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How To Watch Spectrum App on LG Smart TV in 2023

Spectrum App On LG Smart TV

LG is one of the biggest brands of the year 2021. If you are going for an OLED Series, then there is no competitor that can beat LG. When you bring in the New LG Smart TV, you also take-home Smart Intelligence Technology at home.

Though there has been a lot to say about the LG Smart TV, we must keep ourselves within the content topic. Let’s take some related questions like what is Spectrum App? What are the best Spectrum Plans? How to watch the Spectrum app on LG Smart TV? So, let’s start by taking them one by one.

What is Spectrum App?

Spectrum TV app is an app that you can download and install to stream online Television either live or on-demand. You can watch your favorite shows at your comfortable time at home or anywhere else on your favorite screen. But yes, needless to say, must be having a good internet connection too.

The Spectrum TV app is absolutely free of charge to watch, but for using the Spectrum App on your TV or any device you have to subscribe to a TV Plan. Currently, you can watch the Spectrum TV App by using the below TV/cable operators’ plans and login credentials.

  1. Spectrum Customers
  2. Time Warner Cable Customers
  3. Bright House Customers

If you still don’t have any plans then you can go for the Spectrum TV plans. Wait, you don’t have to leave us. We have already brought the Spectrum TV Plan for you in our next Section.

What are the best Spectrum Plans?

#1 Spectrum TV Select

Price: $44.99/month for 12 months

No. of Channels: 125+


ESPN, History, TBS, TNT, USA, AMC, FX Movie Channel, Hallmark Channel, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, Fox Sports1, SEC Network, Spectrum Sports, Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, PBS Kids, Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, HGTV, PBS, BBC America, CNBC, CNN, FOX News Channel and many more.

Additional Benefits:

#2 Spectrum TV Silver

Price: $74.99/month for 12 months

No. of Channels: 175+


All Spectrum TV Select Channels + HBO Max, NFL Network, Showtime, 5 Star Max, Action Max, HBO (15 Channels), IFC, Thriller Max, CBS Sports Network, ESPN (5 Channels) including ESPN Deportes, FOX Deportes, Fox Sports, MLB Networks, NBA TV, Univision Deportes, BabyFirst TV, Cartoon Network, Disney (4 Channels), Freeform, Nick (4 Channels), PBS Kids, Sprout, Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, DIY Network, HGTV, Food Network, National Geographic, Smithsonian Channel, Travel Channel, BBC, CNBC, Fox News, HLN, MSNBC and many more

Additional Benefits:

#3 Spectrum TV Gold

Price: $94.99/month for 12 months

No. of Channels: 175+


All Spectrum TV Silver Channels + STARZ, STARZ Encore, TMC, Flix West, AMC, HBO (15 Channels), HDNet Movies, IFC, IndiePlex, LMN, Reelz Channel, Showtime (9 Channels), STARZ (14 Channels), The Movie Channel Xtra, beIN Sports, CBS Sports Network, ESPN (7 Channels), Fox Sports (7 Channels), Golf Channel, NFL Network, NHL Network, PAC, Spectrum Sports, Univision Deportes, Disney, Cartoon Network, Nicktoons, Nickelodeon and many more.

Additional Benefits:

So, these are the plan you can select from for enjoying your Select TV app on your LG TV. Now that we have talked about the LG TV, Spectrum TV App, and Spectrum TV Plans, now we can come to our main question. How we can watch the Spectrum app on LG Smart TV?

How to watch Spectrum App on LG Smart TV?

There are many ways you can watch Spectrum App on LG Smart TV. You can follow these methods to watch the Spectrum app on LG Smart TV.

Watch Spectrum App on LG Smart TV using Google Chromecast

  1. Plugin Google Chromecast into your LG Smart TV.
  2. Now go back to your Mobile and Launch Mobile App Store.
  3. From the App Store download the Spectrum TV App
  4. The Spectrum TV app will automatically be installed on your Mobile device.
  5. Go to your Spectrum TV App from your Application launcher.
  6. Tap to Open the Spectrum TV app and Enter your User ID and Password to log into the Spectrum TV App. (If you don’t have Spectrum’s User ID and Password yet, you can create a new one by visiting
  7. After the successful login, you are now ready to cast your Mobile Screen on your LG TV.
  8. To cast the Screen, go to your Mobile and click on the Cast icon to open a list of all the Chromecast-connected devices. Select your LG Smart TV.

And That’s it, now you will be able to watch the Spectrum app on LG Smart TV. You can use your mobile Spectrum App to control and watch shows, movies, and many more channels. So, this one is the best and the easiest way you can watch the Spectrum app on LG Smart TV. But in this, we only cast the Spectrum App on LG Smart TV. But if you want to access the app from LG TV itself then you can follow below two steps.

Watch Spectrum App on LG Smart TV using ROKU

  1. Connect your Roku Live TV with your LG Smart TV and switch it on to access the ROKU App Store.
  2. To download and install the Spectrum app on your LG Smart TV, click on Home from the Roku TV Remote.
  3. Now straight move on to the left sidebar of Roku Hom Screen. Scroll Down to Search to open the Search Type Pad.
  4. Now start typing Spectrum TV App, the Search pad is bright enough, as you type it will start giving you suggestions.
  5. After you See Spectrum TV on the suggestion list, click on it and a new Spectrum TV app window just slides in from the right.
  6. Again click on the Spectrum TV App window to open up the download controls. Again a new window will slide in.
  7. From the new window clicks on Add Channel.
  8. After clicking on the Add Channel, the Spectrum app will automatically be downloaded and installed on your Roku TV Apps.
  9. Now to watch Spectrum App on LG Smart TV, go to your Roku TV Apps and launch the Spectrum app by clicking on Go to Channel and enter your details and start watching Spectrum App on LG Smart TV.

This is another way you can watch Spectrum App on LG Smart TV.

Watch Spectrum app on LG TV using Xbox One

Xbox One’s App Store can be used to download the Spectrum TV app on LG smart TV. If you don’t know how to follow the steps shown below:

  1. Establish a connection between Xbox One and LG smart TV.
  2. Connect your Xbox One to an internet connection and open the app store.
  3. Tap on the apps category and search for a Spectrum TV.
  4. From the search results download Spectrum TV.
  5. Agree to all the terms of use and open the app.
  6. In the Spectrum TV app enter your login credentials and start streaming.

Download and watch Spectrum App on LG TV using APK files

  1. Open the Chrome browser on your PC and search for Spectrum TV APK file.
  2. Download the APK file for Spectrum TV from a trustworthy website.
  3. Attach a USB drive to your PC and copy the apk file there.
  4. Now connect the USB file to LG smart TV.
  5. Now in the LG smart TV open the APK file and install the application.
  6. After the process is completed, you will be having a Spectrum TV app on your LG smart TV.


After reading this article you must have learned how to watch the spectrum app on LG Smart TV. Hope now you can easily download, install, set up, and watch the Spectrum app on LG Smart TV. We have tried to be as simple as it can be. hope you found the article useful.

Keep reading, and keep growing.

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