Top 20 Best Online Dating Apps for 2019

An online dating application is an online dating service in the mobile phone application.  The dating apps can simplify the process of finding the potential romantic dating partners through by chatting, meeting.

Advantages of using dating apps than the dating site are more reliable in speed; it tends to show mutual friends, new features for introverts. Here are the top 20 best dating apps for 2019 are listed below.

20 Best Dating Apps For 2019

1. Tinder

Tinder Dating App

Download: Android, iOS

The Most Popular dating app is obviously on the first choice among on the list of Best Dating apps.  If the match is an inclusive welcoming all corner of people in the earth. The app is the nightclub crazy down the street and is the loudest primarily for a bit of quick fun. The function of Swipe left/ Right in profile is immediate and intuitive.

Special Features

  • Endless Possibilities
  • Free Basic Plan
  • Comparatively Speaking
  • Setting up the profile is pretty painless

Tinder becomes a benchmark for almost all modern dating apps for IOS and Android in 2019. This app offers an exceptional proposition selling. Often regarded some feature serious relationship with the Stunning mutual consent.  Initial messaging is more challenging need to search through a set of profiles.

As successful is at forming long-distance relationships into successful marriages. The hookup game is the form of tinder to change dating. The App no longer requires to access by Facebook account, approved at age of 18 and to set up a concise of bio in 500 characters and six images to be uploaded. The above pieces of information allow making decisions quickly.

Discovery Settings allows the user to find desired and a set of preferences regarding who you see. The app shows you a photo, age, and name, the photo is additional information to see regarding the person and corresponding friends you share. The option of “Super Likes” is precious to show them as you really like them. No one can message you unless you expressed interest towards them.


OKCUPID Dating apps

Download: Android, iOS

OkCupid is the most popular dating app; it boasts 40 million people. It uses a method of more traditional dating site as asking a bunch of questions and by the answers based find matches on similar interests.

Special Features

  • Most of the Dating features can be used for free.
  • User-Friendly interaction
  • Robust Profiles.
  • There is an Inclusive Identification option for gender and other orientations.
  • A Great Alternative to swipe.

Modern dating app feature like Swiping away profiles by filtering need and don’t want. Need to Subscribes and pay for a plan to make it unlock from good features. The app is supportable on both the Google play store and IOS application. There is some ambiguous rule on strict things. It’s a good happy and medium between other apps. It allows messaging another member easily and lets to do a lot for free.

3. Coffee Meets Bagel

Coffee Meets Bagel

Download: Android, iOS

Coffee meets bagel is the most popular in dating apps.  Every day on a particular time, the user will get a curated list of the match in their area. Matches are given in a private room chat to know each other better it will expire after eight days from the date of the message.

Give the lowdown on interests by linking up to Facebook. It suggests ice breakers for initial message and viewable of the profile can be more in-depth. The app works on User-friendly interface with large photos and clean text.

Speed the Things in-app by using GIVE and TAKE option; it cost you to like someone who catchy for an eye. The infrequency and slow pace actually connecting with someone make it too easy to be in the app super-passive. The app will be available on Android application Smartphone and IOS store.

4. Hinge

Hinge - Best hing dating app

Download: Android, iOS

The app focuses on common similarities with the matches and shares on Facebook. Some of the users are trying to meet new people far from daily lives. It lets the user customize the profile to add three bits of keys about bio, by adding the real bio it creates additional attraction.

The app comes along with the pressure of coming across as fun, effortlessly debonair. It is Available in both IOS and Android application Play store to download in mobile. It relates more to your Facebook friends to find a match. It connects through friends-of-friends and viewable to the common friends.


Raya Dating app

Download: Android, iOS

Raya is different from the dating app. The dating network in the app will specifically for the members-only site caters in creative industries. The app is not common for all. To join in a Raya have to be prepared for little leg work. The app is available only on the iTunes application. The application of the app can be completed by a referral from a current member in the network.

