12 Best Watermark Remover Apps for Android and iOS (2023)

Utilizing a watermark is presumably quite possibly the most well-known system utilized by picture takers to ensure their data. These watermarks can be available anyplace on the image as a book or a logo.

On the off chance that you are searching for a brisk method to alter an arbitrary picture found on the Internet, removing its watermark can be a monotonous errand.

Yet, utilizing the correct application or an online device to clean undesirable items from a photograph can positively make the cycle bother-free. 

A large portion of the destinations and picture takers utilize the watermark alternative so nobody can utilize the photograph for another reason.

Adding a watermark is an ideal route to possess a photograph. removing the watermark from a photograph isn’t so natural so you should have an ideal watermark remover application on your gadget. 

Watermarks in photographs and recordings are normally logos or text on top of a picture. Locales and photographic artists use it to secure their data. It is the most famous system for securing pictures distributed on the Internet. 

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Watermark expulsion applications are the most ideal approach to remove a watermark from any picture and add your own perpetual watermark. There is an incredible number of watermark applications accessible for android and iOS clients.

You can just hunt it on the web and get one from them. Some of the time it can’t be so natural to get top applications to remove the watermark. 

It might require some investment for ordinary individuals so in this article we are posting the best 12 watermark remover applications.

These applications are accessible for both Android and iOS clients. You can without much of a stretch get one from this rundown and begin removing and adding a watermark to your photograph and video. 

List of Best Watermark Remover Apps for Android and iOS

  • TouchRetouch
  • Fotogenic
  • ToolWiz photos
  • AirBrush
  • PicLab
  • Remove Unwanted Objects
  • Background Eraser
  • The eZy watermark photo
  • Photo retouch
  • Remove objects
  • Video eraser
  • Shot on stamp photos


We start our rundown with ostensibly the least demanding, speediest, and most productive watermark remover. Contact Retouch goes to the degree of eradicating scratches, skin flaws, and pimples.

You can likewise utilize it to remove posts from pictures just as human-made items, for example, road signs and traffic signals. TouchRetouch is a paid application for android and iOS clients that give the alternative to effectively clean up your photographs. 

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It is an incredible watermark remover application created by ADVA Soft GmbH where you can undoubtedly remove watermarks or other undesirable things from a photograph.

You need to just choose the undesirable things like phone wires, pimples, human and different watermarks and remove them. It has a flaw remover alternative by which you can essentially contact a thing and remove it for eternity. 

Key features

  • User-friendly tutorials
  • One-touch fixes
  • Object removal features
  • Section marking


Fotogenic is a well-known photographic application. It accompanies so numerous helpful devices that can remove any imprint on any picture. You can remove watermarks, skin pigmentations, facial imperfections, and numerous different things from pictures.

Fotogenic is clear to permit you to function as an expert photograph editorial manager. Fotogenic is an extraordinary face and body tune modification application accessible for android and iOS clients. 

It is an ideal watermark remover application that encourages you to effectively remove the watermark. It is an astounding photograph-altering device accessible for all photographic artists with bunches of new highlights to utilize.

You can undoubtedly utilize this application to alter a photograph and give it another plan. It accompanies an extraordinary UI so anybody can undoubtedly utilize this application and get bunches of highlights to alter photographs.

Perhaps the best element of this application is to give the alternative to include text a photograph to add your own watermark. 

Key features:

  • Beauty editing tools
  • Color adjustments
  • Painting tools
  • Textures and borders
  • Crop, rotate, and captions

ToolWiz Photos

Is it accurate to say that you are hoping to transform your watermark spoilt picture into a beautiful immaculate photograph? Not many apparatuses do the work accurately, as Toolwiz Photos.

The amazing photograph supervisor furnishes you with 200+ apparatuses that you can use to remove blemishes from your pictures. Toolwiz Photos by and large cause you to release your creative ability. 

ToolWiz Photos is in one photograph proofreader and collection director application for android. It has another photograph storage highlight so you don’t need to stress over your private photograph any longer.

Probably the best element of this application is to give the alternative to a constant photograph channel to alter photographs continuously.

Alongside these, it has additionally computerized reasoning applications that give mysterious AI channels. You can likewise add character and uniqueness to your photographs with various surface examples.

