Bitlife Cheats: Tips and Tricks For Life Simulator App (Complete Guide)

The game is a life simulator that provides you with various scenarios which you can experience throughout your life and provides you the opportunity to select your path, and then, live with the consequences.

I had played games similar to this, like Sims. However, in this, there is no graphical representation of your character. Just plain text which you would have to deal with. It may seem a little dull at first, but it gets exciting as the game progresses, and would provide a lot of satisfaction while playing it.

Tip and Tricks:

You would start the game often as an infant with little information about your family and family members.

The game would provide you with enough background story for you to start the game. From that point, you start the game from an infant and play till your death.

Here are some useful tips and tricks that might help in getting more better results in the game:


Like life, money does play an important part in the simulation game as well. During childhood, you would be dependent on your family for your finances. You keep your relations good with them by regularly interacting with them, and they would end up being more generous towards you when you approach them for money. Instead of spending it, I would recommend saving it for later use.

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Everyone likes to be happy, even the characters which you are portraying in the game. Take regular trips and spend quality time with the people which you have relations. This would enable your character to remain happy, and perform better in all the other aspects of life.


Intelligence is one of the most important aspects of your life. Make sure that you study hard during a young age, and also, visit the library as often as possible. That would enable you to have high intelligence, and help you in progressing in your career quicker as your brain would have a high level.


Looks are important in the game as well. It would help you in maintaining your happiness. In order to keep your looks up, you would need to hit the gym as quickly as possible. And in the later years, you could choose to have plastic surgery to keep up your look in old age.

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You should focus on your studies, but once those are done, I would recommend that you get a good job and look to change through jobs to keep increasing your salary for a while, and after few years, stop changing your jobs, and become stable in one, and work hard to get a better chance of promoting yourself.

The above tips and tricks do not guarantee that you would succeed in the game always, but it does give you the best possible chance of doing so. Sometimes, plastic surgery may go wrong, and your looks will fall and it will automatically impact your happiness. You might have to get the surgery done again in order to rectify that error.


The game is fun to play and ends up providing you a good satisfaction when you play it. It does help if you have an upper hand on the game from the get-go, and hence, the tips and the tricks which I have just provided might end up helping you out a lot.

The game is definitely for those people who are not willing to spend a lot of time on other life simulation games like Sims.

This game ends quickly and you would not have to spend a lot of time to get your character finally get a job and grow old.

Within an hour, the game could be over, and you would have the satisfaction which you might not have had with the other simulation games even after playing the other games for a few weeks or even months.

I would highly recommend the game to anyone who likes simulation games, and also, use the above-mentioned tips and tricks to get better results in the game.

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