A certain algorithm will be valued before being evaluated the profile. Raya doesn’t accept the application suddenly it takes several weeks or months. But once it gets approved have to pay for the membership monthly. It’s a user interface to find a match by the like-minded people.

The well designed and pretty straight forward is the special feature in the app. The user has to fill their application by themselves and for checking there is one for networking and another one for dating. When the User profile is active they can review the curate dating Special Feature specs closely or access the social media by the shown different hotspots and hanging out with the other members.

The Application process is the strict code of conduct and is so rigorous. But the feature of the app gives the suggestion of matches in the way it tends to be more respectful for others. Because everyone in the app will most investigate before and they only get approved.

The App invested everyone strictly in the overall and the members in the app are more likely to meet other members in person with respectful. Over seems Raya like a good app to the people who are serious to finding like-minded friends or partners.

6. Match

Match Dating app

Download: Android, iOS

The dating app is one of the Longest running digital dating services, founded in 1993. The Concept for electric classifieds used in this app to provide advertising systems. It was profiled in 1995 in Wired Magazine. In 1999 was purchased by IAC and still it operating under the name of Ticket Master.

In February 2010 Singles net has acquired’s collective portfolio of international and domestic online dating brands. In March 2010, application announced on a mobile application is available on all android phone and major Smartphone platforms. And it becomes an exclusive provider on Yahoo by the formation of a “ on Yahoo”. CEO was Greg Blatt was made by the parent company IAC. February 2011 the dating app acquire dating site as OkCupid with a non-subscription Based site.          In October 2012 Yagan was named as CEO of In July 2015, acquires a free dating site as Plenty of Fish.

Special Features

  • Intuitive Interface
  • Excellent filtering tool
  • Robust Profiles, supports on both iTunes app and an android app. profile asks for money in the setup if try and go back rather than subscribe, causes of losing money and hard work to fill the details. The app claims its site to more dates, relationship, and marriages than other apps. Millions of users and the member, the base should be mean for there is someone for everyone.

Easy-to-use interface interacts and viewing profile in the easiest way and rich profiles with the sum of duration remain the best result, the dating app suggests the match for a user as by the correspondence of details specified in the profile that makes it clear why it’s one of the best dating apps for 2019. The dating app is the service to try when looking for long-term relationship.


Bumble- Dating app

Download: Android, iOS

Bumble is a safe and respectful of everyone and happy bubble of dating. The app uses with a modern language to puts all the power in woman’s hands; no one can contact her without her interest.

Bumble Offers a new way to find new friends and linked in the section for Professional pieces of information. It’s one of the best dating apps for 2019 that try to shake the things up to find the match by common manner. It’s available on the Google Play store and iTunes store to download.

Bumble Breaks down the Dating rule of unspoken rules and where the wait to be approached. It’s basically for the woman and with a special feature of the timer. The timer option is the appreciated feature to encourage contacts.

A brief about profile and settings are pared down. A slick user interface and easy setup of the app checks the boxes for usability. The app specially designed with a ballsy move that states plainly and prohibits pornographic material for every user to respect each other.

8. Quiz date Live

Quiz Date Live

Download: Android, iOS

Popular and common dating apps generally find the matches by the given interested details by the user. But this Quiz date live is different to try, the app gives themselves a dodge from the competition.

The format of the app is simple, the dater taker part in the live stream on the session of question and answer. The user may take questions by introducing themselves.  The next night the game gets begin to answer the series of multiple choice questions. The app is supportable only for the iTunes store.

The user will move to the second round only if they get right on the answer for the last session set of questions. The feature dater will be asked a three set of questions to the contestants, based on their answers they will select for the final choices of three chances to impress their Special Featurespective.

They have to impress their Special Featurespective by the live video or their best option to impress their best. They may dance, and express their other talents to impress. All the feature dater apps currently open the option to straight women to choose the spot.


