Mute a Youtube Video on iPhone: How to

Finding and playing videos on your iPhone is simple by using the YouTube app. But if you are sick of hearing audio play as you scroll through your feeds, you might be wondering how to mute a YouTube video on iPhone as you browse.

You can browse and view videos that surface on your Home screen or in your subscription feed in addition to those that you specifically search for or access from a link on your device.

However, you might have noticed that these films occasionally start playing audio, which is sometimes undesired behavior.

Thankfully, the app has a number of settings that you may modify, including how these videos play.

You can follow the instructions in our guide below to modify a setting that makes the videos in your feeds muted as you scroll.

Procedure to Mute a Youtube Video on iPhone

There are a few options if you wish to mute the audio while watching a YouTube video.

Step 1:

Find the YouTube video you want to mute by opening the app. To view it on full screen, simply tap on it.

Step 2:

Check to see if the video’s audio is muted first. Tap on the speaker icon at the bottom of the screen to do this. 

Step 3:

This will display all of the video’s audio material as well as any available subtitles. The audio will be greyed out and hidden in this list if it is muted.

Step 4:

Then, locate and hit the “Mute” button (it looks like a microphone). This will turn off all of the video’s audio.

Step 5:

You can follow the same steps but tap on the areas of the video you just want to mute the audio for instead.


Q:- How can silence the audio on my iPhone’s video?

Ans:- It’s simple to mute a YouTube video on an iPhone. Simply launch the video, tap on the speaker symbol in the lower-left corner of the screen, and select Mute from the drop-down option that displays.

Q:- On a YouTube video, is the audio muted?

Ans:- On an iPhone, muting a YouTube video is simple. Tap the speaker icon next to the video and choose Mute to silence the audio.

Final Words

The videos you select to play won’t be muted by this setting. This setting just prevents the audio from playing when some of the videos in your feeds begin playing automatically while you explore.

The process for how to mute a Youtube Video on iPhone is complete. After reading this article, maybe you will be how to mute a Youtube Video on iPhone.

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