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As a tech writer, you have the opportunity to educate and inform readers about new technologies, gadgets, software, and other digital stuff. Your writing can help people make informed decisions about their tech purchases, and can also help them better understand the impact of technology on their daily lives.

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Topics For The Guest Authors

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  • Games
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  • Softwares
  • Best Guide
  • How To
  • Best Apps
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  • Social Media
  • Business
  • Streaming

Guidelines for Guest Authors

  1. Focus on the reader: Remember that your content is for the reader, not for you. Keep your writing clear, concise, and easy to understand, avoiding technical jargon and complex terminology as much as possible.
  2. Be accurate: Make sure you fact-check all of your information and cite reliable sources. Inaccurate or misleading information can damage your credibility as a writer and harm the reader’s understanding of the topic.
  3. Guest posts must be informative, High Quality, and 100% Copyscape.
  4. Content length should be at least 1000 words and cover at least 8 points.
  5. Don’t promote any types of services and products.
  6. Use the keyword naturally, please do not use keyword stuff.
  7. Focus on LSI keywords. You can use some tools to generate LSI Keywords
  8. Your content readability score must be good.
  9. Your article headlines are engaging and grab the audience’s attention.
  10. H2 and H3 headers are Compulsory.
  11. Please don’t use copyrighted images owned by someone else.
  12. Once your article is published on DigitalVTech you can’t post it anywhere else.
  13. Keep your article paragraphs shorter by 2 to 3 lines.
  14. We select only the 5 best articles each week
  15. We reserve the right to take down the post and take further action if your product/service violates any copyright or patent.

How To Send Guest Posts?

You can send your blog content in a separate Word document file with a meta description and Images in the below email.

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