Why do Copywriters need to Use AI Paraphrase Generator?

Copywriters have a tough job attracting an audience that is unlikely to be interested in their brand. They have to write compelling copies that attract such people and interest them enough that they convert to leads.

It’s pretty hard to do, but if you have tight deadlines and quotas to meet, a little help can help. AI paraphrase generators can provide this crucial assistance to copywriters. Here’s how paraphrase tool can help copywriters and that should also explain why writers need to use an AI paraphrase generator.

1. AI Paraphrasing is Time Saving

We mentioned how tight deadlines and quotas are a source of stress for copywriters. Today, digital marketing is a deadly industry full of competition. Those who cannot keep up are eliminated and their business suffers.

This is why copywriters are under a lot of stress and anxiety when they have to come up with good marketing copy at an unrealistic speed. Some of them may be paying a lot for their efforts, but that doesn’t mean they feel any less stressed.

An AI paraphrase generator can help copywriters save time by helping them paraphrase their drafts quickly and efficiently. If you know anything about copywriting, then you know it involves editing the copy multiple times until it is finally good enough.

This is a mentally taxing and time-consuming task that is sped up by leaps and bounds with the help of a paraphraser. The paraphrase generator only takes a moment to format and paraphrase the content.

Use AI Paraphrase Generator

A few seconds versus a few minutes makes a huge difference and can save writers a lot of time.

2. Spices Up the Writing Style (new words, better phrases)

What is a copywriter’s job? It is to write interesting copies that generate interest and engagement in the audience. That is done via two things:

  • Visual design
  • Spicy language

Now visual design is something that a graphic designer has to come up with. But interesting language is the copywriter’s job. Figuring out what kind of vocabulary to use is not always easy. It depends on a writer’s mental state.

A Paraphraser can help you to rephrase sentences, improving the vocabulary used in the text. They can replace words and phrases with interesting synonyms to improve the text. Some AI paraphrases even have the ability to change voice and delivery, improving the flow of content.

Use AI Paraphrase Generator

Writers can improve the wording of their articles and make them more intriguing and engaging by using the paraphrasers’ capability.

3. Makes Your Write-up Easy to Understand

A good copy is easy to read. Why is that? Because it is targeting a large audience that contains people who have different literacy levels. Some people might be learned enough that they can understand difficult prose without issues, but many aren’t. If a copywriter’s marketing copy is not easy to understand, it effectively excludes demographics with lower literacy rates.

Unfortunately, it is not easy for any writer to deliberately tone down their writing style. They can achieve that instead by using an AI paraphrase generator.

Most paraphrasers available online have some feature that allows you to improve the readability of a given text.

Use AI Paraphrase Generator

So, copywriters can use this rewording tool to ensure that their copy reaches a wide audience.

4. AI Paraphrasers can Help with A/B Testing

A/B testing is a common phenomenon in marketing. Basically, in A/B testing, marketers create different versions of their marketing copies and test them to see which one performs better. Usually, this kind of testing is done through multiple platforms. A digital marketer may use one copy on their blog, but another copy on their newsletter. Another thing they will do is to use one type of copy in say the EU region while the US gets a different version.

The idea is to check which copy performs better and that’s the one they use for further advertisement. I am sure you have guessed how a paraphraser comes into the equation. A paraphrasing tool can create multiple copies of a marketing copy that can be used for…you guessed it A/B testing.

5. Paraphrasers can Help with Writer’s Block

Copywriters have to churn out tons of copies each time a new marketing campaign starts. Over time this can become mentally and intellectually draining thereby resulting in writer’s block.

Long-time copywriters may find themselves in a situation where they are unable to come up with new and exciting copies. Of course, that is bad for them, as they might be out of a job if they can get out of their slump in time.

One of the most efficient and quickest ways of dealing with writer’s block is to use paraphrasing. Paraphrasing tools can fill the gaps where your own mind is failing. For example, let’s say you cannot come up with a good slogan.

Then just run the unsatisfactory slogans through a paraphraser and check the results. More often than not, you will find an output that is either really good on its own or nudges you in the right direction.

If you are facing problems even coming up with sub-par stuff, then using a paraphrasing tool along with a text/idea generator can help. There is a lot of technology available nowadays that aids all sorts of writers. So, use them to your advantage.


Copywriting is more important today than ever because so much business is done online to stay relevant in the face of fierce competition, copywriters need all the assistance they can get. In this article, you saw how using AI-powered tools such as a paraphraser can help copywriters stay in the game and keep on top of their work.

AI paraphrasing tools can help with that as we have seen in the article. We used a sample text from a text generator to show how the paraphrase generator modifies the text to make it better. Hopefully, you are now more inclined to use AI tools to help and improve your own write-ups.