31 TikTok Video Ideas to Skyrocket Your Business

If you’re a small business owner and plan to build the business, then TikTok is the best platform for promoting the business. But you will not have a good idea about what video should be created to post in the TikTok platform, which is a rising one. 

31 Unique TikTok Video Ideas For 2022

TikTok Video Ideas

#1. Introduce Yourself

If you want to be famous on TikTok, then you need to introduce yourself to others on the platform. If you create the content, which will be a personal one, making the people make more people relate. In the introduction video, you need to introduce yourself, and you need to say a few about your business. You can add a few fun facts about you and how hard it has crossed to come to this level.

#2. Behind The Scenes

Make sure you shoot the behind the scenes of the workspace. Many customers love to see how the products are created. Make sure you make a video in the office, which is dedicated to the workspace. If you do some service-based business, then you can show a glimpse of the video to relate the customers. If you have a retail space and there is a kitchen table in your office make a video where people can relate the video. 

#3. One Day Tour

To make the engagement with the followers, you need to make a day with the business. You can show the entire day what you do throughout the day and make a glimpse of the video. This makes the followers engage more with the video and what a small business owner will be facing. You can do all the things like phone calls and designing a new product and how you will sketch it. This will make customers know about what it is with the small business people. They should use attractive captions with the hashtags related to the post. 

#4. TikTok Success Stories

Many brands have the best success stories on TikTok. You need to share the achievement that you have earned using TikTok. You should not be afraid of the big brands, choose them as a competitor, and start working on it. Create videos on the achievements and use the hashtags related to the videos. You can make on the topic of making the passion into the career by using the hashtags #learnfromme. #successstories 

#5. Introducing Team 

It is best to know about the team for the consumers as they love to see this type of video. You can make videos by introducing the team and how they help in the small business and can do videos how family members support to run the business. This makes the people know about the supporters behind the business and how they support you. Captions will be a most attractive one so add captions with attractive words and hashtags like  #squads #gang #meetmyteam #teamwork.

#6. Establishing The Business Name

Share the video about how you choose the brand name for the business and how you came across the name. Most of them will not know the meaning of the business. You can make a video explaining the business name and backbone of the business. You can add related hashtags to the videos. 

#7. User Interaction 

If you need to be an influencer marketer among social media, you need to participate and interact with the users and engage in the content. You can use the hashtag challenges, which will be more interactive. For instance, a restaurant that promotes the name of the brand and which shares the experience with the other users who visit the restaurant.  

#8. Creative Content

The important one is you need to create content that is a very creative and engaging one. The content doesn’t need a polished one, but the quality of the content should be up to the mark. The content should be a factor for driving the audience into the profile which should be an engaging one. 

#9. Hashtag challenges 

Hashtags have become the most important factor of community among TikTok. Most of the challenges are about the recreation of it. If you use the right hashtag challenge, then you can reach in the right way. Most of the users join the challenges as they find it interesting to do it. TikTok has proven as it is the best place for influencer marketing. 

#10. TikTok Advertisements 

TikTok has launched many types of ads on its TikTok platform. The few types of advertisements are:

Infeed Native Ads 

This type of ad is mostly similar to other social media platforms. In this type of ad, it supports website clicks and links for the app downloads. The video impact will be calculated by CTR, impressions, duration of the video, video interactions by calculating the shares, and commenting. 

Brand Takeover 

Brand Takeover takes the complete advertisement for the complete day. You can use images, videos, and GIF images that redirect to the landing page by using the hashtag challenges. BRand Takeover is the best advertisement type for hooking the attention of the user. 

Hashtag Challenges 

You need to create videos using the hashtag challenges and use the trending hashtags and hashtags, which are promoted to get more engagement. They have a package that will be around 3days to 6 days, which has guidelines that are creative. You can invite all the users to participate in the campaign and make the video as a viral one. 

Branded Lenses 

Snapchat 2D and 3D lenses are used faces and photos which are used for branded lenses. TikTok is the initiative that makes the videos more engaging. 

