Top 5 Scanning Apps for Android

In this digitized era, we need to give or submit scanned documents at every place. Sometimes, it’s very urgent to submit scanned documents and then we start looking for a scanner or stationery shop to do it for us. But now, we don’t need to look for a scanner anymore because our smartphones are capable of scanning any documents.

The cameras of smartphones are powerful enough to scan any document and convert it into Pdf file or any other files. Less than 5 mins and you can scan any documents with clarity and in the size that you want.

I personally scan my own important documents through my mobile phone because it’s faster than a desktop scanner so why should I go to the market and spend money on this scanning process.

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If you want to know about those applications with the help you can also scan documents through your smartphone then read all the further points.

Top 5 scanning Apps for Android

If you are an android user then ready to know about the scanning apps for your smartphones or if you are ios users then read for the knowledge and spread it with your Android user’s friends.

Google Drive

We all know that google drive is used for saving our files like images, videos, and other documents and sending files to others but very few people know that google drive also helps us scan the documents.

Yes, you read correctly, google drive has a feature to scan any documents. It’s good for users because they don’t have to install any other app to scan their documents. Just open your google drive and you will see a + sign at the bottom of the right corner.

Click that + sign and a pop-up screen opens there where you will see many options with a “scan” option. You get many more features there like ‘crop the image’ and ‘change the color or quality of the image’.

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Features of Google Drive’s scanner

  • Easy to use features
  • Don’t need to install other apps and face a low memory issue
  • Getting many features and customizing according to your requirements.
  • Save your documents directly in google drive.

Adobe scan

Many of us have heard about this adobe scanner app. Because it’s very popular on Android phones. It’s a very useful and feature-loaded app because you can scan any notes, documents, and images.

Loaded with features, it’s also very simple and easy to use. You can scan multiple pages and convert them into one file. Also, make a pdf file and send it directly into the adobe scanner. The quality of files and images are rich because there is OCR inbuilt in this app, you can use your file many times.

If there are any strains on your documents and notes then don’t worry because this app is capable of scanning documents and making documents neat and clean.

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Features of adobe scan

  • OCR features are built-in so you can reuse your content.
  • Scan multiple pages at the same time and make one file.
  • It allows removing creases from the documents

Abby fine scanner

This app is a little more advanced as compared to the two above-mentioned apps. Abby fine scanner provides 12 formats to make any file. The best part is it can scan text in 193 languages.

OCR is in-build so don’t worry about the quality. The other feature is you can add text to your scan documents. After scanning you can share the file via email and also save it in a cloud locker.

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Features of Abby fine scanner

  • It supports 12 format
  • Scans the text in 193 language
  • Saves your file in a cloud locker.


It is a very popular app and I think most Android users use this app to scan documents, images, notes, forms, and ID cards. In this one, you can remove or add texts from the images.

The best part is you can add two different files and combine them into one. And obviously, you get other common features like other apps. CamScanner allows you to send your files via email and also save it in cloud storage. It does not only support android devices but ios users also.

Features of Camscanner

  • Top-rated application
  • You can merge two files
  • Extract the text from images.

Genius Scan

Last but not the least, in my list, Genius Scan holds 5th position but it doesn’t mean that there is a lack of features. Genius Scan has many different features such as the support of different page layouts. A3, A4, A5, and legal paper or visiting card layout.

These features make this app different from all others. It can also support backups and restoration of data. You can use this app for multiple scans as well. After the scan, you can share your file with others and save it into cloud storage easily.

Features of genius scan

  • It supports different page layouts.
  • Also support backups and restore data features.
  • Provide multiple scans.

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We all need to accept that those apps and our smartphones make the way of scanning documents easier for us. Because earlier, we had to go to the market and find a shop then wait for the turn and also spend so much money on it.

I have personally been there when I finished college because I had started preparing for competitive exams. Therefore, every other day, I had to fill the exam forms and submit my documents. I used to go to shops and spend money on scanning documents but when I learned about these apps, I started scanning my documents from my smartphones and saved my money and time.

So, these apps are very useful, helpful, and time-saving apps.

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