Apps To Improve Skills that Help You Learn

Every student faces learning difficulties. It is difficult for some to concentrate, quickly forget all the material, and some have problems with mathematics. There are many problems, and is only one solution. We live in an age of advanced technology, so it is no surprise that there are many applications for improving learning. Concentration and productivity are essential for achieving results at work.

Apps that help you learn

In addition to the biological characteristics of each person and the ability to focus on a process, the brain will always find something that will distract it from the adequate performance of tasks. Every day we:

  • use social networks
  • constantly respond to messages
  • get lost in incorrect project management
  • dream of doing “everything at once right now.” 

Therefore, we bring to your attention the best educational apps for adults for Android and iOS that will help to learn.


It is a program for translating the printed text into handwritten form. An excellent solution for the case when it is necessary to issue digital versions of essays, solved tasks, notes, or lectures in a handwritten format for further verification of the completed work by the teacher. HandWriter supports work with text and Word files, can imitate the features of human handwriting, and presents the finished result as a PDF document prepared for printing on a printer.

Not every student has enough time for writing a diploma, graduation, scientific, coursework, or essay. Of course, this is not a problem because there are many free online papers. That is, the student can save time and effort, find some free essays on proven service and be sure that the work will be done flawlessly. But what to do if the university told you to bring a piece written by hand, and you have already bought an electronic version? It is where HandWriter comes in handy. In the program parameters, you can operate with different fonts, text size, slant, the distance between words and lines, pen color, indents, and accuracy settings, allowing you to create an individual style of handwritten text.


This learning app will allow you to quickly and conveniently make a schedule of classes. The application is made in the format of a diary. It will enable you to store in the memory of the smartphone not only the current schedule of couples but also record detailed information about educational subjects and teachers, types of classes and their duration, as well as other information that can be used for self-organization and planning of affairs. 

With the help of Timetable, you can add homework and monitor its completion, remind yourself of upcoming classes in advance, and turn your phone into silent mode during lessons. For the convenience of working with the program, the functions of color design of the schedule, data synchronization tools between different user devices, and built-in widgets that can be brought to the Android home screen are provided.


Dictaphone with the function of converting speech into the text “on the fly,” which may be needed when recording lectures and further note-taking of training sessions. The program is based on the time-tested language recognition technology Cloud Speech API, which is used in Google Assistant and other products of the search giant. 

As a result, SpeechTexter recognizes human speech and converts it into text format with a five-plus. Support for more than 60 languages ​​and the ability to work without an Internet connection are reported. You need to download the appropriate language packs in the Android settings to activate the offline mode.


The application is made in a game format to increase productivity. To focus on one task, you need to set a timer – then all pop-up messages on your phone/tablet are blocked, and you are not distracted. When the timer is activated, a tree is planted. The more time you spend without your phone/tablet, the more it grows. After the timer expires, the block is removed, so you see a tree or even a forest. 

In the app, you can earn virtual money by focusing on your tasks and using it to grow real trees with the Forest app. With a playful moment, Forest adds lightness and interest to the process of improving productivity. The application does not allow you to answer text messages and calls so as not to “kill” the growing tree.


With the help of games and tasks in the application, you can develop logical thinking, sharpen problem-solving skills, train oral language, analyze what you read, and develop your brain. Three brain training modes are available in the free version of the application. If you pay the subscription, all 14 will open.


Peak is an application that was developed in cooperation with leading scientists. It has more than 45 brain-teasers. At Peak, you’ll find: daily workouts to sharpen your memory, attention, routine problem-solving, mental agility, coordination, and emotional control. The longer you play, the higher the difficulty and level of training.


You can train your brain in the company of the famous scientist – Albert Einstein. The application contains exercises to help activate the brain and keep it in good shape. “Einstein” was developed by a Japanese neuroscientist. There is also a mode designed for several users – so you can do mental exercises with friends.


Effectively improve the brain’s functioning with the help of the German scientific project NeuroNation. Create a personal training plan for your brain and expand your capabilities. Before starting to use the application, you will be offered to take a test, where you will learn about your mental characteristics. Eventually, you will be able to choose for yourself which skills you want to improve, learn or practice.


You can often hear how people promise themselves to go on a diet from Monday and buy a subscription to the gym, wanting to develop their bodies. But how often do people develop their brains? If you spend time on the phone with benefits, try one of the learning apps for adults. They will then develop your mind, logic, and memory in the selection. Such applications help improve learning and are an integral part of student life. With such applications, the time spent on the phone will be helpful.

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