Best sticker maker app for Android and iPhone

The simple text conveys your messages to others but can’t tell them you are in which mood. So we discovered stickers that are helpful to express our emotions in text messages. Sometimes we don’t need to write any text, just send emojis and stickers to tell or remind someone about something.

First of all, it’s a very unique and creative idea to create emojis and stickers which are used to express our feelings, mood, or expressions to others. Nowadays, we can’t do texting without such stickers. It is now an essential part of our conversations.

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So that’s why many developers make such kinds of apps and create very creative stickers that are able to get the attention of other people while chatting. Many people are curious about where we get that kind of sticker. I’m sure that you are interested to know about those apps which make your conversations very interesting and laughable. So let’s have a look at those apps.

Best sticker maker apps for Android and iPhone

If you are an Android user then you can download these apps from Playstore and If you are an ios user then you can download them from the App store.


This app is very simple to use and an amazing app. The main feature of this app is that if you like any image and want to make a sticker of that image then you have to just cut down that area of the image which is you need. You can add some text on it and add some elements on that sticker also.

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You can create your own sticker pack. The best part is you can use this sticker pack in all other apps on your device. Amazing, right?

Why choose this app?

  • This is absolutely free.
  • Easy to customize the stickers.
  • Good-rated app and listed in the top list.
  • Import your sticker pack in all other apps.
  • Available in Android and iPhone.


This app is a 3D-sticker maker app. Yes, you can create your own 3D avatar. You just need to click your photo or upload your photo then you will create your own avatar.  The 3D avatar is very similar to your look. It’s very easy to customize your avatar according to your requirements.

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Also, you will get pre-loaded stickers and other elements. You can access your avatar and sticker in your applications and share them on social media.

Apart from that you can create videos with your avatar and make your own content.

Why choose this app?

  • Create your 3D avatar
  • Customize with your taste and change the style of clothes of the avatar day by day.
  • You can make videos also.
  • Available in Android and iPhone. is similar to the first app but one feature makes this app very special. offers 20,000,000 + stickers to the user. So you can use a variety of stickers.

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This app also gives pre-loaded stickers and also you can customize them as per your taste.

Why choose this app?

One specific feature that makes this app stand out from others is having 20,000,000 + stickers. Just like other apps, it is also available on Android and ios.

Sticker maker for WhatsApp

This sticker maker app you can use on WhatsApp. The uniqueness of this app is you can make a sticker on any of your images. You just need to crop the image according to your requirements and just add elements.

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You can add emojis to your stickers and decorate according to yourself. But this app is only for android users. IOS users can’t download this app. But there are many varieties and options available to make the best stickers.

Why do you choose this app?

  • You can make stickers from your images.
  • You can customize according to yourself.
  • Add elements such as emojis and glasses, in your pic and stickers.
  • Easy to use and very friendly. That’s why it’s only for android users.

Sticker maker studio

This app is very similar to the sticker maker for WhatsApp. But sticker maker studio app is only for iPhone users. iPhone users can make or customize the stickers for WhatsApp. You can add emojis and elements with your stickers.

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Why do we use this app?

  • Easy handy to use.
  • Customize according to your requirements
  • Add emojis with stickers
  • Crop the image and make a sticker with them
  • It’s available in the App store.


In this present time, texting without stickers and emojis feels like taking without emotions. That’s why many developers make this kind of app and make our boring conversation interesting.

In the future, we will see many more apps with new features. Because the stickers and emojis are the virtual emotions of a person. Not all of us know how to write to express our feelings, so that’s why stickers and emojis are very important for every social app.

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Android users can download these apps from the Play Store and IOS users can from the App store. Find them, download them and make your conversation expressive and interesting, because they play a significant role in impressing others.

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