5 Tips To Take Your Web Design From Good To Great

A website is undoubtedly one of the most crucial parts of a business’s online strategy. It is not only the centerpiece of its online presence, but it is also the gateway that allows the customers to interact with the brand in question. A business cannot afford to do poorly when it comes to its website, or its game will be over pretty soon. And one crucial element for a website performing well is in line with its expectation or possibly even better is how it is designed. Yes, it is essential that one design an SEO friendly website to stay competitive in the current market.

But there is a difference between a website that does a good enough job and a website design that slaughters its competition. It is this difference that makes a website that goes from good to great. Now, how can one do that? Here are some tips to achieve greatness in web design.

1. Start with a plan

It is very critical that one has a plan in place regarding how they are going to approach their website creation or redevelopment. Sure, it is possible for one to make some changes in the middle of the operation, but it would be very helpful if one has a proper plan in place.

One should start by mapping out how a visitor interacts with the website and look at the pages they navigate and the content they are more focused on. Now a single element might not seem that much beneficial to you, but once you start combing all of them, you will get a better understanding of how you take advantage of your website. Remember, it is the customer that needs to be convinced by the site, not you.

2. Remove distractions and reduce friction.

It might be tempting for a website administration to add as many elements as possible to make the design more engaging. And while it is not a wrong approach to take, this would make the website more cluttered and full of distractions, making it impossible for the visitor to seamlessly navigate the portal. Make the website free of any unnecessary and complicated animation, stocky website images, and unneeded content.

Your audience would have a span of eight seconds (on average) as soon as the website load. In these eight seconds, you not only have to attract with the web design but also deliver meaningful information that would encourage them to stick to the site longer. Putting unnecessary content and animation would be counterproductive to your objective.

3. Add testimonials to the website.

58 percent of the users are more likely to invest in the site and the products or services they offer if they find genuine testimonials on the website. Now, this does not mean that you just have to add a testimonial section on the website however you like and then forget about it. It also has to be visually attractive as well; otherwise, the visitors would simply skim past it.

One trick you can apply here is opting for video testimonials from your genuine customers. Yes, it might be difficult and would take some effort, but they can take your web design from good to great, and quite easily at that.

4. Call to action on the site.

There is nothing a website visitor loves more than the seamless nature of the website and how easy it is for them to connect with the support team. This is why it is pretty standard nowadays for websites to have call-to-action icons on their portal. Whether it is a simple connect icon that immediately sends an inquiry to the support team or a submission form that makes one’s life easier, Call to action system has become quite a crucial part of web design.

5. Mobile Optimization

Lastly, we have mobile optimization. It goes without saying that businesses that target average customers must have their website mobile optimized. After all, it is the smaller and handheld smart devices that attract the most views, and they will continue to do so for many years. So, in the last tip, we would advise you to opt for a responsive design that allows the website to adjust for the device used by the visitor.

Website design is something that decides how successfully your business can generate revenues in the digital market. Now, you can use the above-mentioned tips and take your website design from good to great.

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