8 Best Universal Remote Control For Vizio Smart TVs

If you are searching for the details of the best universal remote control for Vizio smart TVs. Stay connected with this article. Most of its latest television models also feature Android connectivity and can be managed remotely via an app. 

Most phones with infrared blasters come with remote control apps for Android, allowing you to operate televisions and other IR-enabled devices right out of the box. 

Take a look at our guide below if you find those apps lacking, or if you want your remote app to look more like the base remote for your television. 

We will look at a handful of programs that mimic Vizio’s remote controls, including the ability to activate the apps included with your Vizio television.

List of Best Universal Remote Control For Vizio Smart TVs

1. SURE Universal Smart TV Remote

SURE Universal is the world’s most popular and award-winning universal remote control app for home entertainment and smart home technology. 

Music, films, and images can be sent from SURE to a Smart TV and other smart media devices. Legacy devices can be controlled by Infrared (IR) with a phone that has an IR Blaster integrated into it or a WiFi-to-IR converter that is available separately. 

SURE voice control allows you to control your smart home devices with the power of your voice. SURE UniversalTM is the soul of IoT, as it is an all-in-one home IoT solution.

SURE Universal Smart TV Remote’s Features:-

  1. You can use it to control your smart TV, video streamer, smart lights, air conditioner, and other smart devices.
  2. Incorporate voice control.
  3. Browse and play your music and video files by folder.
  4. Photos and movies from your phone can be streamed to a smart TV.
  5. Copy files from a local network’s shared folders to your mobile device, as well as from your mobile device to a local network.

2. Peel Mi Remote

Peel Mi Remote is a “Peel Smart Remote” TV guide extension for Xiaomi Mi Remote. Please ensure that your phone has Xiaomi Mi Remote v.5.3.5 installed. This Remote Has the Power to Change Everything! Peel Mi Remote transforms your home entertainment experience by combining a universal remote control with live or streamed TV listings in a single app. This is the only remote control and TV guide you’ll ever require.

Peel Mi Remote’s Features

  1. Using the built-in infrared IR blaster on your Xiaomi smartphone, control your TV and set-top box with confidence.
  2. Find Something to Watch that is show recommendations and TV guide listings based on your tastes and previous viewing habits, all organized in an easy-to-use interface.
  3. Never Miss Your Favorite Shows is set a calendar reminder to ensure you never miss another episode of your favorite show, movie, or sporting event.
  4. Indulge in Your Favorites that select your favorite channels and shows to personalize your Peel Mi Remote. It’s never been easier to find out when and where your favorite shows and movies will be broadcast on television.
  5. Personalize Your TV Schedule and Listings that customize your TV channel lineup to match your local over-the-air, satellite, cable, or streaming service.
  6. Discover Streamed Content Easily: Use your streaming video providers to find your favorite shows and movies. Peel will help you find something to watch on Netflix, Hulu, Roku, Apple TV, and hundreds of other digital entertainment providers.

3. VIZIO SmartCast Mobile™

Never Miss Another Episode of Your Favorite Show: Set a calendar reminder so you don’t miss another episode of your favorite show, movie, or sporting event.

VIZIO SmartCast Mobile’s Features

  1. Enjoy Your Favorite Foods that personalize your Peel Mi Remote by choosing your favorite stations and shows. Finding out when and where your favorite series and movies will be broadcast on television has never been easier.
  2. Personalize Your TV Listings & Schedule that helps to create a channel lineup that matches your local over-the-air, satellite, cable, or streaming service.
  3. Find Streamed Content Quickly that helps to find your favorite shows and movies using your streaming video providers. Peel will help you find anything to watch on Netflix, Hulu, Roku, Apple TV, and a slew of other streaming services.
  4. Swipe your way through SmartCast Home that helps to right from your TV/display, use the touchpad to swiftly play your favorite entertainment, from highlighted programming to the most popular apps.
  5. Advanced options are easily accessible that help to change the aspect ratio, choose an input, calibrate the image, and more.
  6. Check out all of the details here that view show ratings, synopsis, cast, crew, clips, and more in a single glance.

4. TV Remote Control For Vizio

When your conventional Vizio smart tv remote is broken or out of batteries, and you wish to use your phone as a Vizio replacement remote, the Vizio smart tv remote is highly suggested. All you have to do now is follow the instructions and choose your TV model from the list.

Features of Vizio TV Remote Control

  1. The app takes advantage of the infrared blaster that comes standard on all popular Android devices.
  2. When placed in the line of sight, it performs admirably.
  3. Lightweight program with a user interface that is quite similar to that of real remote control.
  4. Support for manual configuration is also included.

5. VizControl

VizControl is a remote control program that allows you to control your Vizio SmartCast TV or any Vizio TV on phones with an infrared connection over a local network.

VizControl’s features

  1. The app may easily take the place of the traditional Vizio TV remote because it has all of the same features.
  2. It’s good for a range of 3 to 15 feet.
  3. Streaming services such as Netflix or Amazon Prime can also be set up.
  4. There are also haptic features.

6. VizRemote

This is a basic unauthorized Vizio TV infrared remote control app. It works with phones and tablets that have an infrared blaster built-in. It is not intended to be a replacement for the original remote. In an emergency, this software comes in helpful (original remote is lost, empty batteries, etc).

VizRemote’s features

  1. Vizio TVs support phones and tablets with built-in IR senders.
  2. The IR blaster on your phone must be pointed directly at the TV. The typical working range is 5 feet (maximum 15 feet).
  3. There is no need for any additional gear.
  4. There are no full-screen advertisements, push notification ads or other obnoxious pop-up ads in this app.

7. TV Remote for Vizio tv

Smart and Universal TV Remote Control You can take control of your Vizio TVs using Vizio TV. The Vizio TV Remote uses the IR blaster in your phone to operate your smart TV.

Features of the Vizio TV Remote

  1. The software is compatible with all popular Vizio TV models, including the D series, P series, E series, and others.
  2. You can turn on or off the television, change the channels, adjust the volume, access the menu, and execute all of the fundamental functions.
  3. It works with your phone’s infrared connectivity.

8. Peel Universal Smart TV Remote Control

Peel is one of the most widely used and effective universal TV remote apps available. It has over 50 million users and offers a wealth of complex features.

Peel Universal Smart TV Remote Control Features

  1. To control your TV and satellite box, use the remote widget on the lock screen.
  2. Tap the yellow bubble with the entire remote.
  3. By tapping on the show images, you may watch your favorite series or movies.
  4. Get a list of ‘Trending Now’ shows, games, and movies in your ‘Recently Watched Channels,’ then touch on those shows to watch them.
  5. Collect ribbons from events of many genres.
  6. Make a list of your favorite shows/games/movies and set reminders to watch them.
  7. Look up your favorite shows, teams, and channels.
  8. Get notifications for popular sporting events, movie premieres, and television show debuts, and tap them to watch those events.
  9. View the schedules of your favorite channels in the channel guide.
  10. In the ‘Videos’ section, you’ll find trailers, highlights, and short snippets from your favorite shows.

Final Thought

If you are currently utilizing multiple remote controls to get your TV to work, we hope this article has shown you that there is a better method.

It makes all the difference to have the appropriate setup to guarantee the sound is perfect, you have the right projector, and now you have the right remote control settings. Now go make some popcorn, tell Alexa to dim the lights, and sit back and enjoy the show.

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