How To Watch Zee5 In USA?

How many of you have occurred with this error “Unfortunately, Zee5 is unavailable in the USA” while you try to watch Zee5 from the USA? I am pretty much sure all of you got the same error whenever you try right? So in this article, I am going to share the way to watch Zee5 in the USA.

So the question is how millions of people from the USA can stream Zee5 Show? So here comes the VPN.

As we all know Indian television industry has gone one level in recent years. All Indians OTT platforms dominate the world through their varieties of content. If you stay outside India or planning to shift there and you love to watch your favorite serials movies and all that.

What Is VPN and How It Works?

VPN Stands for (Virtual Private Network). By using a VPN you can get access to zee5 in the USA. So if you want to watch Zee5 In the USA then the first step is to buy a VPN.

Without a VPN it’s not possible to access. When you install the VPN by taking a subscription it asks which country you want to connect to so simply select the country where Zee5 is accessible.

Any Good VPN Change your IP address from local to the selected country and with the help of this, you can easily enjoy your favorite shows on Zee5 in the USA.

Below I will tell you the process of how to get all this stuff done.

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How To Watch Zee5 In Any Device In The USA?

  • First of all, take the subscription of any VPN. There are some Famous VPN available like ExpressVPN, Nord VPN IP Vanish, and many others.
  • Install the official app of the VPN into your device
  • Login with the Email ID & Password.
  • Install the Zee5 app on the same device.
  • Now go to the VPN which you downloaded and connect with the Indian server or any server where zee5 is accessible and connect.
  • Once you are done with all the above steps you can enjoy your favorite shows on Zee5.

How To Watch Zee5 On Firestick?

If you are from the countries where zee5 works without any restrictions. Then follow the simple steps to watch Zee5 on Firestick.

  1. First of all turn on Your Firestick
  2. Go to the Amazon App store and find the application Zee5 by typing from the remote.
  3. Once you get the right one, simply install it on your device and follow the instructions.
  4. When the download and installation are complete open the ZEE5
  5. Now you need to log in with your Facebook or Gmail id.
  6. When all the given above steps are done you come to the main screen where you can find your favorite shows or serials and enjoy them. Then you can subscribe the plan you want.

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How To Watch Zee5 On Firestick On The Location Zee5 Restricted?

So the above process is the only one for them, Zee5 is available on their location but as I said above that only in 190 countries you can get access to Zee5.

So our below process is for them or I say where Zee5 is completely not accessible. Follow the steps and enjoy.

  • First of all, you need a VPN. I mentioned some famous and great VPNs above.
  • Subscribe to the VPN and login with the credential
  • Now connect with the Asian server.
  • Turn on the Firestick
  • Find the app Zee5 on the amazon app store and install the app.
  • Signup with the Gmail id or Facebook id to get all access.
  • Now you can enjoy all the features which are given in Zee5.

I know about reading this article with some questions popping in your mind so for that I have added some FAQs, which will help you to answer basic queries.

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Is Zee5 Available in the USA?

Answer – No, Zee is not accessible in the USA but I have the alternate option to get access in the USA. You can find the solution above.

Can I Get Zee5 For Free?

Answer – Yes, you can watch Zee5 content for free but if you are not in a locality where its service is restricted then you can use VPN.

Can I use Firestick on Smart TV?

Answer – If you have a smart tv you can use Firestick and can get access to Zee5.

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Zee5 is a great app. You can install this in Firestick by following the steps. As I said, you can’t get Zee5 access all around the globe. Zee5 is restricted to only 190 countries and along with that, it provides you an option to choose language according to your need.

It has 5 different language options where you can choose from.

But in case your location Zee5 is not accessible, then you can give a try to our second method. I hope you like the article. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this you can leave me a comment below.

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