10 Best Blogging Apps Every Blogger Must Know (Android/iOS)

Every day is a new challenge for a blogger as he has to come up with a unique and creative idea to do the blogging for his brand or business. The next important factor is to decide on the best blogging apps for Android/iOS. Considering different blogging apps is a must for every blogger to come up with innovative ideas and content. After going through various surveys, we have listed some of the best apps for bloggers in 2023. But before understanding the workings of these blogging apps, it is essential to have a clear idea of what role blogging has to play in the lives of bloggers. Let’s get started with some basics!

Future of Content Blogging

Creating quality content is the need of the hour. As a result of information overload, the present-day trend is selectiveness in the consumption of online content by the reader. The content necessarily needs to be captivating, enchanting, and engrossing.

Role of Blogging in the Rise of Content Marketing

Content Marketing, being a strategic tool for educating and ultimately promoting sales, is an ‘in’ thing for prospective customers, who harp on it, but, the content needs to be progressive. Blogging has considerable potential as inbound marketing and dissemination of information on the web.

Challenges to Content Blogging

Alternatively, Vlogging is also catching up with viewers and consumers, as a preferred means of acquiring information and to some extent knowledge. Scientifically too, our brains are more adaptive to images rather than words as a means of understanding and acquiring knowledge. People prefer to watch videos rather than the content due to the comparative ease factor. Secondly, podcasts also pose a challenge to blogging owing to its operational ease, as one can multitask simultaneously.

Therefore, the need of the hour is to adopt the enhancement factors of incorporating videos and podcasting the content.

But, it does not mean that Blogging days are over. Content Blogging is here to stay as it provides a wide range of written pieces of a present that would turn into a historical document tomorrow, as it is authentic. It is the significance of content.

Quality Content shall prevail.

Presently, with the dynamic growth of online content consumption, there has been an unprecedented enhancement in online search for quality content. Now, average content does not possess longevity in its presence, but comprehensive, informative, authentic, and exciting content is the need of every business.

The quality content needs to be genuine, cut above the rest, and unique to attain entirety and acceptance. The need is to engage in adopting and implementing the latest trends and techniques continuously.

What is the scope of blogging? 

There is a massive scope for original and authentic online content blogging for various service providers. Thus, the need for the best blogging apps for Android/iOS is also rising. They are on the lookout for content writers possessing passion and a niche in their approach.

The blogs that are high ranking in the content have all the possibility of being portrayed at leading service providers such as Google, Yahoo, etc. The need is to focus on relevant and engaging topics to achieve a niche in one’s approach to blogging.

There is a rising trend of developing the content by big companies through robots that have Artificial Intelligence. But, these machines have limitations when compared to the human brain and soul. Therefore, you can conclude that Content Blogging has a kind present and bright future if pursued by adopting upmarket techniques and the latest trends.

How to strategize blogging? 

Like all business and life principles, blogging also needs to be strategized to be beneficial before embarking upon it.


The foremost requirement is that of budget, which does not necessarily mean monetary conditions but also time constraints.

  • Set Goals

The objective of one’s efforts is paramount in achieving the desired outcome. Therefore, defining and setting up goals is essential. It is not only the goals of the blogger but also the goals of the prospective customer need to be taken into account.

  • Solutions to Problems

The primary and ultimate purpose of one’s blogging must be problem-solving or providing reasonable solutions to challenges posed by the prospective audience. The content needs to provide solutions to problems posed with insights.

  • Clarity in Content

The next significant aspect of blogging must be clarity in the purpose of its usefulness to the audience. Once you identify the mistakes, develop the content in such a manner that it communicates the crux of the matter effectively backed by a clear brand message.

  • Clarity of Tone

As far as Vlogs are concerned, a particular tone of voice needs to be adopted and followed for more authenticity and acceptance by the prospective channels and audience to win over their trust, which shall also be a value-added factor.

  • Follow Up

 And finally, you need a way to measure all that success you’re going to see so you can identify any mistakes and make improvements.

Global Statistics of Blogging in 2023

Are you aware of the fact that the blogging industry will witness a spike of over 31.7 million active bloggers in 2023? The number is quite surprising. Isn’t it? You would also find it interesting that the number of blogs on the internet all across the globe is crossing 600 million. 

As per the top marketers, a significant proportion of their profits and revenue generation comes from content marketing. More than 60 percent of buyers say that they prefer going through blogs before making any purchase. Also, how can we forget the shifting paradigm of blogging towards social media platforms? More than 95 percent of bloggers prefer promoting their content via social media applications.