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Key features

  • 40+ filters
  • 200+ font styles
  • 10+ paint styles
  • 80+ feeling tone filters
  • Red-eye remover


With the help of AirBrush, you can enhance with Photoshop is an application that likewise permits you to eradicate logos and remove watermarks from your video. It’s a lovely basic and simple to utilize proofreader that has helpful highlights. 

Nobody has said that you can’t have an ideal picture. It is not difficult to concur with the explanation when you use AirBrush for your photograph-altering undertakings.

The photograph proofreader permits you to eradicate watermarks and different defects from your picture to make it as faultless as could be expected. The application ceaselessly refreshes its highlights to stay up with the latest altering principles. 

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The program was made dependent on an extraordinary calculation. This innovation permits you to remove captions, some other static articles. Indeed, even in the most troublesome circumstances, just indistinct follows may remain. 

Key features

  • Blemishes remover
  • Real-time editing
  • Radiant filters
  • Social sharing
  • Blur editing
  • Add visual effects, various filters to video
  • Convert video to other formats
  • Export and import audio streams to video
  • Subtitle tool


PicLab is an application that is utilized to remove superfluous things from realistic pictures. PicLab is a free all-around computerized eraser that you can use to take out watermarks, text, and scratches from pictures. You can even remove skin imperfections with it.

The application can essentially reestablish an old photograph into its previous sparkle. The last picture is naturally saved in your telephone’s display. 

For instance, watermarks, logos, text, scratches, residue, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. The program can renovate old photographs and an instrument for removing skin abandons.

At the underlying phase of work with the illustration supervisor, it is important to transfer a photograph with a watermark. To do this, you should utilize the “Open” work, which is situated on the top toolbar. 

From that point forward, you ought to pick the “Marker” device, which is situated on the left piece of the interface. Utilize the marker to paint the watermark on the photograph.

When the watermark has been chosen, you can continue with erasing it. To do it, you should press the “Delete” button situated on the upper toolbar. In a second the watermark will vanish from the photograph. 

Key features

  • Basic and easy to understand interface 
  • Four photo-saving formats
  • Keep the original copy
  • Lots of stunning fonts
  • Stickers and artwork
  • Drawing and cropping tools
  • The chance of rehabilitating old photos 
  • A quick evacuation of watermarks 
  • Skin deformity fix work 
  • Save photographs in 4 organizations 
  • Capacity to see the first picture 

Remove Unwanted Objects

Remove Unwanted Objects is the thing that the name is proposing. The application removes watermarks as well as anything superfluous on a picture. It very well may be a stamp, a post, a skin flaw, or a scratch. After changing, the picture is saved naturally in your telephone’s exhibition.

Remove Unwanted Object is an application for removing objects, watermarks, stamps, and different components from photographs. It is conceivable to correct old pictures, remove objects by shading, and cycle realistic pictures. 

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This free application has an easy-to-understand interface and an assortment of highlights. It works with no limitations and needn’t bother with additional buys. Moreover, there is no irritating promotion.

In the wake of beginning the program, you need to transfer a picture with a watermark. To do this, utilization the “Add picture” work. 

At that point, you need to choose the “Marker” apparatus in the “Settings” segment. Utilize the marker to paint the watermark. The “Item cancellation mode” area is accessible in the correct piece of the interface. To erase a watermark, select the comparing thing. 

To begin the way toward erasing the logo, one should press the erase button. From that point onward, the watermark will vanish from the photograph.

The end-product ought to be saved in the display of your telephone. You can likewise send the completed picture by email or utilizing a record in any informal organization.

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Key features

  • Powerful editing tools
  • User-friendly interface
  • Automatic saving
  • Share via email

Background Eraser

Background Eraser is a superimpose that is a program for making and altering realistic pictures of every single famous arrangement. The utility backings an enormous number of impacts and capacities. It incorporates the capacity to remove watermarks from photographs. 

Foundation Eraser is a component-rich application that alters illustrations out of sight. The application can deal with a wide range of organizations, and you can utilize it to remove watermarks consistently.

It appreciates a basic UI and contains a broad assortment of designs altering apparatuses. The reward is that Background Eraser is free. 

Subsequent to beginning the program, the primary window will open with all the apparatuses for working with pictures. The initial step is to transfer a photograph with a watermark.