HAPPN Dating app

Download: Android, iOS

This dating app finds a match with the people who are nearby physically and the app is also known as a local dating app. If any crossed paths with another user, it will show up at the top of the page and reminds many times. It Ensures meet people with similar interests or living nearby.

Happn offers a unique experience of dating literally to meet someone in an Organic manner. It is helpful for looking to meet your neighbors. The app is available in the iTunes and Google play store.

10. Plenty of Fish

Plenty Of Fish Dating App

Download: Android, iOS

On the list of dating app, plenty of fish is the best among the other apps. It allows joining in free membership plan for the specified duration. The app certainly hitting 90 million users in 2017 May. It finds the matches quicker and at the first 24 hours, it gives 2.7 times more likely matches. A selling point in itself is the sort of massive.

The POF is the lite version when comparing other dating apps. The Spark system in the app allows the user to send a quote of their loved profile; making icebreakers are much easier to contact others.

Other than the dating apps, POF tests chemistry of user’s likes and dislikes. And it quizzes about needs and rejections from a relationship. The app doesn’t charge for the searches, message or browses to find their matches. The app is available on both IOS phone application and Android phone application. The ideal app to download.

11. The League

The league dating app

Download: Android, iOS

The Perfecting dating app to bills itself as a dating service. For the ambitious and well-educated crowd requires applying to get access. Need to provide a LinkedIn account to access. Long waiting lists tend to have in big cities.

Twiddling the thumbs is the feature to goes through the process. League uses the linked in Facebook account to verify the given information. It makes sure of person do not see your account. The app will verify the eligibility of the applied user and results as by the criteria of accepted, rejected and waitlisted. Waitlisted take several months to get selected upon the list and become a full-fledged member. The membership leads free up to some duration of time. If the time span gets finished have to pay a particular amount for every month.

As a paid member, the user will receive seven Special Featurespects each day during a particular time. React for the Special Featurespects by tapping the like button if the user like the Special Featurespects, else rejecting the Special Featurespects by clicking the X cross button.  If the Like buttons tap to match with another member, is valid up to 21 days to connect each other.

If it continuously fails to connect or fail to reply, the user will be deemed as “flaky” by the App. The league dating app is an elite dating app, it doesn’t suit for all. The app is available on the both IOS phone application and Android application mobile.  It accepts the user like to be in the quality of career should be in strong potential and Well educated background.

12. Clover Dating App

Clover dating app

Download: Android, iOS

Clover is an upcoming dating app with more traditional ways. It offers the ability to find events, and join mixers, to set updates with the people to search for you and hopefully it works out. Setting Profile to just view for friends instead of dating is the benefit of the app. The benefit feature gives the platonic relationship to main a good standard.

Special Features

  • On-demand Date feature
  • A compatibility percentage
  • Swipe or Browse option to find the match
  • Reach out to someone with haven’t matched

The clover dating app is a cool option to go especially who like to go back and outside between swiping and browsing, and set up dates quicker and easier.

13. Zoosk

Zoosk- Dating apps

Download: Android, iOS

The romantic social network that accesses by the linked Facebook account. The large numbers of the user are actively available in the app. Zoosk app is a basic, Surface-deep dating app to provide information about surface-level to browse. The app used to prompt the user to add more information in the profile and asks for confirmation.  

The search function is easy to understand and quicker results.  Discarding the unlike profile by scroll past posts. The priority of the profile will depend on the pictures rather than scrolling, to click the read option to see substantial information about the match. It’s effective to search the match function and results quicker.

There is a benefit of expressing the interest on another user as by tapping the smiley face button it indicates the friendship interest and by tapping the heart button it indicates the more than friendship interest towards the other match profile.

Zoosk uses “Behavioral Matchmaking” algorithm to looking for a match. The app is an interface and it’s not as user-friendly as when compared with other apps. The main thing in the app is the user profile is to be surface deep to browse potential matches in too many ways. Daily mail and message recommendations are trying to keep focused on other profiles.

