How To Get a Free Phone When you Switch to Cricket? All You Need To Know

Today we will discuss how to get a free phone when you switch to cricket. If you are also searching about this, then you are in a right place. Stay connected with this article till the end.

Cricket Wireless is a good option if you are thinking about switching anyway. It’s because when you switch to Cricket, you can get free phones.

Cricket Wireless has been discussed on our page for quite some time. It’s one of the more cost-effective mobile plans, especially if you want to go unlimited and have many lines. Not to mention, if you switch to Cricket with an existing phone number, you can get a free phone.

Apart from the given device, the cricket packages are similar to the MetroPCS add a line, get the free phone offers we discussed yesterday. We noticed many 5G-compatible handsets in this T-Mobile section, including the latest iPhone 12.

When it comes to 5G smartphones, Cricket does not provide any $0 discounts. On the other hand, you may save up to $300 on the Samsung Galaxy S20, as well as several other recent smartphones.

Procedure to Get a Free Phone When you Switch to Cricket

When signing up for Cricket Wireless online, you should follow the steps outlined below. There’s no need to be concerned because you won’t be without service during the procedure.

1. Choose a new phone or bring your own compatible device.

You can choose from a variety of Cricket Wireless phones and have them delivered to your home. iPhone SE, Galaxy A02s, Moto G Play, Moto G Power, Nokia C2 Tava, Galaxy A12, and Cricket are among the devices.

Other Cricket Wireless compatible phones are influenced. In reality, the Cricket Influence is free when you bring your phone number and sign up for a plan that costs at least $60 per month.

After you have decided on the phone you want, place your order and pay using the method that is most convenient for you. You can check the progress of your order as well as the most up-to-date shipment information online.

i} Select a plan and customise it with features that meet your requirements.

After you’ve decided on the best phone for you, you’ll need to decide on a plan to go with it. You can use your device with a variety of Cricket Wireless plans. The following are some of them.

ii} 4 Lines for $130/month, including Unlimited + 15 GB Mobile Hotspot ($33 per line/month)

For speedier network connectivity, the plan includes nationwide 5G access. You will have access to unlimited high-speed data for a variety of online activities. When the network is busy, Cricket Wireless may momentarily decrease data connection speeds. In addition, the plans include a 15-gigabyte Mobile Hotspot, which requires a compatible smartphone.

You also receive 150GB of Cloud Storage capacity to store your crucial files for later use. Additionally, you will have unlimited talk, text, and image communications throughout the United States. With HBO Max with Ads, you’ll be able to watch over 10,000 hours of your favorite shows. You may now stream SD-quality videos from Mexico and Canada with this plan.

You will also get unlimited messages from the United States to 37 other countries, as well as HD Voice and Wi-Fi Calling with a compatible phone. If you have a compatible phone, you’ll also get Cricket Call Defense. 

You can quickly block spam calls and choose which one you want to answer. When you switch, the plan is generally one of the finest Cricket deals.

iii) $100/mo for 4 lines at $25 per line/mo Unlimited

The package provides excellent value for your high-speed data needs. It includes limitless high-speed data with speeds restricted to 8Mbps. 

If the network is busy, Cricket may momentarily decrease data rates. In addition, the plan includes unlimited talk, text, and photo messaging throughout the United States. 

Within the United States, Mexico, and Canada, SD quality video streaming is also available. You may send unlimited SMS from the United States to 37 countries across the world. 

Interestingly, if you have a suitable phone, you will be able to use HD Voice and Wi-Fi Calling. With a compatible device, the plan also qualifies you for Cricket Call Defense.

iv) 4 lines for $110 per month ($28 per line per month) with 10 GB of data

The package includes high-speed data that you can use to connect to the internet. You get 10 GB of high-speed Internet, unlimited text and picture messages, and unlimited voice in the United States when you sign up for the plan. When you bring a compatible device, you will also get HD Voice and Wi-Fi Calling. When you choose a compatible phone, you’ll also get Cricket Call Defense.

v) 4 lines for $120 per month ($30 per line/month) with 2 GB of data

You will also get a high-speed data connection for your online activities with this package. The 2 GB of high-speed data will allow you to download stuff quickly from online sources. You can also instantly upload files to websites like YouTube, Google Drive, and Facebook.

The plan also includes unlimited talking, texting, and picture messaging. With a compatible phone, you will also get HD Voice and Wi-Fi Calling. With a compatible phone, you may also subscribe to Cricket Call Defense with this package.

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2) You have the option of transferring your phone number or getting a new one.

The final step is to switch your phone number over to Cricket Wireless. You can also choose to get a new phone number and get rid of your old ones. However, there are a lot of advantages to keeping your phone number.

For example, sending your phone number to all of your contacts and telling them that your phone number has changed will not be difficult. Second, those who aren’t aware of your new line won’t be able to find you offline. You will be able to keep your customers on the old line if you are a businessperson.

3) Turn on your service.

You can now activate the service after ordering your phone and selecting the appropriate plan. To be able to activate your new service, you must first purchase a plan.

4) Move Your Content to a New Phone

Transferring content to the new phone is the next step. Contacts, audio files, films, papers, and images are among them. 

If you have an Android phone, you can sign in with your Gmail account, and your contacts, photographs, and phone settings will all sync seamlessly.

To get your data on Apple devices, sign in to your iCloud account. You may link the two phones using Bluetooth or any other compatible app and transfer data, like music, videos, and documents, to the new phone.

5) Get the myCricket App

At this moment, everything is almost complete. You must now download the mycricket App to begin using the Cricket wireless services over the internet.

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Final Words

Many people assume Cricket’s pricing to be exorbitant because it is a part of AT&T, but as we can see from their plans, they are pretty reasonable.

Furthermore, many phones are compatible with Cricket wireless, so instead of acquiring a new phone, you may bring your own. If you want to join Cricket Wireless, you can do so by visiting a local store or going to their official website.

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