10 Best Clock Widgets for Android in 2022

Clock Widgets are very popular nowadays, the technology is continuously working for a better user experience. Are you also searching for a Clock Widget for your Android? In this article, we discuss the 10 best clock widgets in 2022 for Android. As clock widgets are one of the popular Widgets for Android. So, these Widgets make your Smartphone cooler and more attractive. Also, if you are getting bored by your old Clock Widget then, it will surely help you to give a fantastic and appropriate look to your device.

These clock widgets are designed, in such a way that they will give a smart look to your android and satisfy your requirements with all your needs like time, calendar, alarm, and weather forecasts too. We will discuss here the apps which have digital and analog clock widgets.

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Top 10 Clock Widgets for Android In 2022 To make your Smartphone smarter

Look at this latest list of top 10 Clock Widgets for Android Which will fulfill your requirement and Give a Unique look to your smartphone.

#1. Chronus

It is an excellent widget for android. It includes a clock, time panel, alarm, email notifications, to-do-list, events, notifications, and many more. Thus, an effective Widget that has all necessary functions. You can also customize it according to your choice. You can also upgrade it to premium but I think its free version has almost all your necessary stuff. You can download it from the google play store, it has a good rating on it.

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#2. Digital Clock Widget Xperia

This app is just wonderful, its appearance, functions, and all its components give your phone a cool look like Sony Xperia phones. If you love Sony Xperia Phones but don’t have them then this app will convert your phone’s appearance like it. Also, it contains very good widgets like a Digital clock, weather, and many more. It provides you the option to customize it, you can also resize it according to your choice. Its premium version is also available in which you got some additional features like custom fonts, adjusting transparency levels, and many more. The only bug is in it that it contains ads but you can easily remove it by upgrading it to the premium version.

#3. Retro Clock Widget

If you love classical themes and Widgets then it’s just for you. It is designed specially to give a classical look to your home screen. It has classical mechanical-based flipping clock Widgets which make your phone a different one from others. It has over five widgets from which you can choose, whenever you tap on any widgets like time or calendar it opens the default system app, which’s also a good point for it. So, try this now if you want this type of look on your phone.

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#4. Sense Flip Clock and Weather

As its name says, it gives you a flip-style clock and weather forecast to your screen. It has some limited functions but it gives you more way for customization that comes in the form of widget skin. It provides you three widget styles to choose from according to your choice and also it sets according to your screen size grid. The only good things are it gives you a flip-style moving for widgets and modification to the appearance of the widget.

#5. Analog Clock Widget

It is developed by Snapdragon which is a very famous and trusted company. Analog Clock Widget is a highly customizable app, it is simple, unique, and easy to use. It gives your home screen a personalized clock that gives a very attractive look. It is free from ads that a very good feature as nowadays most of the app contains ads. It has more than five clock face designs in a variety of colors.

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#6. Digi Clock Widget

It is a great app if you are looking for a digital clock widget app. It shows you notifications about the local weather forecasts, SMS, Gmail, missed calls, and many more. It allows you to change the custom fonts for the widget and provides a very attractive look to your home screen. So, if you want just the same kind of app then go for it. You can easily download it from the Google Play store.

#7. UCCW

It is also a wonderful clock widget that works for you, actually, it’s a custom widget maker. It allows you to design a widget that you want to display on your home screen. It’s a learning element also so you have to understand it before using this. You can download it from Google Play Store and try this. It has also two versions one is free and the other is paid. First, you try the free version and if you like it then go for the premium version.

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#8. Beautiful Widgets Pro

If you have a budget and looking for a great app for your widgets then go for it. It has premium levels that allow you customization and modification according to your choice. It brings you a lot of themes that enable your screen to display a great look. It has a complete clock widget that provides you information about Time, date, alarm, and many more.

#9. 3D Clock Widget

It is one of the simplest yet elegant customizable clock widgets for Android. It has a very attractive look because of its silver style that makes it look classic. It was specially developed to track time and it provides for different sizes-small, medium, large, and huge. You can use size according to your home screen. Users can also choose the transparency level and color of this clock widget. You can also enable or disable the second hand of the clock.

#10. ASUS Digital Clock and Widget

It is also regarded as a great Clock Widget for android in 2021. It provides you over six different widgets for setting up on your home screen. It is able to work on both smartphones and tablets. It consists of an analog clock, digital clock, sun/moon, Time roller, and many more. And the clock widgets preview date, time, alarm status, and location information. So, it’s also a good app you should try this. But it doesn’t allow you to customize the widgets.

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So, these are the 10 best clock widgets for android in 2021. From this above–mentioned app, you can choose which is the best suitable for you. Clock widgets help you to decorate your home screen with an attractive clock. With the clock widget you don’t get only a clock on your screen you had also information about weather, notifications, and many more. So, choose the best Clock widget according to your requirements.

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