How To Record/Change Your Voicemail Greeting?

This article will teach you how to record or change your android voicemail greeting.

Whatever the reason, you must be able to tell callers how to reach you, or at the very least, how to deliver their message to you. 

Voicemail greetings are used for just that! We’ll demonstrate how to set one up on your Android phone in this session, whether you want a conventional greeting for ease of use and practicality or a personalized welcome to add some personality.

How to record/change your android voicemail greeting?

Step 1:

Your phone should now be powered on. Next, select the Phone app.

Step 2:

To open your phone’s dial pad, tap the dial pad symbol that is located near the bottom of the screen.

Step 3:

Enter the phone number associated with your voicemail account on the dial pad, and then click the green Call button. Alternatively, if it’s simpler, just hit and hold the 1 key.

Step 4:

You will be asked to provide a password if you have locked your voicemail account. To do this, use the dial pad.

Step 5:

Depending on your telecom provider, the specific options you have once in your voicemail system and the dial pad keys you must press to access them will vary slightly. The fundamental procedure, however, ought to be the same as the one stated moving forward.

Step 6:

Anyway, start by pressing the dial pad key that corresponds to your own preferences. It is 4 in this instance.

Step 7:

Next, select the choice for your welcome or recorded name by pressing the corresponding key on the dial pad. It is 3 in this instance.

Step 8:

Press the dial pad key to change or record your voicemail message at this time. In this situation, it is 1.

Step 9:

Typically, you have the option of choosing a pre-recorded standard greeting or recording a personalized one. 

Step 10:

On the dial pad, press the key that corresponds to the action you want to take. If you want a conventional greeting in this situation, hit 1, and if you want a personalized greeting, press 2.

Step 11:

You can be given the option to choose from other options if you choose a conventional greeting. 

Step 12:

To leave a greeting with your recorded name, press 1 on the dial pad in this instance. 

Step 13:

To leave a greeting with your phone number, press 2, for example.

Step 14:

Wait for the prompt tone to play before speaking your unique greeting if you decide to do so. 

Step 15:

Press the designated key on the keypad (in this case, #) to end the recording when you’re done.

Step 16:

Have trouble deciding what to say? We have articles with advice on how to record a formal voicemail greeting to demonstrate your professionalism or a humorous voicemail greeting to make your family and friends laugh.

Step 17:

Once you have recorded your personalized welcome, you will often have a few choices. If you don’t like the way it sounds, you can re-record the greeting, confirm the greeting if you’re happy with it, or play it back to hear how it sounds.

Step 18:

To do your desired action, press the corresponding key on the dial pad. You can then press 1 to hear the greeting again, * to record it again, or # to save it.

Step 19:

Press the red End Call button to hang up and leave your message after choosing a greeting.

Step 20:

You have it now. You now understand the fundamental procedures for customizing your Android phone’s voicemail greeting. 

Step 21:

You are all set to set up a greeting, whether you believe a generic one would suffice or prefer a unique one for some added flair. We will discuss how to check your voicemail after that.


Above we have provided the details of how to Record/Change Your Voicemail Greeting. Hope you enjoy the article, and complete this process. But if in case you have any problems regarding this topic, write your question in the comment section, and we will quick response.

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