Roku Audio Out of Sync: How to Fix it?

So, you are searching for the details of how to fix Roku Audio Out of Sync. Stay with this article till the end.

Roku is one of the best streaming devices available today out of all the options. With the channels available on Roku, the possibilities for entertainment are endless. 

Furthermore, this device features a very basic and user-friendly interface that allows anyone to operate it without difficulty. 

Although not a typical event, sometimes the Roku device may not meet your expectations. Roku, for example, frequently experiences audio delays. 

If you have encountered this audio delay issue on Roku, you will find helpful troubleshooting tips in this area. So let’s start in the same place.

Procedure to Fix Roku Audio Out Of Sync

The audio delay on Roku can potentially be attributed to out-of-synch audio on your device. You will be able to resolve the audio delay issue if you follow all of the troubleshooting procedures below:-

Power Cycle

Rebooting or restarting your Roku device is referred to as a power cycle.

Step 1:

Remove your Roku device’s power connection from the wall outlet.

Step 2:

Wait a few moments before connecting the Roku device to the power source.

Step 3:

Connect your Roku device to the power with the power cable after waiting the required amount of time.

Step 4:

Your Roku device will now reset, and you will notice that the delay issue has been rectified.

Change Audio Settings

If you believe that rebooting your device did not resolve the audio delay issue, you should alter your Roku Audio Settings.

Step 1:

From the Roku home screen, go to the Settings menu.

Step 2:

Select the Audio option from the Settings menu.

Step 3:

The next step is to switch your device’s audio mode to stereo.

Step 4:

Change the HDMI mode to PCM Stereo as well.

Check the Connections

Changing the Audio Mode usually solves the problem. If that does not work on your Roku device, you should verify your internet connection. 

As you may be aware, a poor internet connection can degrade the quality of your device’s streaming. As a result, it can cause an audio problem.

Step 1:

If you have a wired internet connection, make sure your Ethernet cable is not broken and is correctly connected to both the router and your television.

Step 2:

Next, look to see whether your Power Cable is damaged or loose.

Step 3:

Also, if you have an HDMI cable connected to your TV, check it.

Volume Mode on Roku Remote

With the use of a Roku remote, you can enable and off the Volume Mode. Many Roku customers have claimed that this function has solved their audio latency problem. So, let’s use the same approach.

Step 1:

Press the Star or Asterisk button on your Roku control.

Step 2:

Scroll down to the Volume Mode option on the menu.

Step 3:

Then, by scrolling right, turn it off.

Audio Leveling

Another audio modification you can make on your Roku device with the use of its remote is Audio Leveling.

Step 1:

First, you need to press the Star or Asterisk button on your remote while your TV is playing something.

Step 2:

After that, this brings up the Volume Settings menu, where you must choose the Audio Levelling option.

Step 3:

If you see that the Audio Leveling option is on, you must disable it.

Step 4:

You can now notice that the audio and video are once again in sync.


Most troubles on your Roku device will be resolved when you clear the cache, much like on your smartphone or computer. The same may be said for the audio delay problem.

Step 1:

On a Roku device, go to the Main Menu and select the Home tab.

Step 2:

Press the Home Button five times more.

Step 3:

Press the Up Button after that.

Step 4:

After then, press the Rewind and Fast Forward buttons twice each.

Step 5:

The cache is now cleared in 15 to 30 minutes by the device.

Step 6:

Finally, your smartphone will reboot.

Video Refresh Properties

It’s possible that the audio is out of sync due to your video. The audio delays on your device, for example, could be caused by continual buffering. So, let’s get this video problem fixed.

Step 1:

Five times on your Roku remote, press the Home button.

Step 2:

Three times press the Reverse button and twice press the Fast Forward button.

Step 3:

From the menu that displays on your screen, choose Manual Selection.

Step 4:

Select lower pricing from the options and verify that your problem has been resolved.

Step 5:

If this does not resolve the problem, continue the process at a slower pace until the problem is resolved.

Reset the Roku Device

If none of the previous troubleshooting procedures work, your Roku device must be reset. When you reset your smartphone, you will lose all of your data and saved settings.

Step 1:

On your Roku remote, press the Home button, then select Settings from the menu.

Step 2:

Select the System option next, followed by Advanced System Settings.

Step 3:

Select Factory Reset, followed by Factory Reset Everything.

Step 4:

Complete the Roku device reset by following the directions on your screen.


Q:- Is it possible for my Roku TV to play audio over the HDMI port?

Ans:- All Roku TV models have HDMI ARC connectors, allowing audio to be sent simultaneously with visuals.

Q:- Is it possible to connect a Roku TV to a Bluetooth speaker?

Ans:- Bluetooth is available on Roku TV, but it can only be used with Roku TV Wireless speakers and Roku Smart Soundbar.

Q:- Is there a Roku membership plan?

Ans:- After you purchase a Roku device, you can utilize the service for free. However, you will have to pay to subscribe to third-party channels such as Netflix and Prime Video.

Final Thought

Roku has a terrific variety of devices aimed at people searching for a low-cost, high-quality media streaming solution.

With the exception of a few noticeable faults, such as this audio desync issue, it is a safe purchase for those interested in incorporating a smart home experience into their lives.

Fortunately, Roku developers are continuously listening and responding fast to problems. This, paired with a little troubleshooting on our end, results in a fantastic overall experience.

We hope that my troubleshooting article on how to fix Roku Audio Out Of Sync was informative and that it helped you solve the problem.

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