The Best Twitter Marketing Tactics In 2023 For Your Start-Up

What’s the best way to consider your business as a smart business? The answer is obviously the brand promoting or advertising. Do you know that every big business company invests their money to advertise their products? Well, if you don’t know then this is very true and this process is now considered as a process of the smart business plan.

As this is an era of technology and internet, now it’s very easy to promote your brand worldwide or targeted place within a very short time. Social media marketing is one of the best ways to do so and Twitter is one of them.  You can get the market by promoting your products and services. Let people know about your company.

As a part of branding your business company, you can choose Twitter. According to Wikipedia, there are around 335 million active Twitter users in the world. We know that most of the reputed person use Twitter. So, it will be the best place for you to advertise your brand. Before marketing over Twitter you have to approach with some tactics as the market is very competitive. Here are the best Twitter marketing tactics in 2019 for your start-up.

Can Twitter Marketing Boost Up Your Business Impression?

Yes, it can. If you approach with some tactics then you will reach your ultimate goal. In this competitive market, you have to earn people trust and brand your business. All you have to do is that you have to earn people trust in marketing. You will be able to do so by proper approaching through Twitter marketing tactics.

By analyzing the marketplace I have pointed out some ways to start tactical marketing over twitter. If you can earn user satisfaction and their trust then you will definitely be able to boost up your business.   

Tactics You should Know about Twitter Marketing

Here are the tactics that you can follow before marketing your business products and services. Have a look!

1. Creating Unique Content

Content is the best way to express easily to visitors about your products or services. You can describe everything by content. You should always keep in mind that your content must be attractive and informative.

  • Set a Unique Content Heading- Try to set a unique content heading while to update content. Your content can be an info-graph, an image or anything that can describe the whole thing. You should choose a unique heading for that. As a result of it, people will see that by their will with full attention.
  • Planned Content – Plan will always work if this can be made in a proper way for proper thing. Before publishing content, you have to be commercial and think about the market. Your plan will determine which content after which content will publish. Always try to do work after proper planning.

2. Positive Overview on Press

Press overview can promote your brand positively. It can be a great opportunity to express your company as a brand.

  • Events Promoting- Event promoting on press can brand your services or products. Different events will bear a different meaning. You can give offers and coupons to your customers. After creating an event you can post them on Twitter.
  • Press Release- Press release can be the way by which you can easily get the user interaction directly. Marketing policy depends on the customer point of view. You have to think about what people think about your product. Always try to show the positive side so that people can trust you.
  • Relate Different Media – On Twitter, you can make a bridge with other different media and that will beneficial for you. It is very easy to build up a virtual relationship with the media over Twitter.

3. Twitter Messaging

Don’t be the person who remains too busy to chat with the followers. In another way, I will suggest you talk with the users. People may ask you a lot of questions but don’t get bored. Answer them by typing and it will help you to be connected with the consumer.  We people generally want to know interesting things about the newly arrived product and it’s natural.
On Twitter, there is the option available to directly interact with the users. Then, why not will you use that beneficial option to interact?

4. Conversational Tweets

Conversation makes the work easier for everything.  You can solve a problem with others by conversation easily.  As Twitter is a social platform there always comes a question whether are you taking others opinion positively for your business. This answer should be in positive form. You must have to make conversation with the customer or any other people and have to satisfy them by all of your efforts.

  • Listen to Your Audience- The audience will always ask you about your business product. if you do not response them, then assume you with a bad impression. So for your own benefits always try to be customer friendly as much as possible, listen to the customers with attention.   
  • Make the Habit of Re-Tweeting- Whenever you Tweet a post people will comment on your post. What you have to do is, read out all those comments and make sure answer for all those comments from you. This is known as re-Tweeting. Whenever a customer will be re-Tweeted from you he/she will definitely cherish positive thinking about your business.
  • Try to Mention Others- In Re-Tweeting you must have to mention the name whom you for Retweeting. Whenever people will see their name in Re-Tweet, they will be happy to know that you have seen their comment. As a result, will get positive feedback from them and this will make a smooth road for your business.
  • Respect Others Opinions- People will give positive and negative responses in your Tweet. Do not try to complain about others Tweet about your product. Business minded people take them as feedback. Try to show respect all type of comment in your tweet and answer them properly with the information they lack.

5. Uploading Videos

Video streaming always helps you to attract customers. Smart people will always look for some good video work of your business product. Obviously, Twitter is not the only social platform where marketing with video is started. Indeed, Twitter might be one of the best social platforms where video marketing is up to mark.

