How to Fix the Wireless Customer is Not Available?

Read on to learn why you keep getting this error message when you call someone and what you can do to assist them to fix the Wireless Customer is Not Available.

Mobile phones have allowed us to communicate with the people who matter most in our lives in real-time. More than ever before, you can reach out to someone regardless of their location by dialing a few numbers.

It’s reassuring to know that your loved ones, friends, and coworkers are only a phone call away. It’s no surprise that you feel panicked when you call someone and get a string of unavailable messages.

You may be receiving this message for a variety of reasons. But one thing is certain that is the problem is always coming from the other end, not from yours.

Reasons why you are Getting “the Wireless Customer is not Available” Message

In the vast majority of cases, the issue is unlikely to be caused by you. While you should still make sure your mobile network is up to date and other aspects of your business are running smoothly, this is primarily a matter with the other party.

Call Diversion or Forwarding

When someone does not want to be reached, they commonly dial a series of digits to divert or forward all calls. This is one of the most common reasons why you may be unable to contact someone via phone. 

Your call attempts may be seen by the person who did the forwarding, and they may call you back when they are ready to talk to you.

You’ve been Blocked

Another reason you might get the notice “Wireless Customer is Not Available” is that you have been blocked. Although being blocked isn’t always a bad thing, it often brings up feelings of bitterness and wrath.

You can, however, become blocked by accident. Life is hectic, and we may find ourselves dialing numbers on our phones while waiting for a bus or when half asleep after pulling an all-nighter to finish that important report. 

If you have been blocked by accident for whatever reason, you may receive the above error every time you try to make a call.

The phone is Switched Off

When you try to call the receiver, an offline phone could be one of the reasons you get an error message. It’s possible that they simply need some alone time to clear their heads. 

Maybe they are on a romantic getaway with their partner. It’s also possible that they’re receiving spiritual nutrition in a remote location. These and other factors could explain why they switched phones and why you’re receiving an error message.

Outside a Coverage Area

People are eager to detox from the effects of the protracted quarantine periods by engaging in outdoor activities such as camping, climbing, and trekking as the world slowly opens up. 

Because such outdoor places are typically outside of network coverage regions, you’ll most likely get a “not available” error if you try to call someone there.

Lack of Payment

Due to unpaid phone bills, the recipient’s phone service may be disconnected. We all become busy at times, and we may forget to pay our phone bills, resulting in a temporary disconnect. 

When you try to call your recipient, you will get the message “Wireless Customer is Not Available” because their phone is disconnected owing to unpaid phone bills.

Procedure to Fix the Wireless Customer is Not Available

When you receive this error notice, the truth is that there is little you can do on your end. Here are some helpful hints for resolving the problem.

1) The Power Maybe Off

Most of the time, the reason you’re getting the dreaded error message is due to the most basic of factors the lack of electricity.

It’s possible that the other person neglected to charge their phone before leaving the house. Alternatively, they could have dropped the phone, causing the battery to get slightly displaced.

Another cause could be that they actively chose to switch off their phone for a period of time. After all, every now and then it’s wonderful to take a vacation from being available to everyone 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

In this situation, if they don’t have voicemail set up on their phone, you may hear a generic message indicating that they are unavailable. Of course, we are referring to the notification that says “the cellular customer you’re contacting is unavailable.”

Unfortunately, if this is the case, there is little you can do to alert them to your call until they have turned the phone back on. The only option left to you is to leave a message using another method.

In this scenario, we recommend sending them a basic message stating that you attempted to contact them but were unable to do so, just in case the problem is more serious than anticipated.

2) The Other Person has No Coverage

There will be signal blackspots no matter where you live, as we all know. This can also happen in suburban regions for some of us. 

However, in most circumstances, we will only get this message after the other person has gone on a trip or gone for a stroll in the woods.

Once again, there isn’t much you can do to contact this person until they return to an area where they can receive a signal.

This can take only a few minutes in some circumstances. In certain circumstances, this could take many days. It depends on the person’s lifestyle and where they live.

3) One of you May have Blocked the Other

This error notice may appear in rare circumstances when one of you has blocked the other. If this is the case, don’t be too concerned. With an unlocked phone in a pocket, accidents happen. You can unintentionally block someone, play music, call your mother-in-law, and so on.

Regardless, if you are blocked, whether by accident or on design, you will see the same error message as if they had turned off their phone.

The problem is that you won’t even be able to contact them to figure out what’s going on. In these situations, it’s probably advisable to find out what transpired through a third party. There could be a major misunderstanding going on here.

In that scenario, it’s best to stay away from pouring any more fuel into the fire. However, it’s possible that neither of you has blocked the other in some circumstances. It’s possible that the problem is with your carrier or theirs. A simple call to their customer service number should soon resolve the issue.

4) If None of the Above, Contact Support/Customer Care

If none of the aforementioned ideas are the source of your connection problems, there is, unfortunately, little you can do from here.

You can try calling various numbers as the last check to confirm the root of the problem. Then, if you get the identical message when you call each number, you’ll know the issue is most likely on your end.

The only thing left to do now is phone your carrier and ask them what’s wrong, explaining that you are getting an error message whenever you try to call any number.

Final Words

The warning “the wireless customer is not available” might be frustrating, especially if you were hoping to reconnect with an old buddy or a high school acquaintance. 

This message could be caused by call forwarding, blocking, a switched-off phone, or a location outside of the coverage area. If none of the suggestions in this article seem to work, contact customer service for additional assistance.

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