It allows the user to create a profile by free membership and the app is available only in the android application mobile. The app uses the old-school media style for their service that helps a prime candidate create and share their romantic journeys. A mass of membership peoples in the app enjoying the service each month.

14. Meet Me

Meetme dating app

Download: Android, iOS

Meet Me is also one more location-based dating app. The colorful interface and user-friendly features are easy to use the app. The app is available in the Android mobile application to download.

The app boasts over a million download and uses in a different platform. It helps to find nearby people who are actively live to meet. The intention of the app is to meet people in the area.

People can become friends easily with enough sparks. If the Sparks get more than their range the people will become just more than friends. But the user should be aware of the fake profile in the account.

15. Eharmony


Download: Android, iOS

Eharmony is another dating app for matchmaking relationship lasts long years towards marriage. The app is available on both iTunes and Android store; the website is also available on the web internet.  The app is the first service in the dating industry to use a scientific approach towards the matchmaking.

Special Features

  • Especially for singles love
  • Traditional internet dating
  • Allows a group of compatible matches.

Specifically compatible is applicable with the very few and it’s difficult to determine. The app offers the plan to choose by the user as per their requirement. The Model of compatibility questions to fill in the base key to get quality connections through the app.

16. Elite Singles

Elite Singles: Dating app

Download: Android, iOS

Elite singles are one of the Leading global dating sites that genuinely suits partner based on lifestyle and dating preferences. Here are the best dating apps for 2019 Singles.

Elite Singles, Silver Singles, eDarling are the types of the Single Dating apps. It constantly fine-tunes for matchmaking algorithm to result in preferences given only the most relevant and active singles in line. The right place to download the app is on both the Google play store and iTunes.

Elite Singles is designed to found the online formula for working professional to operate for their real relationships. The site matches the singles by their personality based. The app is specially designed for those people who stand in their own way.

17. Silver Singles

Silver Singles Dating apps

Download: Android, iOS

All of the members take a personality test that gives better points to know them by their compatibility. Space for ambitious people to connect by the like-minded singles with genuine to meet someone in the way of old fashioned.

Color code in the personality test of this app is a very intelligent idea to matchmaking service. The app supports on the Google play store to download. This senior dating app provides privacy and safety for the member to report any suspicious member to support their staff.

18. eDarling

EDarling dating app

Download: Android, iOS

The app is a Guardian to ensure to found people with interesting, like-minded people looking for a long-term commitment.  The admin of the app introduces 3-7 compatible people based on registered preferences.

The app supports both android base Google play store and iTunes store. The service was started by Berlin in Germany since 2008. In France and Germany, the Edarling services seem to be most popular.

19. Taste Buds

Taste Buds- dating app

Download: Android, iOS

Taste buds app is about matching the users with the like-minded music taste.  The app matches with people to share their like music to others and by using this way a user may discover new music.

The options in the app are to find the matches by searching a similar artist. The app usage is free and the app is available only on the IOS store and website is hosting on the WebPages. The app connects the people by the nearby user and most common user in the app to meet new people. The offline facility in the app offers to connect members through music meet-ups, festivals, and gigs.

20. The Grade

The Grade - dating app

The app works off a similar to the secret ranking system. The ELO scores in the app are more transparent, the feature keeps the quality of the user to attain an F rating. The user will high by booting anyone in the F rating list. It acts as a female-friendly dating app.

The app is owned by Publicly Traded Snap Interactive. F rating of the user will be attained by absolute creep or match with the people.  And the user never talks to the match in a great way to make the profile in high quality.

The app is available on the IOS and android play store to download and the usage term is free. The high quality of the user will swiping through the profiles and won’t get mess around the number of people. Boosting the user to A+ rating refers to the good boost to the ego.

The quality profile by their review generated from the users by “A+” and” F” rank. “D” and “F” ranking profile in the app will get a warning to improve its quality of profile. The concept of Grade in the app is bringing counts to dating.

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