Best apps to check plagiarism directly from your phone

Easy to manage application:

One of the most important questions raised by the authors is whether the plagiarism checking applications are easy to manage and easy to use? There are so many free applications on the Internet to check for plagiarism.

Some applications can only be used on devices such as laptops and computers, and these types of applications are also convenient to use on smartphones and you can check for counterfeits within minutes of uploading your data.

Apps for checking plagiarism directly from your phone

It is not always easy to check duplicate content on all devices, as some devices are not easy to carry, but smartphones are easy to carry. Moreover, they are used not only as phones but also as mini-computer devices.

Content writers and bloggers will find it easier to quickly verify their transcripts before posting them to a public forum. Because content authors have to upload content daily, checking plagiarism is easily accessible directly from their smartphones.

This type of plagiarism checker is not only beneficial for authors of the content, but also important for academic professionals such as teachers, students, researchers, and analysts.

Students use them to improve the quality of their work, such as homework, a diploma thesis, and research papers, while teachers can use them to check the quality of these assignments.

#1. Prepostseo

When it comes to discussing worthwhile plagiarism-checking apps, Prepostseo comes first, as it is the best application to consider for laptops as well as Android and Apple phones.

This application works so well on laptops and mobile phones along with it, this application delivers accurate results just minutes after uploading your data. It works efficiently and quickly along with accurate results.

Prepostseo is a very simple and secure application that does not save your data and provides instant results. In this application, different types of files can be uploaded either in Word document form or as pdf files.

For more accurate results instead of files, data can be copied and pasted in this application. Another remarkably good feature is that it not only tells about the similarity index of the data but also thoroughly checks the sentence sequence.

This application has an option for 1000 words for regular users, but users who use it with a premium subscription can check up to 5000 words at once in just a few minutes.

Download it from here:       

#2. Plagiarism detection

Plagiarism detection app offers an app called plagiarism detection. This is another mobile app for checking plagiarism. With the help of this mobile application, it is convenient for content authors, bloggers, and experts to keep an eye on the copied content.

It has several options in it, as with the help of this mobile application you can check the similarity index of its contents, emails, web pages, and even books.

It is not free, it is a paid mobile application, but can only be used for a certain period for free, even the free version has fewer features than a paid version.

It has few features as this mobile application can check the similarity index of different types of files such as PDF, Docs, HTML, TXT, RTF, and other forms of files.

Even a web page can be scanned using this feature by adding the only URL to this application. It is a simple application and customers receive a notification every time plagiarism is checked or a file is scanned.

#3. Plagly

This is another plagiarism check that is a mobile application. It is free, not a paid application. This is a fast application that is available in the Play Store for Android smartphones and has a lot of features.

This is a good Android application that is available easily when someone tries to search for plagiarism checkers for Android smartphones that quickly detect and highlight the similarity index. 

This is a useful application for students, researchers, and teachers to recognize the duplication and similarity index in scientific papers, research papers, and dissertations.

This has another good feature is that it is updated after some time and comes with better-updated features.

This app can even process different languages, reaching as far as the exact source from which the data was extracted, and detect duplication of content.

#4. Plagiarism Checker – document plagiarism checker

This Plagiarism Checker is another mobile application for Android users to check for plagiarism. It has an extensive feature that willingly scans entire Internet content relevant to this content and checks the similarity index.

It highlights the irrelevant content and highlights as red if something is irrelevant for the relevant topic.

One of the disadvantages that come with this app is that it does not allow the user to upload the file from his smartphone, while the other user has to copy-paste the data to verify the plagiarism. In this way, it is not as efficient as other apps.

This is a good application to scan the inserted data and create a plagiarism report by comparing the inserted data with all the data relevant to the Internet.

Copy-pasted content is highlighted in this application as plagiarized content when the content is posted.

It is a free application that can be downloaded to Android and can be used and downloaded for free

#5. Skandy

This is another Android mobile application for checking for plagiarism. This is too easy to use and download from the Play Store. This plagiarism check is specifically designed for bloggers and content writers.

This mobile application has another feature where a user can even recognize duplicate content from an image when they upload an image with text.

This plagiarism checking application has OCR technology so that it recognizes text from an image and finds its similarity index in just a few seconds.

Apart from this additional plagiarism check function, it can also check the similarity index of a regular text.

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