7 Best Websites to Download PC Games For Free

Looking to download free computer games? With so many websites out there, it’s tough to know which ones work. This article will show you the best real sites for getting premium games for your PC at no cost.

We tested lots of different game download platforms to find the top options. Whether you like new games or old retro games, our top picks have huge libraries across all types of genres.

The websites we chose let you download full versions of fun games instantly without needing a credit card. There are no tricks and no hidden fees. You can get great entertainment without risky downloads or filling out spammy forms.

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From popular hits to hidden gems, here are the best places online for getting more games for your computer library without spending any money. Read this article to start upgrading your gaming selection now.

Best Websites To Download PC Games For Free

If you don’t want to spend money on buying PC games but want to enjoy the latest releases, then these are the websites you should check out:

#1. Steam


Steam is a very popular platform for computer games. Lots of gamers already use Steam. It offers some games that you can download and play for free. These are called “free-to-play” games.

Some examples of free Steam games are Warframe, Destiny 2, and Apex Legends.

There are also lots of game deals and sales on Steam.

So sometimes you can get paid games for very cheap. Steam lets you easily browse, buy, and download games all in one place. You can also track game updates and chat with gaming friends.

This makes it a great platform for free games.

However, Steam does not have as many completely free game options compared to websites that focus on free downloads. But because it is so large and well-known already, it is worth checking Steam first for any games you want.

#2. GameJolt


GameJolt is a website made specifically for downloading free indie games. “Indie” games are made by small teams or individual developers rather than big gaming companies.

Some popular free indie titles on GameJolt include Slender: The Eight Pages, Super Mario 63, and Drawn.

The site makes it easy to search through their large indie game library. You can filter and browse by genre, ratings, and other options.

Registration on GameJolt is optional. You can start downloading without an account. Making an account allows you to comment, and rate games, and fellow developers. A good thing about GameJolt is they have game streaming options too. But the selection is mostly limited to indie games only.

#3. Itch.io


Itch.io is a free game website that focuses on indie titles from small creators. There are many unique and experimental games to choose from. Since anyone can upload their small projects freely, there is a huge variety available.

Some interesting examples are short horror tales like Sara is Missing and quirky simulators like I Love My Grandpa Simulator. Lots of the games are available for free instant download. Or you can choose to give a small donation to the developer if you want.

Browsing Itch.io can be tricky since many games are lesser known. But it allows you to support indie developers directly. And you can find very unique gaming experiences rather than more well-known franchises. If you like exploring offbeat indie projects, Itch.io is a good website for free game downloads.

#4. MyAbandonWare


MyAbandonWare is a site dedicated to old classic games. These are mostly games from the 1990s and early 2000s. This is great for players feeling nostalgic for retro PC games they remember from childhood.

Some popular old games on MyAbandonWare include Wolfenstein 3D, The Secret of Monkey Island, and Command & Conquer. Everything offered is free for direct downloading instantly.

The website itself has a dated look too. But it makes finding your favorite classic games quick and easy. MyAbandonWare is perfect for revisiting great old games without complexity. Just simple, legal, fast free downloads.

#5. Ocean of Games

Ocean of Games

Ocean of Games has a very large library of popular PC games available for download. They offer direct download links for many top games across genres like sports, action, RPG, and more. This includes big names like GTA, Call of Duty, Need for Speed, and new releases too.

The benefit is getting premium games free. However, the download and installation process can confusing to understand for Ocean of Games.

There are also lots of advertisements and popups on the site which can be annoying. However, with some patience, this site provides fast and easy access to the latest full popular games.

#6. GameTop


GameTop is a game torrent website that focuses on serving the latest game releases. Torrenting means downloading game file folders directly from other users instead of main company servers. This allows faster downloads of big modern games.

However, you need to install extra software programs to torrent safely. GameTop provides direct links for trusted torrent clients to use their site. Lots of recent titles are shared like Spiderman, God of War, Stray, and Star Wars games. Using GameTop requires more knowledge but offers newer games.

#7. FreeGoGPCGames


This website compiles links to thousands of fully free classic and new games legitimately made free on GOG.com. GOG (formerly Good Old Games) is an online platform focused on classic games and older DRM-free titles.

So FreeGoGPCGames makes finding free gems on GOG easier. You can directly download lots of classic point-and-click adventures, RPGs, and retro franchise titles like Warcraft and Tomb Raider without DRM hurdles. For older classic game lovers who also want an easier browsing experience, this site is very useful.

Tips For Downloading PC Games Safely

Here are some tips for safely downloading PC games from the best websites to download PC games for free:

Use Trusted Websites

Stick to well-known free game websites like the ones mentioned in this article. Avoid websites asking for personal information or payments just to download. Reputable sites offering premium games legally for free will allow direct instant downloading without complications.

Check User Reviews

Before downloading any game from even the best PC game sites, check what other real players are saying. See what experiences they have downloading, if the games work properly, and watch out for warnings of viruses. Player feedback helps avoid problems.

Install Antivirus Software

Make sure to have an up-to-date antivirus program installed to scan files from any website, including the most trusted ones. All websites can sometimes host corrupted or suspicious files accidentally. So it’s good to double-check everything with an antivirus before launching any game download.

Download in Parts via Torrent (Optional)

Consider downloading huge modern game files in smaller parts using torrent. This allows your computer to better handle large 4K graphic intense games. Just be sure to use reputable torrent clients for safe peer-to-peer file transfers.

Back-Up Save Files

No matter where you download free games from, make sure to back up your game progress and save files externally. You don’t want to lose hours of gameplay if you need to reinstall for any reason.


We hope this list of the Top 7 Best Website To Download PC Games For Free has been helpful. With so many sites out there promising premium games for no money, it’s hard to know which ones you can trust.

By showing good places like Steam, Itch.io, and more that let you safely download both new and classic titles instantly, players can expand their game libraries without spending anything.

Remember to always be careful and scan files you download even from good websites suggested here. But these websites let all gamers legally get more great games of different genres and try new types they might enjoy.

Whether you want old retro games from childhood or the latest popular releases, you can now upgrade what’s on your computer without paying by using our verified free game download websites.

The internet keeps growing with more and more game websites popping up every day. But having fun never gets old or costs money with this list of the best platforms handpicked for getting real premium PC games completely free.

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