Best Apps for Bloggers 2023


Buffer is a free blogging platform by Google, which is available for both Android and iOS. From beginners to expert bloggers, it is a great tool and is among the top 10 Android Apps in the market. The app helps a blogger or a digital marketer in performing different functions conveniently. It is helpful in scheduling blog posts and viewing analytical reports of the websites. Some other benefits of the Buffer App are:

  • Target marketing testing
  • Offers a high level of flexibility in blogging-related activities
  • Comes with a clean, simple, and user-friendly layout
  • Helps in integrating blog feeds


Got a thought? Jot it down in the Evernote App. If you’re looking for the best blogging apps for Android/iOS, then Evernote App is perfect for you. Over the years, this app has become the choice of many expert bloggers for managing their content. This app allows bloggers to collect and maintain their thoughts in this app with a hassle-free and straightforward user interface.

  • Users can keep the private with a secured password on the Evernote App
  • Evernote App helps in drafting notes in different formats like image files, documents, text, etc.
  • Offers syncing over different devices 


It’s FREE! Human psychology says FREE captures humans faster than anything. It has become one of the top reasons why the Google Analytics App is the best app for bloggers in 2023. Bloggers only need a Gmail account to access the Google Analytics App. It saves your time and money by eliminating the hustle of purchasing or subscribing. Other possible benefits of the Google Analytics App are:

  • Real-time data collection
  • Helps in tracking search ranking
  • Helps in keyword research


Pocket is a popular productivity app that lets bloggers save blogs, videos, web pages, and other information they find useful so they can read later. You don’t need the internet every time to access this app. It works offline, as well. It comes fourth in the list of top 10 Android apps for bloggers.

  • Helps in downloading a simple version of any blog or online to access later
  • Comes with a listening feature
  • Offline reading 

#5. THE GOOGLE HANGOUTS APP (Android, iOS, Windows Phone)

Bloggers and other marketers can use the Google Hangouts App to keep in touch with their seniors or juniors. During times of global pandemic situations like COVID-19, the Google Hangouts App helps in carrying out video or voice calls. The app is among the best blogging apps for Android/iOS. Discussions related to blogging and other strategies take place on Google Hangouts App.  


MobileVOIP is a free app for Android and iPhone users. It helps the users in making cheap calls which lets them make (free) national or international mobile VOIP calls. You can easily download this app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store. It is known among the best apps for bloggers in 2023 due to its interface and versatility. As per the survey, bloggers and marketers use this app to enhance productivity and accessibility.


Readily available for both Android and iOS operating systems, the HubSpot sales app is becoming a choice for several top marketers, especially in the sphere of the e-commerce industry. It helps marketers and businesses in building and automate sales in less time. Paperless sales have become more accessible and productive with the help of the HubSpot Sales App. This app comes in the list of top 10 Android apps.


Pinterest App is a widely popular app in the world of bloggers and app developers. Bloggers can quickly discover, search, and save large pins from across the web. Pinterest is one of the best apps for bloggers in 2023 as it inspires them to collect and protect pin ideas for writing blogs and content generation. It also helps bloggers in promoting blog posts, exclusive offers related to products, and much more.   


AWeber app is among the best blogging apps for Android/iOS. It helps bloggers in checking the outcomes of the auto-responder sequences and broadcasts. Bloggers and marketers like this app as it allows you to analyze the number of subscribers arriving on the website instantly. The website statistics and other analytics are easily accessed by the users to help the site and the brand grow and keep going.


WordPress App is one of the best apps for bloggers in 2023. Since its inception in the year 2013, the app has been a content management software in the world of skilled bloggers. The functionalities and operations of this app are easily accessible by beginners and non-tech-savvy marketers. The best thing about using this tool or software is that it doesn’t require HTML coding for creating blog posts and uploading documents. Some of the benefits of WordPress app are:

  • Available for Android and iOS
  • Easy accessibility
  • Helps in search engine optimization

Cost to develop Android App

An app entrepreneur or marketer needs to consider a high number of factors such as the app’s user interface, design, screen density, target audience, etc. The cost to develop an Android app stands between $1,000 and $4,000. Developing a native app costs around $8,000 to $50,000. Experts in this field suggest that developers should decide on the budgeting of Android apps carefully and effectively. The cost to create a game app costs between $10,000 and $250,000.

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Choosing the best apps for bloggers in 2023 is a daunting task for every blogger and marketer. The best way to choose the best blogging apps for Android/iOS is to understand and review the requirements of your business. Did we miss out on any other crucial blogging app? Tell us here.

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