11 Best Dialer Apps for Android and iPhone

The most basic function of a mobile phone is to make phone calls. We still use the same old dialer pads even though Smartphones have grown to include high-quality cameras, voice assistants, and much more.

So, while the rest of the world is busy selling you the latest biometric system upgrade or some other feature.

On your mobile phone, there is an app that allows you to call and talk to people; in some circumstances, it is necessary, while in others, it is used to find out who called.

You can also use these apps to make yourself look more fashionable. On the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, you can find some of the greatest phone dialer apps.

List of Best Dialer Apps for Android and iPhone

All of them are some of the greatest hand-picked mobile apps that can help you interact more effectively and have a more pleasant experience.

Here’s a list of the finest dialer apps for iOS and Android that you should get right now:

1. Truecaller

Truecaller is one of the top phone dialer apps for Android and iPhone, and it can help you improve your call quality.

This smartphone application assists you in recognizing spam and scam calls in advance, keeping you safe from possible hackers.

This mobile software can identify and ban all Robot-callers, fraudsters, telemarketers, and other undesirable phone numbers.

2. Simple Dialler

Simple Dialler is an Android mobile app that makes it simple to use and make calls for everyone.

Large keys in this smartphone app can be customized by changing their size and color. Basic Dialler is the answer if you want a mobile app that assists you with simple dialing and large numbers.

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3. Contacts+

Contacts+ is one of the best dialer apps for Android and iPhone since it allows you to prevent spam contacts.

More than 10 million individuals around the world use the app, which includes a built-in caller ID. This smartphone software provides a one-stop-shop for all dialer app concerns, including contacts, dialer, SMS, and call history.

With the aid of this dialer mobile, blocking bothersome people becomes simple.

4. Drupe

Drupe is one of the greatest phone dialer apps for Android and iOS, and it can also detect spam. Spam indicators are incorporated into the caller ID, and spammers are blocked immediately from the caller screen.

If you want to give your caller screen a new look, Drupe is the best option. There are more than 20 million users of this smartphone app all around the world.

5. True Phone Dialer

True Phone Dialer can replace your contacts app and improve your user experience. This mobile app is extremely customizable as well as simple to use.

With the help of this excellent Android dialer app, you can easily access your recent calls, contacts, favorites, and groups.

The app allows all users to navigate with just one hand, making it simple to use.

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6. Speed Dial

Speed Dial is one of the top free Android dialer apps that helps you to speed up your calling, messaging, and emailing.

The Speed Dial app is the finest solution if you need to make a quick call or send an SMS in an emergency. This program is user-friendly and straightforward to use.

7. Simpler Caller ID

Simpler Caller ID is a dialer program that may help you with call blocking, caller ID, smart contact search, T9, themes, and call log history, among other features.

For all phone app-related functions, this simple mobile app is the ideal dialer solution.

8. Eyecon

Eyecon is one of the best phone dialer apps for Android and iPhone, allowing you to see the names and images of callers.

This software allows you to access all of your favorite apps and ways to communicate with others in one convenient location.

This mobile app for iOS and Android is simple to use and creates a photo-filled address book on your smartphone.

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9. Dialer+

Dialer+ is a top Android dialer app built by Contacts Plus Team, who was named Google Play’s top developer.

Dialer+ is a comprehensive contact and dialer package that strives to make dialing simple. Dialer+ is a dialer launcher for Contacts+.

10. Simple Contacts Pro

Simple Contacts Pro is an ad-free Android dialer app. This smart contact app is simple to use and has millions of users.

The smart contact phone book app for Android allows you to save contacts. This mobile software includes a rapid dialer that makes it simple to call and use.

11. ZenUI Dialer & Contacts

ZenUI Dialer & Contacts is a call log, contacts, and dialer mobile software that empowers your phone by blocking unknown callers and spam.

This finest voice dialer app for Android also allows you to use speed dial, combine duplicate contacts, and see history.

This Android app’s personalization features make it convenient and simple to use.


On the Play Store and App Store, there are a plethora of dialer apps. We’ve compiled a list of the best iPhone and Android dialer apps.

Some of these applications offer caller ID and can also stop spam calls. You can pick and choose whatever app features you like best and download them for yourself.

Many of the finest phone dialer applications also give their consumers a personalized experience. Which of these is your personal favorite?

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