How to Make Playlists on TikTok? Detailed Guide

It’s crucial to understand how to make playlists on TikTok function if you enjoy posting videos on this social media site every day.

How can playlists be created on TikTok? For those of you who want your own TikTok playlist, here is a comprehensive guide. 

Tik Tok frequently updates its program with various amusing effects and practical functions because it has so many users. The Tik Tok app has introduced several helpful new features.

Procedure to Make Playlists on Tiktok

Users of the Tik Tok program can categorize their videos using the Playlist function. Additionally, it only takes three simple steps to create a playlist using the Tik Tok program. The amount of playlists that can be made using the Tik Tok app has no upper limit.

Step 1:

Get the most recent version of the Tik Tok app first. Simply launch the Tik Tok app on your device after the update has been successful and select the Profile option.

Step 2:

On Tik Tok, there are two ways to make a playlist of videos. Simply tap the “Sort videos into the playlist” function to get started. The settings menu is where you build a video playlist second.

Step 3:

Press the three-line icon in the top right corner of your Tik Tok account profile page, then tap the Creator Tools menu to access the settings menu and build a video playlist.

Step 4:

Locate and tap the Playlist function on the Creator Tools page. In the Tik Tok application, there are three steps to making a playlist or video playlist: naming the playlist, choosing videos to include, and rearranging the order of the videos. To make a video playlist in the Tik Tok app, tap the Start icon.

Step 5:

Create a name for your playlist in the first stage. In the area provided, enter the playlist’s name. When finished, hit Next. 

Step 6:

Put a checkbox on the videos you wish to include in the playlist as the next stage. Select anything you want, then hit the Next button.

Step 7:

Setting the video sequence is the third stage. The three-line icon on the right side of the video can be moved up or down in accordance with the order of the video by tapping and holding it. Tap the Create playlist button after that.

Step 8:

The playlist you just made will then show up on your Tik Tok account profile page. 

Step 9:

To view the playlist’s selection of videos, tap on it. To add a new playlist to your Tik Tok account, use the Add + symbol.

Procedure to Create a TikTok Playlist

Step 1: Choose A Video From Your TikTok Profile

The first video you’ll add to your playlist is the one you’ll start with. Don’t worry too much. You can start over with the order, or even better, just delete it.

Step 2: Create the Playlist

Once within the video, select “Add to Playlist” by tapping the Share button at the bottom of the screen. Click “Create a Playlist” as you haven’t yet done so.

Step 3: Follow the Steps to Finish

Follow the instructions after the playlist has been created, choose a name for it, and then start adding videos to it.


Q:- Could you upload a three-minute video to TikTok?

Ans:- Yes, you can upload a video that has already been edited to be three minutes long or you can choose the three-minute length limit above the Record button.

Q:- How do I create a musical and visual TikTok video?

Ans:- To upload photographs from your device’s storage, tap Post. The editing stage is when you may then add sound and other effects.

Q:- How can I get my captions to be read by an AI voice?

Ans:- The text-to-speech function on TikTok is simple to utilize. Simply input text, choose “Speech” from the menu, and then pick a voice.

Final Thoughts

You may now organize the videos in your Tik Tok account based on specific categories by using the playlist or playlist function. Besides that, you may enhance the number of people who watch your Tik Tok videos by making playlists with specific genres.

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