Top 15 Search Engines In The World With Statistic Report

Search for anything in today’s world is done in search engines. Google is the most popular and best search engine now.

Internet Search engines’ history began with Archie. This was used to find FTP files on the internet. Next came Veronica which was the first text-based search engine.

Down in history, scores of other search engines have propped up. Search engines, presently, are more important with concepts like search engine marketing. Based on their working pattern, there are 4 types of search engines.

1) Full-Text Search Engine

2) Directory Search Engine

3) Meta Search Engine and

4) Vertical Search Engine

65% of visitors to search engines come by natural searches. This suggests the benefits of more spending on natural ranking than on paid searches. One significant behavior of searchers is that they never go beyond the second page of SERPs. This is where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays a major role in businesses relying on SERPs.

Websites are prominently reached through Google searches. Hence Google still remains the Kingmaker among search engines. Search engines display results for queries based on keywords or key phrases. Currently, search engines use Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) to make a more contextual search.

If you are a business professional you can use search engines in two ways. First, you can rank naturally by applying SEO, SMO, and Internet Marketing Services. Secondly, by using paid searches like PPC, CPC, etc. through Ads on search engines.

15 Best Search Engines With Statistics Data

As an SEO you will be keen on boosting web traffic. You can do this only if you have knowledge of the top search engines in the world. Lets us wind through the top 15 best search engines in the world.

1. Google


Google has become man’s best friend and partner. It actually tells you what to do. Google has more than 75 percent of the search market share. Google was founded by Sergey Brin and Larry Page in 1996. It started as a research project. Google’s Alphabet is now worth $650 billion.

Google powers its own search results. It also provides search results for other search engines like Ranking and traffic are predominantly related to Google. Google search has moved away from the concept of merely clicking to meet its user’s needs.

Google processes more than 40,000 searches per second. This roughly sums up to 3.5 billion searches per day. It is interesting to know that the 92.59 mobile search engine market is topped by Google. Search in Google is always being improvised with Google’s algorithm.

You can simply search for anything on Google. Google is redefining search. It gives prominence to voice search and more interactive queries. Google eats a lion’s share in search engine marketing and ad revenue. Google has 77.8 billion monthly visitors.

Google Statistics: Alexa rank: 1 | Monthly Visits: 77.8 Billion | Domain Authority (DA): 100

2. Baidu

Baidu search engine

Baidu is a dominant search engine in China. It was founded in 2000. Baidu has an 82% market share in China. Baidu is making huge investments in Artificial Intelligence. Within China, Baidu has 3.3 billion searches per day.

The organic algorithm in Baidu is simpler than Google’s. Their paid systems are also quite easier once you set them up. Baidu is also expanding itself into automated cars and other technological stuff. Hence it expands beyond the concept of search. Baidu has 6.39 Billion monthly users.

Baidu Statistics: Alexa rank: 4 | Monthly Visits: 6.39 Billion | Domain Authority (DA): 91

3. Yahoo search


Yahoo search was found by Jerry Yang and David Filo. They started Yahoo as “Jerry’s Guide to the World Wide Web”. Yang and Jerry initially curated a list of websites. Later Yahoo Search became a giant search engine.

Yahoo is the third largest search engine in the world. Yahoo extensively covers items such as news, sports, and finance. Yahoo was recently sold to Verizon. This boosts Yahoo search as Verizon has AOL search in its portfolio.

Yahoo has 3.42 Billion monthly visitors. This makes it the third most popular digital property next to Facebook and Google. Yahoo search is also one of the best video search engines. It allows browsing videos from other platforms like YouTube, Hulu, MySpace, etc.

Yahoo Statistics: Alexa rank: 11 | Monthly Visits: 3.42 Billion | Domain Authority (DA): 93

4. Bing

Bing Search Engine

MSN Search was replaced by Bing. Microsoft introduced Bing in competition to Google in the year 2009. In 2016, Bing added AOL sites to their search result pages. Additions like these have made Bing dominate 33 percent of the search platform in the US. This, in turn, makes Bing the fourth largest search engine next to Yahoo.  Moreover, Bing Ads has got a lot of new features added to it.

Bing is often called the “decision engine”. Based on users’ queries it displays rational results. Bing is a better video search engine than Google.

An amazing fact is that every time you use Bing you get rewarded. “Bing rewards”, rewards you some points every time you search on Bing. These points can be redeemed when you shop on Amazon, Starbucks, etc.

Bing is also increasingly popular because of its collaboration with Yahoo web search. With more than 15 billion searches it is worth optimizing your blog/website with the Bing search. Bing does great in terms of marketing ROI. Bing has 915 Million monthly visitors.

