Check iPhone Activity Log: How to do this?

Check iPhone activity log can be useful for various purposes, including self-analysis. The following are some of the most frequent methods for viewing log data. 

Continue reading to learn which apps are draining your device’s battery the most and how to check them. We hope you find the material helpful. 

If you don’t know how to check the iPhone activity log on Mac, keep reading! You can easily view your iPhone’s activity log from your Mac once you have access to it.

If this describes your circumstance in any way, we have prepared this piece specifically for you. If you have access to an iPhone, we will show you how to check iPhone activity log on it.

Procedure to Check iPhone Activity Log

Check iPhone Activity log using Screen Time

On iPhones, Screen Time hasn’t always been available. With a recent version of iOS, Apple introduced the feature, and it has quickly become one of the most popular iPhone features.

Screen Time provides a wealth of information about a certain iPhone’s recent behavior. You can view not only which apps are running on the iPhone, but also how long they’ve been running and when they were last utilized.

Here are the methods for checking an iPhone’s recent activity on Screen Time.

  1. Open the Settings app after unlocking the iPhone. Of course, you can not utilize Screen Time without unlocking the phone, so if you are looking for a covert way to spy on the iPhone, you’re out of luck.
  2. Scroll down and choose Screen Time from the list of possibilities. The hourglass graphic on Screen Time accurately depicts what the feature accomplishes.
  3. You should now be on the main Screen Time screen. Break the Screen Time limitations by tapping on See All Activity from here.
  4. On the resulting page, you’ll see a list of iPhone apps as well as some examples of how they’re used. To see all of the apps that run on the iPhone, scroll down to the bottom and click ‘Show More.’

If you have made it this far, you should have practically all of the data you need to make educated estimates about the target’s iPhone usage.

As you may have guessed, you can click on an individual app to see some useful data for that app; I think this is really useful.

Check iPhone Activity log using Safari

The majority of iPhone users also use it to browse the internet, and Safari is the default browser that comes pre-installed on the device. 

Other internet browsers can be downloaded and installed from the Apple Store, but most users prefer to stick with the default because it’s there and ready to use as soon as you acquire the phone.

Of course, just like any other browser, you may inspect the browser’s web activities at any time. Parents should keep an eye on their children’s browsing history to make sure they aren’t visiting any sites that aren’t suitable for them. 

With Screen Time, you may block any website on your iPhone. The technique of checking your Safari iPhone app’s web activity history is really basic and straightforward. Simply launch the Safari app and tap the open book icon. 

This is the icon that will allow you to access your bookmarks and history. On this page, you may look over your browsing history and clear it in its whole or for a specific time period.

You can also use your smartphone to access desktop software that allows you to view your computer’s browsing history. 

This is useful if you want to go deeper into your surfing history thanks to the greater screen area on your desktop computer. 

However, if you just want to examine your browser history fast and efficiently, this isn’t necessary.

Check iPhone Activity log using App Store

If you’re unsure about a charge from the Apple Store on your account, look through your transactions to discover why you are being charged. 

It’s possible that you forgot about or didn’t cancel a recurring charge. Alternatively, your child could have purchased anything from the store without recognizing it.

It’s simple to see a list of your latest AppStore purchases and downloads. You can report an issue by going to and entering your Apple ID and password. 

After that, you’ll be logged into the Apple system, where you’ll be able to see a full record of previous transactions and downloads made with your Apple ID account.

The number of purchases, the name of the program that was downloaded, and the amount spent on it will all be displayed in the list. 

If you are worried about a purchase you don’t remember making, you can report it to Apple and have it looked into. 

Also, make sure your Apple ID account is safe by changing your password and enabling two-factor authentication.

If you are worried about your child using their account to make purchases, you may change the child safety settings to prevent them from doing so in the future.

If you want an easier, more streamlined way to monitor your child’s iPhone usage, consider using Family Orbit. It makes it simple to do so with only one piece of software. 

When kids use their smartphones, you can keep track of the messages they send, the images they snap, and the websites they visit.

Final Words

iOS has the potential to be one of the most secure operating systems ever created. Apple incorporates privacy and security safeguards into iOS to prevent hackers from spying on users’ activities.

However, this does not negate the fact that iOS has flaws. You can discover a lot about the iPhone’s recent behavior if you can get away with unlocking it.

While there are many ways to obtain information on an iPhone’s usage, this essay focuses on two of them: Screen Time and Safari, both of which are entirely legal capabilities built into Apple’s handsets.

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