Why Investing in Dynamics 365 Training is Essential for Business Success

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365

The demand for remote and hybrid working opportunities has been increasing during the last couple of years. Even though companies have provided these opportunities to satisfy their employees, there have been some obstacles to fully transitioning to an online platform without facing any difficulties and bottlenecks. 

To solve this issue, companies decided to integrate the usage of numerous applications which operated fully online and did not require the employees to take their electronic devices outside of the office. This caused an increase in numerous types of applications such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 – with this application, company employees are able to better manage their customers and provide them with the best support from anywhere in the world. 

Using this application has allowed companies to better operate on a remote basis by allowing them to get access to their work by only signing into their Microsoft accounts. Additionally, the tool combines enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) functionalities, which has enhanced the workflow of the overall business.

However, to start using Microsoft Dynamics, companies are required to transfer all their data onto the new platform in order to get the best out of their experience from the tool. This transition can be a complex process, making it risky to complete by inexperienced people. 

Thus, contacting Dynamics 365 consultants from EPC Group who have experience in transferring data and setting up Dynamics 365 accounts is suggested to avoid the risks and obstacles. Hence, using Dynamics 365 is recommended to increase the effectiveness and workflow of both on-site and remote employees. 

What should businesses consider when investing in Dynamics 365?

What should businesses consider when investing in Dynamics 365?

Before purchasing a subscription plan for Microsoft Dynamics 365, companies should consider doing prior research to understand whether the offerings of the tool can be beneficial for the company. 

For instance, looking through the subscription plans will allow businesses to understand whether the costs of using the tool will be reduced in comparison with the company’s traditional method.

On the other hand, some companies use internal software and tools which go into the daily operations of the business. So, it is best to understand whether all of these tools will be compatible with Microsoft Dynamics 365. If not, using the application might not be as beneficial as managers perceived and thus, avoiding its usage might be suggested. 

Nevertheless, the application provides numerous positive impacts for companies. Here are some of the well-known advantages of using the tool.

Positive Impacts of Using Microsoft Dynamics 365 on Business Success:

1- Improved employee productivity and workflow

By using Microsoft Dynamics 365, company executives have been able to understand that the productivity of their employees and workflow has increased. The reason for this increase is linked to Microsoft Dynamics 365’s user-friendliness

In addition to its user-friendliness, using the tool has made it available for employees to work remotely, which has had a positive correlation with the increase in productivity due to the change in the employees’ environment. 

2- Access to different Microsoft Dynamics applications

Dynamics 365 is a Microsoft product – meaning that the tool provides compatibility to work with other Microsoft products such as Teams, Sharepoint, Word, etc. 

By having access to all these applications, employees are able to get all the data they need from different sources easily and quickly. 

Why Investing in Dynamics 365 Training is Essential for Business Success

3- Better customer support

As the tool is designed to provide better customer relationship management (CRM) features and functionalities, companies have been able to provide better support for their customers and make them satisfied with their services. 

The reason for this is that the tool allows employees to create centralized customer data that every employee has access to, making providing customer support services easier and quicker. 

4- Automatic business growth rates and analytics

On the other hand, the tool also provides companies with business growth and analytics when data is uploaded onto the tool, providing businesses with accurate calculations to derive conclusions and make business decisions that are based on accurate and up-to-date data.

5- Reduced costs

Many companies already have subscriptions to Microsoft products, and adding the Dynamics 365 application onto the subscription plan has proven to reduce some of the additional costs that businesses had to invest if they had chosen to subscribe to other customer relationship management and enterprise resource planning services. 

In other words, adding Microsoft Dynamics 365 to an already existing subscription plan allows companies to reduce costs and achieve better results. 

6- Transparent and standard workflow

Since Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers a user-friendly platform for employees, some of the received feedback from users has been that the platform has provided them with a transparent and standard workflow process. To further illustrate, employees do not need to learn the basics of the tool as it is similar to other Microsoft products that they already use – making it transparent and standard.  


To conclude, a change of environment is essential for employees nowadays, and using tools and applications – such as Dynamics 365 and other Microsoft products – which make hybrid work easier should be implemented to achieve business success. 

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