Bing Statistics: Alexa rank: 30 | Monthly Visits: 915 Million | Domain Authority (DA): 94

5. DuckDuckGo


DuckDuckGo found in 2009 is the best private search engine in the world. This search engine doesn’t track your history and search queries. You can get instant search results.

The DuckDuckGo app comes in handy for iOS users. This app allows you to read stories and interesting results of the day. DuckDuckGo Bang feature allows you to search from other sites including yours. This search engine allows you to turn off ads.

DDG’s infinity scroll allows you to scroll into pages one after the other without having to click on every page. This is a user-friendly feature. Therefore DDG can be called as the handiest search engine. DDG has got 483 Million monthly visitors.

DuckDuckGo Statistics: Alexa rank: 180| Monthly Visits: 483 Million | Domain Authority (DA): 87


Ask was formerly called Jeeves. It has a 0.16% market share in the search engine industry. The search engine answers general questions.

Ask.Com proves good for a digital marketer. It helps you to find related keywords and LSI keywords. It also helps you to analyze what people are asking in real-time. Ask.Com helps you in search engine marketing and the growth of your website/blog. Ask.Com has 99.2 Million monthly visitors.

Ask Statistics: Alexa rank: 183 | Monthly Visits: 99.2 Million | Domain Authority (DA): 90

7. Internet Archives

Internet archive

Internet Archives or has an archive of data from every website and online blog since 1996. You can view any details about a website even if the website has been shut down permanently. With this search engine, you can research back domains. You can see how the back domains looked like, what information they carried and also reverse engineer them.

Internet Archives Statistics: Alexa rank: 171 | Monthly Visits: 69 Million| Domain Authority (DA): 94

8. AOL.Com


AOL.Com has a net market share of 0.04% compared to the whole search engine industry. Along with Yahoo’s acquisition, Verizon that owns AOL will prove to become more efficient in search engine techniques.

AOL contains popular websites like,, and

AOL Statistics: Alexa rank: 366| Monthly Visits: 214 Million| Domain Authority (DA): 94

9. Yandex


Yandex was started as a project to help in the classification of patients in 1990 under the company Arkadia. Two Russian developers pioneered this. The term Yandex was coined in 1993. It stands for “Yet Another iNDEXer”. domain was found in 1997. Yandex powers more than half of the searches in Russia.

The algorithms used by Yandex is less sophisticated. This makes it easier to access and optimize for. Yandex has got 30,000,000 monthly visitors.

Yandex Statistics: Alexa rank: 485 | Monthly Visits: 57.9 Million | Domain Authority (DA): 91

10. WolframAlpha


WolframAlpha is a search engine based on computation and metrics. The search engine gives you vital data such as data about the website, historical information by date, unit conversions, stock data and more. WolframAlpha has 35,000,000 monthly users.

WolframAlpha Statistics: Alexa rank: 4885 | Monthly Visits: 10 Million | Domain Authority (DA): 86

11. Qwant


Qwant is a user-friendly search engine app. Like DuckDuckGo, Qwant also doesn’t track your search history. Qwant has a special feature called as Qwick search shortcuts. Qwant is feature-rich. Qwant has social, shopping and music searches. Qwant has a feature called “Boards” which allows users to save content that they like.

12. Search Encrypt

Search Encrypt

Search Encrypt is a privacy-based search engine similar to DuckDuckGo. It has the general search, image and video search features. Search Encrypt uses end-to-end encryption so that your search terms are not vulnerable to hackers. Search Encrypt uses AES-256 encryption along with expiring encryption keys. This means that your search terms will disappear after your search is done.

13. Alhea


“Web for everyone” is Althea’s slogan. This search engine brings out some of the best search results. It has a monthly user base of 8 million.

14. Dogpile


Dogpile bring you results from the top three search engines. The search engine has 10 million monthly unique visitors. The search results offered is a blend of results from different search engines, directory search, video, and audio search. Dogpile search engine was found in 1995.

15. InfoSpace


InfoSpace has been existing since 1996. It has a monthly audience of 24 million. InfoSpace is now called as Blucora. The search engine provides metasearch and private-label internet search. It provides efficient online search and monetization solutions to worldwide networks. InfoSpace owns brands such as WebCrawler and MetaCrawler.

Statistics update date: 20th of December, 2019

According to All Search engine statistic data, Google is the best search engine and Baidu is the second best search engine in the world.


We have crawled through an array of leading web search engines. Each search engine is specialized in a unique category or way of search. As a digital marketer, you should be wise enough to choose between these search engines in order to leverage your digital and SEO marketing campaigns. Out of all the search engines that we have seen Google Search is in the forefront.

Contributed by Sankul and Punith

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