How to Watch Apple TV on Roku in 2022 |

Just bought a new Roku TV and want to enjoy your Apple TV. Or just got your new Apple device and want to stream Apple TV on your Roku TV. But still confused about how to watch Apple TV on Roku, in both the situation you need to install Apple TV on your Roku TV.

Downloading and Installing apple tv on Roku is not rocket science neither it is so technical that you need an engineer or expert. Just keep reading this article and by the end, you will be able to download and install Apple TV on Roku.

But before you learn how to watch Apple TV on Roku let’s talk about Apple TV and Roku TV.

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Roku Device Compatibility with Apple TV

Apple TV app is available on App Store for Apple iOS and Apple tvOS in the USA since 2016. But for the non-Apple devices it was recently in September 2020 the Apple TV App has been introduced in their App Stores. Roku TV is amongst some of the Non-Apple devices that get access to Apple TV.

As the support has been extended to the Roku TV by Apple for its Apple TV App but to limited models only. So before you start downloading and installing Apple TV on your Roku TV, we suggest you should check your Roku TV model in the below list.

  • Roku TV(Models A000x, C000x, 6000x, 7000x, 8000x)
  • Roku Streaming Stick(Model 3600x, 3800x)
  • Roku Streaming Stick+(Model 3810x, 3811x)
  • Roku HD(Model 3932x)
  • Roku Ultra(Model 4640x, 4660x, 4661x, 4670x, 4800x)
  • Roku Ultra LT(Model 4662x)
  • onn.™ • Roku Smart Soundbar (Model 9100x)
  • Roku Premiere(Model 3920x, 4620x)
  • Roku Premiere+(Model 3921x, 4630x)
  • Roku Express(Model 3900x, 3930x)
  • Roku Express+(Model 3910x, 3931x)
  • Roku Streambar™(Model 9102x)
  • Roku 2(Model 4205x, 4210x)
  • Roku 3(Model 4200x, 4230x)
  • Roku Smart Soundbar (Model 9101x)

Now that your Roku TV Model is on the list you can move on to our next Section with us.

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How to watch Apple TV on Roku

To be able to watch your favorite Apple TV movies, or Shows on Roku you need to first complete the below 2 tasks.

  1. Download and Install Apple TV on Roku TV
  2. Sign in to Your Apple TV on Roku TV

#1 Download and Install Apple TV on Roku TV

Download and installing Apple TV on your Roku TV is simple and easy. Just follow the below instructions and your Apple TV will be installed and added to your Roku TV Apps.

  1. Go to your Roku Home screen using your Remote’s Home button.
  2. Click on Streaming Channels on the Left Side Bar from your Roku’s Home Screen
  3. From the next Menu go to Search Channels.
  4. A new Search Box will appear with a typing pad. Start entering the Apple TV.
  5. As you keep typing you will be getting auto-suggestion on the right side of the Search Panel.
  6. From the right Panel Clicks on Apple TV to launch the Apple TV App Installation window.
  7. From the Apple TV App Installation window clicks on Add Channel. It will take few seconds for the 100% installation of Apple TV on Roku TV.

That’s how you can easily install Apple TV on Roku TV within few seconds. Now let’s check out how you can sign in to your Apple TV on Roku TV.

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#2 Sign in to Your Apple TV on Roku TV

To start watching or live streaming your Apple TV you need to first sign in to your Apple TV App. You can either sign in to Apple TV with your current Apple ID, if you don’t have one you can create it from Now that you have your Apple ID with you follow the below instructions.

  1. To sign in to your Apple TV App, go to your Roku Home Screen again using Remote.
  2. Click on any Channel Icon from the right panel of the Roku Home Screen to launch the complete list of all the installed Channels.
  3. By default, all the new channels will be added at the end of the screen, use the Up key to go to the end of the Channel list.
  4. Now from the end select Apple TV App icon to launch the Apple TV App window. Click on Go to channel to launch the Apple TV on Roku.
  5. The Apple TV Channel will be loaded onto your Roku TV.
  6. You will receive a welcome message from Apple TV, clicks on the Start Watching button available on the screen.
  7. On the next window, select Don’t Send. And you will now inside your Apple TV Channel.
  8. Once inside the Apple TV Channel go to Settings from the Apple TV Channel’s Main Menu.
  9. From settings go to Accounts and then to Sign in.
  10. For Signing In you have been asked for two options.
  • Sign-in On Mobile Device
  • Sign in On this TV

Select Sign-in On this TV and provide your Apple ID using Roku Remote. And you are all set to watch Apple TV on your Roku TV.

Now, that you have already downloaded installed, and signed into your Apple TV. It’s time to check out how to watch Apple TV on Roku.

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Watch your favorite Apple TV’s Movies, TV Shows on Roku TV

  1. To watch or stream your favorite Apple TV’s Movies, TV Shows launch your Apple TV from the Roku Home screen (as stated above).
  2. From the Home Screen, you can go to Main Menu to access five major categories i.e, Watch Now, Movies, TV Shows, Kids, Library.
  3. Click on any category to watch the relevant program on Apple TV.
  4. If you want to watch a specific movie or TV Show, you can use the Search Button from the main menu. Just click on search and type in your movie, or show title and hit enter.
  5. You can also access all your owned or purchased content by going to Library from the main menu anytime. If asked, you need to provide your Apple ID here.
  6. From the search results, you can also Buy or Rent content on your Apple TV.
  7. To play any of your content or free content Click on the Video Card of the Movies, or TV Shows and hit Play Button.

See, it is very simple to watch Apple TV on Roku. You just need to keep following the Instructions.


Thanks for being with since here, hope by now you have the answer for how to watch apple tv on Roku? And now will be easily downloaded, install and enjoy your Apple TV on your Roku.

In this article, we have included all the instructions you need to download and install the Apple TV on Roku. Further, we have also added a section for all the instructions to sign in to your Apple TV app on your Roku TV. Finally ended with the section on how to watch your favorite Apple TV’s Movies, TV Shows on Roku TV.

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