Remove Profile Picture on TikTok: How-to Guide

If you are wondering how to remove your profile picture on Tiktok, we have got you covered. You must carefully read this Remove Profile Picture on TikTok guide if you are new to the TikTok platform and want to learn how to Remove Profile Picture on TikTok. 

You should be aware that, like the TikTok username, there are no restrictions on how often you can alter your TikTok profile photo. After 30 days, the TikTok username cannot be changed.

You just need to follow the steps listed below if you’re interested in learning the exact procedure for removing a TikTok profile picture. Let’s get started right away and stop waiting.

Procedure to Remove Profile Picture On TikTok

While you may delete your profile photo on Facebook and Instagram, TikTok does not have this option. The only requirement for using TikTok is that you have a profile image. A profile picture is required, whether it’s a dark image or a sweet shot of your pooch.

It’s unfortunate if you are trying to delete your TikTok profile photo, but hold on. This article will show you how to delete your TikTok profile image.

Step 1:

In the bottom right corner, tap Profile.

Step 2:

Select Edit Profile.

Step 3:

Activate Change Photo.

Step 4:

Choose Upload Photo, save the TikTok profile picture that appears below, and then set it as your new PFP. Alternatively, you can decide to submit any random image you like.

Procedure to Change TikTok Profile Picture

Here is a detailed guide if you’re interested in learning how to modify your TikTok profile photo.

Step 1:

If you haven’t already, open the TikTok app on your device and log into your account first.

Step 2:

After signing in to your account, select the “Me” tab from the bottom toolbar on the right.

Step 3:

Simply tap on the image that currently serves as your profile photo to change it.

Step 4:

You must tap there and choose the “Change” option.

Step 5:

You now have a wide range of alternatives for your new photo.

Step 6:

Here, you have the option of choosing your new profile picture from the gallery or taking a brand-new one using the camera on your own smartphone.

Step 7:

Finally, you can crop the image if necessary or choose to disregard it. After that, hit “Save.”

You will be able to remove your TikTok profile photo if you proceed in this manner.

Why do Users Want to Delete their Profile Picture on TikTok?

You will now learn the reason behind why users choose to remove their TikTok profile pictures, so stop worrying.

1. To give a fresh appearance

Changing your TikTok profile photo will undoubtedly give your profile a fresh look. Additionally, it will draw in additional viewers.

2. To increase followers’ trust

If you don’t update your profile image, it makes your page look uninteresting and fosters mistrust among followers. So it will be a wise choice if you occasionally update your TikTok profile photo. These methods will lead to the development of trust as well.

3. To update your profile

Every other well-known TikToker should make it a practice to update their profile frequently. Changing the profile image is part of updating the profile.

Final Thoughts

We assume you people now know “How to Remove Profile Picture on TikTok”. A user can quickly delete their TikTok profile photo by simply following the above-mentioned methods.

If you believe there are any further methods to Remove Profile Picture on TikTok, please share them in the comments section. We’ll do our best to include it in the piece.

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