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#11. Inspirational

Inspirational videos are the most reached videos on TikTok. Share videos that have inspired more and small business owners how you reached the business and added the family and favorite celebrities videos. 

#12. Display The Products 

If you have a store and add to display the products in the store and make the store’s video. You need to make the video, which will be a satisfying one for the viewers if it is a baker or a clothing store, then the users get attracted easily. 

#13. Service-Based Business 

If you’re a service-based business, then you can request videos from the users about your service. The consumers can use the hashtags related to the service, which will help new customers to create a better reach. This will help in increasing the sale of the business. 

#14. Announcing a Sale 

Who doesn’t love discounts for buying the products? You need to make discounts in a limited time and sale on websites, and you can share it on TikTok. You need to provide a clear idea about how much they save on this sale. You can also share a referral code and ask the followers to share and give a special discount if someone refers and get the products. 

#15. Products Usage 

Suppose your products involve learning tips where you can provide video to understand the products. The video will be suitable for a small business, which helps the customers for better understanding, which helps the best experience. 

#16. Hurdle To Overcome 

The small business owner has to overcome the many hurdles as it will not be an easy one for them to build a business. Share with the followers how hard you have faced and how you overcome all these. 

#17. Analyze The Mistakes 

Usually, it is a common thing that people make mistakes by doing research and analyzing mistakes. TikTok videos will help a lot in making mistakes. You need to create videos that will be a personal one that relates to customers and your business. 

#18. Share What You Knew:

You need to create a video that is the high quality where small businesses can share it on social media platforms like TikTok. TikTok is the best place for small business people. 

#19. Share Promo Code 

Some say that by using TikTok they can’t increase the ROI. Most of the customers prefer online shopping so it is easy to increase sales using TikTok. It is easy for customers to do online shopping and order products. Make a discount for your followers and ask them to use a promo code to get discounts for their shopping. You can give special discounts to the new followers and ask them to use the promo code. 

#20. Learn About Photoshoot Tips 

To make the business more popular, you need to know about the photoshoot tips that need to be followed. Make professional photographs of your products or service you provide. You need to take photos which will be more attractive. 

#21. Shout- out

As a small business owner, it is essential to support other small business owners. Think about what if someone helps you grow your business, which means showing support to you. You can make a shout out with your favorite small business people and request other small business people post about the shout-out and give their support. 

#22. Work With Influencers 

It would help if you worked with influencers to reach the targeted audience. You need to choose the best influencer who will match your target audience and work with them to get more reach for your business. 

#23. Understanding The Platform 

You need to understand the platform better, and then only you can decide about the promotion using the platform. The application takes to For You Page, where you can see the trending videos and videos from the top creators. 

#24. Giveaway

Like other social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, you can start a giveaway on TikTok, increasing the number of participants and shooting up TikTok likes for the videos. 

#25. Spread Awareness About Small Business 

Create videos about supporting and share awareness about small businesses. You share the reasons for shopping with small business people. 

#26. Create Satisfying Videos 

All people love about seeing videos, which are more satisfying videos in their feed. For instance, if you own a hotel, you share the video, which will be the most satisfying dish and temp the users to share. 

#27. Business Tip

Most of the influencers share some life hacks, which makes the videos more engaging. You can share some business tips for making the videos more engaged. You can add tips for your business and create a tip for sharing the business tip. 

#28. Create Fun Content 

Create videos that will be more funny and creative. Creating content is the easy way and which is a more least expensive method to create the video. 

#29. Creating DIY Videos 

There are a huge number of DIY videos available on TikTok. You can create some DIY videos related to the business and share the videos on other social media platforms. You need to spare time in creating the DIY videos which make videos engaged with the followers. 

#30. Posting The Products 

You can post the products on TikTok and list them with the product’s details. Post-high-quality product photos.  You can’t post the images directly, you need to Copywrite for the images of your products and do a proper photoshoot for the products. You can make suspense in launching the new products. 

#31. Thank You To The Followers 

At the end of the video, it is best to thank the followers, customers, and the people supporting you for helping to reach the small business. 

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