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Can I Use A Credit Card For Paypal?

Can I Use A Credit Card For Paypal

Can I Use A Credit Card For Paypal

Are you in doubt about whether you can use a credit card for Paypal or not? The answer is Yes, you can use a credit card for PayPal. This article will help to let you know that Paypal accepts all major credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

In any online payment platform, you need to check first whether this particular site accepts the desired credit card for the payment or not.

Several times you face a lot of issues related to this payment but now through the help of this article, you will be let know how you can use a credit card for Paypal. You need to just read the article carefully

How can I use a credit card for Paypal?

Paypal is a Virtual and physical card that can be used anywhere by using the Paypal account which is accepted online. Credit cards are mostly accepted on all online shopping site platforms.

A Paypal credit card is also a useful and convenient way to send money to friends or your family members easily.

You can also earn rewards by sending the money to another person using Paypal. And can you add the additional cashback and reward amount to your Paypal balance?

You need to set up your PayPal account directly with your bank account, but you have to remember that all types of credit cards take some charges to send the money anywhere.

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Types of credit Card accepted by Paypal

  1. Visa
  2. MasterCard
  3. American Express
  4. Discover

#1. Visa

The process of using a visa card through Paypal is purchased by a large group of businesspeople which requires some different steps to set it.

Instead of using the visa cards for Paypal, you can also use your remaining balance around it.

No matter how much you have to make the payment or transfer the amount with anyone, a visa credit card is a good service provider for all credit cards.


Paypal is working with Mastercard. It links your account with Paypal and you are able to do the transaction on any platform site.

Mastercard is a global payment network processor also it is a partner with other financial institutions that allows the payment card on your Mastercard network.

Master cards allow you to make a good transaction with complete security with your credit card to anyone. You can make your transaction smooth by using the Mastercard.

#3. American Express

American Express has a good connection with Paypal; it is also known as an ‘Amex card’ which is recognized globally in the world.

American Express also provides its credit cards to individuals, small businesses, and any corporate consumer around the world to make the payment with Paypal.

#4. Discover

People also have a good experience with Discover credit card which really works smooth as a credit card for Paypal payments.

Discover credit card is the brand of  United States and consider as a third-largest credit card that can be used by Paypal after Visa and MasterCard.

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Things to know before starting to make payment by credit card on Paypal

  1. Depend on different purchasing product
  2. Paypal transaction Fees
  3. Rewards did not cover the whole fee
  4. Always provide 5% back on the transaction

Depending on different purchasing products

Usually, it depends on the different products, at the time of purchasing you need to check how much your balance is deducted through payment by Paypal.

There are different rules if you are using Paypal to buy something online. Generally, Paypal takes charges to send the money to another person by using a credit card and receiving the attractive reward by using a credit card.

All banks give expectations but also charge the transaction proceeds which might be taken by you as an additional fee.

Paypal transaction fees

Paypal transaction fees are the biggest drawbacks for using a credit card and sending money to others. The processing fee of Paypal is 2.9% and the fixed fee is 30% to transfer it to another.

Basically, the Paypal fee charges have come in ahead of the credit card fee

Rewards do not cover the whole fee

Rewards do not cover the whole fee which you receive by cashback or earning through bonus points. The cashback calendar of Paypal is open between the quarterly month.

There is also a welcome bonus applied to your credit card which offers you a certain amount for spending.

Always provide 5% back on every transaction

You get this cashback offer when you pay more in fees and the bank starts charging cash if those fees transfer by you from person to person payments.

If you are looking to send money by using Paypal then you need to link it with your bank account.

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Is using the credit card easy and safe by Paypal?

Yes, obviously the credit card is easy, safe, and convenient to use by Paypal. You need to sign up for a Paypal business account.

If you want to close the Paypal account then you can close it without any penalty. There are no application fees required monthly, annually to maintain the Paypal account.

Paypal always keeps your information safe with a privacy policy. Suppose if you do any kind of transaction through Paypal then it does not take any financial information from your credit card like bank account number, CVV, etc.

In this way, it takes care of your credit card by itself. You do not need to worry about your Bank information. This will be really safe by Paypal.

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I hope through the help of the article you will be able to know how you can use the credit card for Paypal.

The various credit cards accept the Paypal mode of payment and give you huge help to make it easy and convenient.

You have to only keep in mind the credit card policy and conditions which are applicable on your every transaction.

I think this article will prove to provide enough information related to using the credit card for Paypal.

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