10 Best Prank Calling Websites That Let You Make Fake call for free

A prank call is when a person is calling sometimes to make a joke and play a trick. Teenagers use it mostly; this comedian calls for dupe figures. They don’t have any serious consequences, they just play for joy and enjoyment.

The prank call is a kind of practical joke by which the person realizes that something happens differently but they don’t know. They only read this prank and make fun of it.

Why prank calls are done? Do they make us laugh?

A prank call is a telephonic Joke. It allows the users to send the pre-recorded pranks to any phone number. There are many prank-call websites as well as software available on the internet. By using this you can make a prank with your friends, Family, and neighbours. All for this you just need an internet connection.

Today’s life is full of stress and worries. After spending their time at work they have the same tension and worries about life. If you are facing the same thing then we have the best prank-calling website where you can get relief from your problems.

One of the best ways nowadays to have a little bit of fun is to make prank calls with our family and friends. Doing prank calls with knows is a joyful activity but it could be dangerous when done to strangers. And always remember it for fun and nothing serious should be done in the name of prank calls.

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Some Scenarios present why prank call website is used

Below given some scenarios for making a prank call :

  • To make stress relief life
  • For the enjoyment purpose
  • To Troll Your Friend
  • Gaining a lot of laugh moment
  • Just for Fun

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Here are the 10 Best Prank Calling websites to make Free Prank Calls :

Make fun with your friends and family with these 10  best prank-calling websites given below

1. Prank Dial

Prank Dial is one of the best and most popular websites for Pranking. It helps you to have fun with a wide range of Pranks. With the help of the website, you can make calls to your friends and family to have fun. The best thing about this website is you do not need to pay any amount for making Pranks.

Only you need to add your friends calling number with the country code then the prank will be sent. Search a large database of pranks and send it to your friends and see the results. They also have the features of video calling, Prank call History, and ads-free calling.

It contains a wide range of pranks that can be sent to your family and friends. You can also search and browse it through a database of fun clippings. You need to record the sending prank calls. It also has additional features like ad-free calling, non-chargeable calls, and calls after 10 PM for extra recording and international calls done by earring the token.

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2. Comedy Calls

This is also an amazing prank-calling website you can do with anyone. The main purpose of the website is to help in creating humor and to avoid annoying calls. To use the website you will not be facing any kind of complexity.

These comedy calls offer you a large variety of pranks that can be sent to anyone. It offers a big list of funny calls of different categories so you can choose the best call to tease your friends. It’s a good site to laugh and avoid containing that call that hurt your friend emotionally.

In a simple way choose the type of comedy call and click the send option to send it. It has a premium version that can do it with caller ID and a separate calling number. Also, have the feature to call later of your choice.

3. Prank Owl

This is also a free-calling website like a prank dial. A lot of prank websites are available that make fun with your friends and family.

In Prank Owl, you have just chosen the prank from the Home screen of the website and your prank will be sent to your friends. Also, you get the recording of this prank call so after the prank, you can laugh and enjoy it a lot with this prank.

This prank is recorded for the automated sound record that can be recorded to hear the final results. This prank owl allows you to spoof your caller ID and appear your number as unknown.

This site allows setting a limit to making individual calls. The premium features of prank owl have a wide range of premium features to use as a high priority for making calls and handcrafted green names etc.

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4. Easy Prank

Easy Prank is also the best website for pranks. It helps you in getting a variety of festivals as well as funny prank calls.

To use these pranks you just have to click on the prank call button, then the prank will be sent to the registered mobile number of your friends. Also, you can choose the category of the prank to send to your friends.

The Easy prank gives you a funny call. You can use it by making calls and viewing the clippings of the call before sending it to the person.

Like the other prank website, the easy prank also has caller ID features instead of any anonymous numbers of calls. The easy prank site avoids the complexity of making any calls and gives you the convenience you like.

5. Ownage Pranks

This is also an amazing and free prank-calling website no need to pay any amount to us. There are hilarious pranks available on this website.

