View Someone’s Deleted Instagram Posts: How to

There are several ways to view someone’s deleted Instagram posts. You can find someone’s old and deleted posts via the Google cache data area since cache data stores both deleted and old stuff.

However, you can only stalk a user to view their post without following their account if their profile is public. When the profile is private, however, you cannot do the same. 

To access the user’s postings, you must first follow the private account. You won’t be a follower of the profile and be able to read the user’s posts until the other person accepts your follow request.

The Instagram application’s archive section also houses other people’s previous and archived postings. 

The older posts you have preserved can be found in the archive part of your profile, which is only accessible by you. You may learn how to view someone’s deleted Instagram posts in this article.

Procedure to View Someone’s Deleted Instagram Posts

The techniques listed below can be used to view other people’s deleted Instagram posts:

From Google Cache

The Google cache contains a person’s deleted Instagram post. All of a user’s old and deleted Instagram posts can be found in the Google cache. You will see the post and the image when it displays them to you.

You can Google a person’s earlier or older photos or posts if they have erased them from Instagram. You see results from Google Cache that allow you to view previous posts. 

If any user’s older postings are cached, you must manually search for their profile on Google to find them.

You can locate posts from the cache (if available) that are much older and sometimes even deleted from the account by scrolling down a little more in the Image results area of Google.

You can manually search for the user or manually search for the profile by copying and pasting the link to the user’s profile into the search box. 

You can view the deleted images you’re looking for when you search in Google, in addition to any user’s previous Instagram posts.

You can view long-lost or deleted photos of any user because Google cache keeps all of the outdated images and data. The information you need to follow is in the stages below:

Step 1:

Open Google and type the username of the Instagram account whose deleted post you’re looking for in the first step.

Step 2:

Another option is to copy and paste the profile URL from the Instagram profile page into the search field.

Step 3:

Find the user by using the search feature.

Step 4:

Click the Image row on the result page to go to the image section.

Step 5:

The deleted Instagram posts of any user can be found by scrolling down.

View Old Posts from Profile Tab

From their profile’s Post page, you can view an individual’s older posts. You must access someone’s profile and select the “Post” option found next to the DP on the profile page in order to view their prior postings.

You must first search for the profile by selecting the search icon from the Instagram app’s bottom panel in order to see any user’s posts and images. You must select the profile whose Instagram post you wish to see from the search results by clicking on it.

You will see three alternatives at the top of that user’s profile page as you scroll down. Post, Followers, and Following are those. The Post option must be selected in order to descend to the Posts section.

To locate the post you’re searching for, you must scroll down the posts one by one. The user’s most recent posts would show up at the top of the posting page, and you could scroll down to see their older posts.

For Public Profile

Instagram profiles with public accounts allow everyone to read their postings. Simply perform a search for the profile, then once you’re on the profile page, scroll down to the Posts area to see every post the user has ever made. To read an Instagram user’s postings, you don’t have to follow them; their account is set to public. Instead, you can visit the profile and view the images and videos that the individual has submitted, even if you aren’t following that person. Instagram would not reveal your name if you followed a profile.

For Private Profile

The posts of private profiles cannot be viewed. If a user chooses to keep their Instagram account private by turning on private mode, only their followers can see their profile.

You won’t be able to read an Instagram user’s older posts if you don’t follow them and their profile is private. 

The user must first receive the “Follow” request from you. As soon as the user accepts your follow request, you can do so and have access to that user’s Instagram posts.

You are only permitted to see a user’s postings if you follow their private account. However, you won’t be able to stalk the user’s account to see the postings if you don’t follow the account.

Instagram Archive on App

You can access old and archived posts on Instagram by visiting the archive section of your profile. The Archive area houses all of the posts that you have archived. The images or videos you’ve decided to keep hidden in the archive area are your “archived posts.”

Any user’s followers cannot see their archived postings. You can gather your past posts in the completely private archive portion of the Instagram app. 

Your archived posts are hidden from your followers. The old posts you’ve archived can be found in the archive section, which is only accessible to you.

The Instagram app’s archive area includes all of the earlier stories and posts organized by dates. To see every archived post, scroll down in the archive area. Below are the steps to do in order to continue:

Step 1:

Open the Instagram app.

Step 2:

Click on the icon for your profile photo on the lower right of the main page.

Step 3:

You must then select the three horizontal lines symbol located in the top right corner of the profile page.

Step 4:

You must select Archive from the list of prompting alternatives.

Step 5:

It will direct you to the archive section, where you can find the posts organized by the dates they were first published.

Using FastSave application

The procedures to access deleted Instagram posts from other users using the Fastsave app are as follows:

Step 1:

Start using the FastSave program you obtained from the Google Play Store.

Step 2:

Slide the toggle to allow the FastSave service to automatically download the Instagram posts you desire.

Step 3:

Open the Instagram app, then choose the post you wish to see despite the fact that it was later deleted.

Step 4:

In the area above the post, click the three dots.

Step 5:

Please click the Copy link or Copy link option to download the post so you may access it whenever you want.

Step 6:

If yes, launch the FastSave program.

Step 7:

When you copy a post link, FastSave will instantly recognize it and begin the download process.

Other user posts in the form of deletable videos are now saved in the smartphone gallery so that friends can watch them whenever they like.

Final Thought

This article outlined every method that might be used to view someone’s deleted Instagram post. To view the images from the Images results section, check them out in the Google cache. Additionally, you may see all of his prior posts, to view the oldest ones, go down to the Posts section.

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