel the subscription before the trial ends and you are paid automatically.

Visit the Amazon App Store, open the menu, then click on subscription and find the showtime app, select it and cancel the subscription. You simply have to click on Cancel Subscription. Your card details will be torn out for and there won’t be any automatic deductions from your card.

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Cancel Showtime Subscription from the Website. (How-to)

As you have subscribed to Showtime subscription through your Amazon account, simply login to your account and follow the steps below –

  1. Hover on to “Account and Lists” on the top menu bar, a drop-down menu will appear
  2. Go to the [MENU] option, select [YOUR ANDROID APPS & DEVICES]
  3. On the left side, Go to [SUBSCRIPTION] on the
  4. Tap on Showtime subscription and tap on [CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION]

Immediately, your subscription will be canceled. In case if you want the trial period again, it is better to do it as soon as you opt for the subscription. This way, you will have the free trial and don’t have to worry about canceling it every time

Note: On the website, if you don’t find any subscription on the subscription page, you might have not opted for any subscription. Please check again.

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Cancel Showtime Subscription On A Fire Tablet (How-to)

Cancel Showtime subscription (Another App or Device) (How-to)

Don’t worry, I have mentioned a solution for those who have subscribed to Showtime. If you have created your account on another app or device which isn’t linked to your Amazon account, you still have the choice to cancel the subscription through the Showtime website.

Follow the instructions below:

On the same page, it allows you to navigate and adjust the terms of the subscription. But remember, any cancelation in between your billing period will only be effective at the end of your current billing period. Your subscription will be canceled at the end of the month, depending on your plan. Suppose, you are on a monthly plan, it will be canceled at the end of the month. And if you are on a yearly plan, it will be canceled at the end of the year.

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Cancel Showtime subscription on Apple Devices or Apple TV (How-to)

To cancel your subscription on your Apple devices or Apple TV just off auto-renew via iTunes on your PC or mobile device.

Methods for cancellation on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

  1. From your Home Screen, Go to [Settings]
  2. At the top of the screen, tap on the profile picture
  3. Look for [Subscription]
  4. Select [Showtime], and turn off Automatic Renewal. This will cancel your subscription but at the end of your current billing cycle.

Note: If you are unable to see a subscription in iTunes and money is still being deducted from your account, make sure that you are logged in with the correct Apple ID

On Mac or PC

  1. Hop on to iTunes, Sign in to enter your Apple ID
  2. Tap on your name, from the drop-down menu select [Account Info] 
  3. Re-enter your password
  4. From [Account Information], scroll and look for [Settings] section
  5. On the right side of the subscription, click on [Manage] and select [SHOWTIME]
  6. Switch off Automatic Renewal to cancel your subscription. Your subscription will get discontinued at the end of your current billing cycle.

Note:  If you are unable to see a subscription in iTunes and money is still being deducted from your account, make sure that you are logged in with the correct Apple ID.

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Cancel Showtime Subscription on Android Devices (How-to)

Google play automatically renews your Showtime subscription. To cancel your Showtime subscription, you simply need to turn off auto-renewal.

Through Web Browser

  1. Go to your subscriptions
  2. Search for your Showtime subscription
  3. Click on Cancel Subscription

Through Android Device

  1. Click open Google Play Store on your Android Device
  2. Tap on the Profile picture available on the top right corner
  3. Then Payment and Subscriptions
  4. Look for your SHOWTIME subscription
  5. Just click on Cancel

Cancel Showtime on Roku (How-to)

Through Web

  1. Open in the browser
  2. Click on [Manage Your Subscription]
  3. Look for your Showtime Subscription
  4. Just click on Cancel

Through Roku

  1. From your Roku device’s Home Screen. Search for Showtime channels.
  2. On your remote press [ * ]
  3. Tap on [Manage Subscription]
  4. Then from the popup window, click on [Cancel Subscription]

Cancel Showtime on Fire Tablet, Kindle Fire, and Fire TV (How-to)

You can turn off Auto-renewal directly from your Amazon account via the website, App Store, or the Kindle Fire Tablet.

On Amazon Website

  1. Open on your browser
  2. Fetch for [Your Account] option
  3. Hover on to [Your Account] as the menu displays. At the bottom, your will find [Your Android Apps and Devices]
  4. If you are asked to sign in. Sign in using your Amazon credentials.
  5. Now look [Your Apps And Devices] under the option [Your Subscription]
  6. Click on your [Showtime] subscription and simply [Cancel Subscription]

On Fire Tab

  1. On your Fire Tablet, click on [Apps] and then [Store]
  2. In the menu, Click on [Subscription]
  3. Select [SHOWTIME] subscription then click [Cancel Subscription]

On Amazon Appstore

  1. Click to open [Menu]
  2. Click on [Subscriptions]
  3. Select [SHOWTIME] subscription and click [Cancel Subscription]

And you are done canceling your subscription. But, the cancellation process will only be completed when your current billing period ends. This means that if you cancel the subscription in the middle of your monthly or yearly plan. So basically the cancellation process will come in effect only at the end of the particular month in which you canceled the subscription.

Ultimately, you should manage all your subscriptions in case you can’t find one. You must manage all your subscriptions through the Amazon website.

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Cancel Showtime on Hulu

Hulu offers you to cancel your subscription at any time and renew it back again if you want to come back in the future. But the best thing about the Hulu subscription I like is. It gives you an option to pause your subscription for not more than 12 weeks. Follow these simple steps to cancel your subscription

  1. Move on to your Account page on your PC or Mobile Device
  2. Tap on Cancel under the subscription option
  3. On the next step, it will prompt to pause the subscription. You may select continue to Cancel or do as you want.
  4. Head on to the remaining steps, and do as prompted on-screen.

Now that you have successfully canceled the subscription, your account page will show the message – Your subscription will be canceled. Also, you will get a confirmation email saying – Please keep this email for further references. 


So to conclude, above are all the steps/methods on how to cancel Showtime on Firestick. In case you face any issue or difficulty in performing any of the methods or unable to cancel your subscription. Please contact your Service Provider for the same.

All the methods mentioned above are great hard work and research just to keep you trouble-free so that you can enjoy your valuable time watching your favorite content.

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