What is Guest Blogging and How it Improves SEO

Guest blogging or guest posting is quite common these days and is a practice of contributing a post to another person’s blog site. It is the most popular way of growing a relationship with similar kinds of communities and building backlinks for better SEO.

Guest blogging is also great to establish yourself as an authority figure within your niche. On the other hand, bloggers are interested in publishing unique and fresh content on their blog sites which they can use to attract new users as well as share with their current audience.

How Guest Blogging Improves SEO?

There are many ancillary benefits to becoming a guest blogger, but for Search Engine Optimisation there are some very important benefits that make guest blogging one of the best methods of backlinking. I being a search engine optimization services provider do myself a lot of guest blogging and have benefitted from it.

Build Quality Backlinks to Your Website

The most important effect guest blogging will have on SEO is through your website’s link profile. Backlinks are one of the most prominent ranking factors in SEO and help bring in a lot of quality traffic to your website. You do not have to buy website traffic as you get to backlink your post on any blog.

The visitors to the original blog are most likely to visit your site. However, this works great when published on a great blog site having a tremendous flow of visitors. Publish a well-written blog post that encourages the users to engage with the brand on well-known blogger sites and start driving target visitors for your blog or business.

Get Quality Traffic

Ideally, the backlink will be placed within the body of the article, relevant to the surrounding context and supporting the article. Guest posts commonly have a paragraph that speaks about the guest blogger’s background and/or your company. Typically the author includes a link here explaining their background commonly known as Author’s Bio.

That is good, but you should ask the website or blog owner for a link to be placed in the body of the article as well, particularly if it serves value to the post, the reader, and makes sense in content. A link in the body is important as it creates a more natural link for the readers, your website, and supports your post. It is not only better for SEO, but is more likely to be clicked by the readers.

Get Reviewed by Readers

The guest posts published on other sites are read by serious readers and they tend to share their reviews about the post. With this, the blogger or business owner can understand what people think about their post or business and what readers want to get from your post.

It offers different reviews about the same post and you get genuine reviews. Whether the reviews are positive or negative, they help you improve the quality of the posts. Furthermore, both positive as well as negative comments motivate you and encourage you for more work to publish quality posts.

Improves the Domain Authority

It is a metric developed by Moz. The high domain authority of your site, the more you are likely to earn a higher search engine ranking and receive more and better web traffic.  Guest blogging helps you precisely do that, an increasing number of visitors read your blog post, it builds a brand for the domain.

Build a Search Engine Ranking Authority

By building a brand for the domain name, guest blogging contributes to building search engine authority. Guest blogging helps improve SEO as long as the website where the guest post is shared has high traffic and domain authority and the links being included in the content are of quality as well. As we know from the above, guest blogging improves SEO here are few strategies for its success.

Strategies for Guest Blogging Success

Post on High Quality and Relevant Websites

You should always post the content to websites that are high quality, experts in your industry, and relevant to the typical readers of your content. When referring to the quality website, I mean the sites that have high domain authority. You can search the sites on google using this keyword, write for us + “your keyword”

These are the types of websites you would like to guest blog with, but it depends on the industry when it comes to specific websites.

Link with Value in Mind

When you are writing a guest post include valuable resource and reference links throughout the post to give readers further insights on a topic. However, when it comes to linking to your website only do so when it is natural and as a part of your bio as a guest blogger. Try to work with a free guest posting site, not for paid sites. Paid links may harm your ranking.

Mix using anchor rich links with regular links to your website and be mindful not to link back too much to your own website. Three to five links to your website is an effective way to drive value from those links without coming across as spam to search engines.

Build Engaging Long-Term Relationships

Becoming a part of the guest blogging community is a great way to establish yourself as a credible guest blogger in your niche. There are several communities that you can join to meet other bloggers, discover quality guest blogging opportunities, and learn from others in the industry.

To build long-term relationships try publishing consistently on a few of the same websites in your industry instead of creating many guest posts on different websites. This helps increase your visibility as an expert and retain the SEO value of your guest posts.

Respond to comments on your articles, share content across your social media channels, and react to feedback to your content in real-time to build a relationship with your readers and editors.

There is one more thing that you should never forget, attach a relevant image to your guest posts. Images are great for visualizing your posts and making them more memorable and they also help you get a backlink.

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