You can use twitter’s identical feature for your video, which will offer you to upload 140 seconds long videography. You can promote your business product quite easily.  You may video the positive responses of your product that which will help to understand the audience about your product and the benefits of it.

There has another option that is owned by Twitter. Yes, Periscope will allow uploading the live videos about your product. As the world has become smarter, you also should follow the recent trends of this smart world & which is uploading live videos. Don’t even worry about what will happen after the live video ends. Periscope will stream that video for the rest of the time after the video ends.  

So uploading video contents about your business will advertise loudly for the future of your business. One thing you have to remember that, you should upload good quality videos for earning respect from the customer views.  

6. Strategically Tweeting

You should follow some strategy in every kind of marketing. Therefore, you must have to follow some strategies in twitter also. First, do research on Twitter. Find the special thing on Twitter. Every business will allow the audience some discount on their product. As a result, people will try to know about your specialty. For promoting your website strategically you can choose Twitter. There are creative ways to promote your website and attract more visitors.

  • Special Offer on Special Day- As we told every business, the company allows some discount for the customer. So you also have to follow this. Bring your discount on a special day for a special occasion. That will catch the good eye of the consumers.   
  • Tweet more about what people want- Your business can be multi-product or many product businesses. But what you have to find is that on which products Tweet, people get interested more. Then tweet more about that product and link that product with another product of your business. This is a difficult work to link the products with one another. But with proper investigation and skill, you can do it successfully.  

7. Set a Milestone

For going through the right way every business, the company has to know where they want to go from this twitter business. Therefore, we have to set some accurate goals for achieving these goals. Falling in a common trap in this social business is a common thing; it will be easy enough for you to identify the common problems.

Recently, the problem social business is facing that they do not keep tracking to their activity in social platform properly. As a result, many companies cannot reach their main goal for this social platform. So first of all, do not set any goal or milestone for Twitter that is hard for achieving.

Then comes how much time you will give for achieving any particular goal?  You have to make a schedule for a specific milestone. That will help you to reach your goal in a targeted time.   Google Analysis will help in this topic for measuring your progress. Setting up a milestone for specific business strategies is necessary for your Twitter business.

8. Observe the Competitive Market

Today’s market is very much competitive. Everyone wants to buy the best product. In this situation, the market is running by depending on the customer’s demands. You have to compete with others to gain the market. So, you have to observe the market before.

  • Set a Matchless Username- On Twitter, try to find out a matchless username and set that unique user name on every social media.
  • Brand-Centric Profile Creation- Your profile and other staffs should be brand-centric. So that if anyone visits to your profile can easily get an idea about your brand.
  • Research your Competitor- Now comes the best part. Yes, you have to do research on the market and the competitors. Take a look at how they are marketing. Do not copy others strategy. Try a better strategy to gain the market.
  • Think about People Demand- Always try to understand what people want actually. As the market is very unpredictable you have to research over the market and people demands. Try to bring the quality products that your customers want from you.
  • See the Market Statistics- By seeing the market statistics over Twitter you can observe the market easily. Statistics can make you understand that what the ways to spread your brand. Statistics will also teach you the timing.  
  • Targeted Customer – Targeted customer policy can bring you success. When you are on Twitter try to focus on people demand and their conversation. Take the help of Google Analytics to know more about targeted customer choice. Then post your content to the targeted customer.

9. Proper Uses of Twitter Tools

You should do proper use of Twitter tools. There are various tools available on Twitter.

  • Use Hashtag – Try to use the hashtag while to post any content. It will help you to directly interact with the followers.

10. Earning Customer Trust

It’s all about to earn customer trust.

  • Motivational Speech- By giving motivation speech you can earn customer trust. It is the best way to solve your customer’s problem.

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Benefits of Twitter Marketing

  • Produces more traffic on your original website through Twitter marketing.
  • Low cost for advertisement.
  • Raise your brand figure.
  • Allow you in touch with the latest theory in social business.
  • You will find proper stratagem to bit your competitors.


Hope that you have understood the tactics by which you can grow up your business. Twitter is one of the finest business astonishment in present time. At present business, companies have been generating an exceptional and unique idea for promoting their market. For catching up the growth rate of the economy in this time, Twitter can be a good platform. Achieving your goal you have to follow these steps which are given upward in this article. So, let’s start the startup with a tactical way.

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