To do this, go to the “Record” that is the “Open” segment of the menu. Presently you can begin erasing the watermark. To do this, select the Spot fix brush. It is situated on the toolbar. 

Then, you need to choose the zone of the picture where you will shroud the watermark. This zone is the foundation of the logo. From that point onward, you need to cover the watermark with the Spot Restoration Brush device. 

Key features

  • Smoothens image edges
  • Completely erases the background
  • Cut out tools
  • Erase and restore functions
  • Cropping and image adjustment tools
  • Social media sharing

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The eZy Watermark Photo 

This is a lite application that will help you remove the watermark from any piece of the picture with no noticeable changes. Burden the ideal picture into the program. eZy Watermark is a mainstream watermark remover application created by Whizpool for both android and iOS clients.

It is an incredible photograph watermarking application that gives the choice to ensure a photograph by adding a watermark. You can do this by utilizing your name, signature, logo, copyright, brand name, and so on Alongside these, it likewise permits you to remove the watermark from a picture and effectively own it.

A standout amongst other component pf this application is to give choice to make your custom layouts and save them to utilize it later. You can undoubtedly import photos rapidly from 3D camera applications, libraries, Instagram, and Facebook. 

Key features

  • Beauty editing tools
  • Color adjustments
  • Painting tools
  • Textures and borders
  • Crop, rotate, and captions

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Photo Retouch

Finally, Photo Retouch isn’t only an ideal pimple eraser. The application can likewise remove watermarks and different items which make a picture look defective.

More to it, the free versatile application can do away with defects on recordings. Photograph Retouch is a flaw remover application for android and iOS clients that permits you to remove undesirable things from the picture.

It is an incredible watermark remover application where you can undoubtedly remove watermarks and own a photograph. It is accessible with both free just as an application to buy alternatives with various highlights to utilize.

You can just paint the things you need removing, and contact run eradicate. You can likewise utilize it as trick applications to make fun pictures, remove undesirable individuals, remove unattractive pimples, tidy up the ideal shot. It is easy to utilize and productive in outcomes.

You are probably going to improve your photograph altering abilities on the off chance that you use Photo Retouch all the more regularly.

Key features

  • User-friendly interface
  • Image cropping and other editing tools
  • Removes unnecessary people from images

Remove Objects

Remove Objects is an application that will likewise help you remove watermarks from your video.  There are various devices accessible. They are adjusted to remove various sorts of watermarks. The least demanding route is to trim the video.

This should likewise be possible in this application. Be that as it may, to remove a watermark subjectively, it is smarter to utilize exceptional devices. 

Key features

  • You can utilize the eraser to remove a logo or text of a similar tone. 
  • The application permits you to work with complex shaded watermarks, removing them or painting them. 
  • Additionally, this application permits you to erase without loss of value, even an image as a logo. 

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Video Eraser

Video Eraser is another extraordinary watermark remover application for iOS clients. It permits you to effectively remove the watermark logo from the video. It is an application that allows you to remove the watermark from a video and effectively own the video.

You need to follow three straightforward strides to remove a watermark from a video. Most importantly, you need to import a video from your display presently select the watermark partition lastly click on begin to clean to remove the watermark from the video. It underpins mp4, MOV, m4v, and 3gp video designs. 

Key features

  • Color extraction
  • Watermark smearing
  • Multilanguage support
  • Simple user interface

Shot on Stamp Photos

Shot on stamp photographs is a stunning watermark manager application for both android and iOS clients. It permits you to effortlessly add and remove watermarks from photographs.

It has a novel element as to add logo, date and time stamp, and others on a photograph and own it. Perhaps the best component of this application is to permit you to change the watermark position.

You will actually want to effectively put a watermark in your own place in a photograph. Alongside these it additionally allows you to modify by adding your own ShotOn gadget name.

Key features

  • Smoothens image edges
  • Completely erases the background
  • Cut out tools
  • Erase and restore functions
  • Cropping and image adjustment tools
  • Social media sharing

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The Final Line

Hope you have liked the above-mentioned information on the best Watermark Remover Apps for Android and iOS and also proved to be helpful for you. With the information given, you will be able to choose the best graphic design software for yourself, and also according to your creative needs. 

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