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Top 10 Free Timesheet Apps for Your Team in 2023

As your freelancing agency grows, you’ll be stretched thinner and thinner. When you reach this point, it’s time to bring in free timesheet apps for your team. Faced with so much distance between you, leverage the power of tech to manage all critical areas of your agency. 

This guide will help you find just what you need to manage your team. What’s more? Every tool included here is free, which is a cost-effective and sensible way of running things as a freelancer. 

#1. Clockify

Clockify handles team time tracking exceptionally well. This intuitive timesheet app comes with a generous free tier service with advanced features, many of which will benefit your remote working team. 

This powerful and versatile tool makes it easy for managers to get a complete hands-on approach to the client billing process. Clockify is a timesheet tool with the primary emphasis on making every dollar count. It will be a top choice for you to consider. 

Trusted by thousands of entrepreneurs, Clockify accommodated the need of every business type. It offers a simple solution to ensure your team remains focused on the task. It’s the best way to stay organized and focused. 

#2. ClickTime

For a busy person like you working on multiple projects, rapidly switching from one to the other can be game-changing. This timesheet tool is just a joy to use. It is almost effortless in the sense that you don’t need to know a lot to use it. 

ClickTime is a powerful timesheet app for remote teams that has earned its rightful place. It is essentially a glorified time tracking app that lets you manage team payroll easily. 

A second peak at this tool’s inner working reveals the attention given to promoting a stress-free work environment. It’s an extremely helpful way to help your staff achieve a favorable work-life balance.

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#3. Homebase

Employee time tracking doesn’t have to cost you a fortune; that’s the philosophy Homebase app abides by faithfully. It’s a timesheet app for managing remote teams, promising an impressive array of features and applications. 

Homebase doesn’t necessarily have the most attractive name, but it is useful for the modern-day freelancing agency. It can help you improve on efficiency in tackle client projects and billing clients for work done. Besides, it is easy to use. 

If you are looking to establish a connection with your team as they work from home, Homebase is your best bet. It gives you a digital presence in your employee’s workplace, where you can gain insights into their work habits. 

#4. Harvest

Harvest has earned its credibility and place in this list. This program sets a high benchmark for every aspect of project management. It promises deep features even on the free tier plan, with an impressive suite of tools and integrations to allow you well-rounded employee tracking. 

A little bit more advanced than your average time tracking tool, Harvest is a great tool for teams paid on an hourly basis. The app offers a helpful way to manage your expense funnel. It acts as a wide net collecting relevant data on logged hours by scanning all your employees’ activities. 

Harvest is designed first and foremost for the little guy who is looking to make it big on their own. Depending on how you conduct business, Harvest might just be the timesheet to satisfy your team management needs. 

Even though Harvest holds back some features, nothing to be alarmed about. The free tier option is just as useful in the long run for small teams. 

#5. Hubstaff

Hubstaff is an excellent lightweight team management tool, which remains a strong contender for remote teams. The interface is easy on the eye, and its straightforward build is an essential ingredient for peace of mind. 

This timesheet has a free tier plan that is just amazing for its reporting and time-tracking add-ons. Hubstaff makes reporting very straightforward. You don’t have to find your way through a mountain of data to get a quick overview of everything your team players have been up to. 

The GPS feature adds extra functionality to tracking employees. It is incredibly useful for a team that engages in a lot of sales. Hubstaff is a solid team management tool for managing task delegation and workflows. 

With thousands of freelancing agencies and startups already on-board the Hubstaff bandwagon, you can rest easy with it. Managing your team with Hubstaff is the easiest way to ensure your customers never forget you

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#6. Tickspot

Team tracking is the heart of Tick. This tool is extremely versatile for remote teams. Tick is a flexible and elegant timesheet app for teams, which has been designed to bend to the will of the user. It doesn’t easily compare with other apps on this list but earns its place based on merit. 

Although lacking a few features, its flexibility and vast application make this app well worth the initial effort. Tick adapts to whatever meets your needs rather than the other way around. This attribute is excellent for people working with dynamic teams and projects of all sizes. 

As the admin, you will get complete visualization to hone in on everything your staff in billing. You can combine standard tools and features to sieve through the data to identify everything that matters in your decision-making. 

#7. ProofHub

ProofHub is best described as a tool for organizing, coordinating, and tracking workflow for your remote team. Its greatest selling point is its ease of use, a business must-have. This solution is free for small teams yet comes with all the advanced features of a premium timesheet app. 

There are no limits for the project/team management actions you can perform with ProofHub. It offers a lot in the realm of team tracking. Its reporting tool is essentially designed to make it easy for managers to track task progress and budget and expense management. 

The time tracking module is specifically designed for team managers who need a flexible way to keep tabs on progress moving forward. It makes employee tracking a breeze, especially for a free-to-use tool. 

ProofHub is excellent for a fast-growing agency. It’s a solution you can employ today and benefit for years to no end. 

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Teams use to organize and manage project budgets and expenses. It’s an essential tool for limiting time wasted and improves workplace efficiency to get more done. At the end of the day, it provides essential insights that reveal how each employee spent the workday. is like a collection of highly customizable spreadsheets that allow you to keep tabs on the interactions your team makes with tasks. Most of its work is behind the scenes, yet its results couldn’t get any more noticeable. 

This online app is excellent at what it does and cost-effective for small teams. The stripped-down features certainly do nothing to blow you away; is an excellent tracking tool. The interface is simple and to the point. is an inexpensive productivity tool. You don’t need much to make it worthwhile for your agency. 

#9. Zoho Projects

Manage teams and billing clients all under one platform: Zoho Projects. It’s an attractive option for freelancing agencies looking for a low-cost alternative. It doesn’t include everything under the sun, yet the array of help features is well worth a place on this list. 

This tool features a drag-and-drop interface, which is perfect for an efficient workflow. Anything Zoho Project lacks, you can integrate into it. It’s designed to simple and flexible enough for managers and employees alike. 

Zoho Projects is a highly capable freelancing timesheet that includes tools for communications along with time tracking. It’s a particularly attractive offering for small agencies of up to five members. This app is one tool that shows you don’t have to pay handsomely to track employees. 

It’s a useful tool and very restricted to the privacy of each team member. On top of that, that ability to customize almost everything on the free package is highly appreciated. 

#10. takes an interesting approach to time tracking for teams. It doesn’t have a big brother vibe in it. This app is built for the modern workplace, where traditional organizational cultures are set aside, and the team is encouraged to compete based on efficiency. promises a simple timesheet solution for teams that automatically links to their payroll. Its efficiency is best, allowing the employer to compensate the team directly on the worktime they dedicated to a project rather than any other out-dated metric. 

This time tracking solution is designed to deliver a stress-free work environment, where the team’s administrators can get an overview without interrupting workflow. provides accurate insights via random screenshots, data on application use, and social media use for business and personal applications. isn’t a surveillance product. It limits how invasive it can get. Depending on how you want to monitor your team, this solution can be the game-changer you need. Besides, it has a free version that’s just as good.

Final Words

Time is money, as the adage says. Your entire business model is built on your ability to manage time effectively. What is the best free timesheet app for your team? This question has an answer, yet getting to it reveals what you truly value most. 

Do it right or don’t do it at all. This guide includes the best free timesheet apps for remote teams. A little bit of research could go a long way to help you identify the best option for you. Do you have any favorites from this list?

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