After all, if you want to add any prank with this then you need to press the request button and your request will be sent to others. Also, Ownage is a very good app that allows your friends and your family to make a prank call. Either way, using this app is very easy.

I usually use this app to make pranks for people. It gives you a lot of laughs after recording the prank. Do a prank call with one tab. Pick a prank for a friend to laugh out loud with the fake call and voice change.

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6. Foxy Call

This is also an interesting website by which you can make a fool of your friends.

The best part of this website is that you can create a fake caller ID number and can also change the caller’s name. This makes it easy and amazing to use.

You have to choose the calling theme and make a fake call with the picture. Foxy call is a website that lets you do prank calls with the computer.

This allows sending, calling, and texting from different numbers. This website allows you to avail of all the features on invitation only. It is easy to make pranks, calls, and jokes with your known ones.

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7. Prank Call Nation

This is the best-calling website available to use and to make pranks. The interface of your website is quite unique and can give you difficulty while placing the calls. A wide range of pranks is available on the website to make fun with friends.

The prank call nation is one of the largest prank call nations for prank calls and clippings. This website is developed by US and Canadian residents to make the best prank calls with people.

It also gives you the details of the individual prank calls for a better idea of what the actual call is before sending it to friends. This helps you to know which prank you have to send for which kind of people.

8. Genie Calls

If you are a Black theme lover, then it is definitely for you. On this website, you see many pranks and choose them for your friends.

On the right side of the menu, You can see all your calls. Here you no need to pay any amount for this prank. You can create a call from this Genie call using a sound keyboard.

You can also make two or more friends who think that they talk with each other and you can listen to the conversation. The Genie is free of cost website to use without paying any amount.

The Genie calls allow you also to listen to the call and also rate the prank calls which are made by other users of people. This is the best way to reduce tension by making friends and family.

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9. Prank hotline

This is also a Black theme prank-call website available for you. There are different categories available for pranks calls. You can easily send popular pre-recorded pranks to your family and friends.

If you want a funny reaction, then you have to go with the funny reaction option.

The prank hotline is one of the amazing pranks to use, having many wonders features. The best thing about the prank hotline is that you can listen to pre-recorded prank calls from your friends and give a reaction to them.

It also has the feature to download the recorded pranks from your prank history. It is really a good and amazing site for making prank calls.

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10. Prank call wars

You can make unlimited prank calls with your friends and family to have fun. The software of this prank on this website is that you will not be able to recognize the voice and do an amazing prank with your friends. This gives you a lot of movement to laugh and reduce stress.

A funny prank-call scenario will work on anyone. The prank wars make you a good prank to make with your friends. It is used by anyone who has to download the app.

It includes a lot of quite complex pre-recorded prank calls in many different languages. With the help of this website of prank call wars, you can troll your friends and make them laugh with them.

How Do People React After the Prank Call?

After making pranks with people the reaction is thrilled, fearful, and sometimes laughing. That is exactly what happened to me.

In the end when you know that you are being pranked by someone you just laugh out loud and don’t know how to react to everyone.

Sometimes it feels like shame but gives you a lot of enjoyable moments that you actually need for your mental health and for happiness.

Laughing at yourself makes you feel that you took this prank in a positive manner and don’t be hurt by them.

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How to Make Prank Calls for Fun & joy purpose?

It’s a kind of joke and only done for fun purposes. And to be honest, you never know what is going on in someone’s mind, especially people these days who do not like to take any pranks.

So, these pranks only do with your friends to make fun of. Enjoy the laugh-out-loud joke calling your friends with like phones and sharing their reactions on WhatsApp and on social networks.


The motive for making prank calls is to reduce the stress level of the people. The above is the complete list for making a best-calling prank website.

In today’s busy and busy life, it works a lot for people who forget to laugh at their scheduled life. The prank call is actually a boon for all.

Making prank calls is a fun job especially when you are teasing your friends or having a boring time to make your mind good. You have to choose any website and can do pranks with your loved ones.

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