8 Best Visual Voicemail Apps in USA

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Even if your contacts aren’t available, voicemail is a good method to let them know what you’re up to.

It makes sense to have the best voicemail software when you’re in meetings or just unable to accept calls at a specific time.

Use a visual voicemail tool to transcribe incoming voicemail messages if you get a lot of them. A transcript allows you to quickly read a message and decide what to do with it.

Voicemail transcription is useful since you may choose which voicemails to listen to instead of hearing messages one by one. It’s also tempting from the standpoint of privacy.

Rather than listening to the message, you can stealthily glance through a voicemail transcription.

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List of Best Visual Voicemail Apps in USA

We’ve picked up some of the most useful voicemail applications in this article, with a focus on those available in the US.

1. Google Voice

For longer than most of the competition, Google Voice has offered visual voicemail. It was known as Grand Central until Google purchased Google Voice.

Google Voice is the greatest free visual voicemail app available today, whether you use an iPhone or an Android device.

Google Voice was released in March 2009 and is, unsurprisingly, the most popular voicemail software in the United States, with over 10 million Android installs alone.

Google Voice provides you with a dedicated, free phone number that you can configure to ring or not ring on any device.

When a new voicemail message is received, Google Voice immediately delivers a transcription through email, text, or both methods.

2. YouMail

YouMail is a visually enhanced voicemail app for iPhone and Android that allows you to read your voicemail messages.

You may read the transcription on your phone, tablet, or computer, and you can browse transcripts in any order you like. Voicemails can easily be converted to email and text message format using YouMail.

YouMail’s free edition allows you to receive up to 100 messages that are divided by date and contact and can be viewed on your computer and smartphone.

YouMail has recently concentrated on its robocall prevention tools, which assist customers in avoiding phishing communications, as well as spam, identity theft, stalkers, and business fraud.

YouMail includes a surprisingly large number of extra options, such as robocall blocking, customizable voicemail greetings, and conference conferencing, similar to a Swiss Army Knife.

Although YouMail is available for free download, several functions require a premium subscription.

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3. VTX

VTX, a newcomer to the market that is available on both iOS and Android, is quickly gaining traction because of its simple design and useful features.

VTX includes integrations with other helpful applications like Slack, Salesforce, Zapier, and a variety of others through VTX Web, unlike rivals.

VTX, like most other apps, offers a free version with limitations, but their paid memberships are reasonably priced, and for small company owners, salesmen, and others who receive a lot of voicemail, they save time and make it easier to keep track of critical contacts.

VTX also allows users to add several phone lines to their accounts and share a voicemail inbox with others.

4. HulloMail 

HulloMail is yet another excellent visual voicemail app for iPhone and Android.

You can use it to scan your voicemail mailbox for messages, read the transcriptions, and select how you want to proceed. You can send copies of the transcriptions via email if you want.

You may want to upgrade to a paid subscription plan if you want unlimited cloud storage for your transcriptions or the option to search through transcripts to discover a specific message.

‘However, according to user reviews, one of HulloMail’s significant flaws is the inability to access your complete voicemail recordings.

Your voice messages will be cut if you are not on the HulloMail Pro Plan.

5. InstaVoice

InstaVoice is a visual voicemail transcription service with a difference.

Its goal is to give a single interface via which you may manage an unlimited amount of audio messages from any phone number.

This is the app for you if you get a lot of voicemail messages on a regular basis, to the point that people tell you they get the dreaded “the inbox is full” notice while phoning you.

You can contact or text the person who left a message using a chat-like interface within InstaVoice, in addition to getting voice-to-text transcriptions on the spot.

It’s an excellent approach to manage a big number of voicemails across different phone numbers with the same speed and efficiency as a text message or email.

According to user reviews, InstaVoice’s major flaw is its usage-based pricing.

Customers must pay per voicemail to have it transcribed using InstaVoice credits purchased through Google Play, despite the fact that InstaVoice is free to use.

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6. Voxist

Karel Bourgois established Voxist in 2016. Voxist is characterized as a virtual personal assistant that sends personalized greetings and converts voicemail to text.

You can still check your voicemails and transcribed messages via email if you don’t have your phone with you.

You don’t have to be concerned about being able to access and share voicemails wherever you go.

Voxist also has email forwarding, allowing customers to access their voicemail whenever they want. Unlike most competitors, Voxist offers limitless voicemail transcriptions with any plan.

Users can receive up to 100 voicemail transcriptions for free with Voxist Pro, after which they must pay per transcription for any subsequent voicemail.

7. Ooma

Ooma provides you with high-quality phone service and voicemail. With this app, you may now make calls, check voicemails, and receive calls while you’re not at home.

This software allows users to handle voicemails in a simple and efficient manner. Although it does not transcribe voicemails, the software allows you to easily delete, compile, and listen to voicemails.

You can also use Ooma to make high-quality phone calls from anywhere in your country. You won’t have to worry about your cellular plan because this fantastic software uses the Internet to make calls.

Ooma is the finest option if you’re seeking an all-around phone service including voicemail. It’s available on Google Play right now!

8. Carrier 

It’s worth noting that your carrier may be able to provide you with a visible voicemail. T-Mobile has T-Mobile Visual Voicemail, while AT&T has AT&T Voicemail Viewer.

So, depending on who you get your phone service from, either of those solutions might be worth a go. Sprint, too, has its own.

Visual voicemail isn’t available on all carriers, and it doesn’t come with the extra functionality that third-party apps do.

Most carriers provide visual voicemail, so check with your provider to learn how to use voicemail-to-text services on your phone.

This is a good alternative to consider if you don’t want to deal with third-party software or pay for a separate software package.

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Last Thought

We can’t always answer and check our calls in this fast-paced society.

Thankfully, smartphones include voicemail features that allow you to preserve voice messages and listen to or check on them later.

We can now handle our voicemails more easily than ever before thanks to visual voicemail apps.

We no longer have to be concerned about missed calls from our friends and family thanks to these apps.

Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments area below.

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