Best Windows 10 Version For Gaming

Gaming is a significant business for Microsoft, and the Windows platform was designed specifically for it. That is why, when it comes to gaming, the majority of consumers choose Windows to Linux and Mac. Because Windows 10 is Microsoft’s most recent and finest version of its operating system for gaming, using it on PCs is straightforward. However, many of you may be unsure which version of Windows 10 is best for your gaming needs – and that’s where we come in to assist.

Simply, if you want to construct a gaming PC, choose Windows over Linux or another operating system. We aren’t the only ones who think like this. Microsoft acknowledges the value of gamers as a market and tailors its operating system to meet their needs. When it comes to gaming, Windows is a no-brainer on everything from PCs to Xboxes to mobile devices.

In this article, we’ll go through which version of Windows 10 is ideal for gaming. Continue reading to find out more.

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List of Best Windows 10 Version For Gaming

Now that you have a complete gaming setup, it’s time to select the finest Windows 10 gaming version.

First, decide if you’ll need Windows 10 in 32-bit or 64-bit mode. If you’re buying a new computer, always go for the 64-bit version for better gaming performance. You must use the 32-bit version if your processor is older.

1. Windows 10 Home

We can think of Windows 10 Home as the best version of Windows 10 for gaming. This version is now the most popular software, and Microsoft claims that there is no reason to purchase anything newer than Windows 10 Home in order to play any compatible game.

Although there are faults with this version’s environment, such as crashes and forced updates, it also slows down with time. However, you may easily correct them at your end.

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2. Windows 10 Pro

Windows 10 Pro comes with a number of added features, including Windows Update for enhanced enterprise security, Secure Boot, and Device Guard.

In terms of gaming, though, Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro are identical. You will not notice any differences in the speed or any other aspects of both.

What, therefore, does Windows 10 Pro bring to the table that Windows 10 Home does not? Initially, gamers that require the capacity to host a remote desktop choose Pro over Home. While remote desktop capabilities have their place in gaming, they will not enhance your game experience.

Furthermore, many people appreciate the client Hyper-V (a virtualization solution that allows you to run multiple operating systems on a single PC). Some users choose the boot option that does not include Hyper-V extensions, which results in normal game performance and better CPU utilization.

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3. Windows 10 Enterprise

Although it has been noted that Windows Enterprise is more expensive and offers more capabilities, this is not the case. However, the feature that this edition offers is beneficial to Enterprise operations such as administering a network of PCs online.

Windows Enterprise is a special edition that can only be purchased in big quantities. If you want to buy a gaming PC, you won’t be able to buy Windows Enterprise on your own. Microsoft designed it for usage in large networks and offices. Volume licensing and security features do not benefit single users.

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Things You Need To Know About Windows 10

Windows 10, Microsoft’s latest operating system for PCs, laptops, and smartphones, has been released. Windows 10 is intended to replace Windows 8’s peculiar features with a unified platform that will appeal to users of both desktop computers and touch screens.

There are a few things you should know about Microsoft Windows 10, including:

1. Continuum Feature

Continuum is a major update feature in Windows 10 that identifies whether the device is being used as a computer with a keyboard attached or as a touch-screen tablet.

When the keyboard is removed, Windows 10 automatically switches to a touch-friendly interface. On devices like the Microsoft Surface, this is a helpful feature because it allows the user more control.

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2. Start Menu Feature

The start menu has returned in Windows 10, bringing a sigh of relief to Windows 8 users. Because most desktop users found it difficult to switch between apps in Windows 8 without the start menu, Microsoft has brought it back. The basic tiled look of Windows 8 has been kept, along with the start menu. With Windows 10, you can simply access common apps such as mail, temperature, banking, maps, and so on from the start menu. Microsoft has attempted to address the problem by creating a feature that works on both a PC and a touch screen.

3. Enhanced Multitasking

“Task View,” a versatile feature from Microsoft, allows you to see all of your open windows in one place. It is also possible to create many desktops, allowing users to quickly organize their apps. A new “Task View” option will appear in the taskbar. This option displays all open windows on the desktop systems you’ve created, letting you use the task view interface. You’ll be given the choice to “Create a desktop” when you first access the task view, allowing you to create several desktops.

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4. Start Menu Is Resizeable

The resizable start menu in Windows 10 is now available to all users. The start menu can be resized to fit the bottom of your window or minimized to a strip. This feature will be useful for tablet users who need to see content on screens of varying sizes. You have additional alternatives because you can change the size of the start menu.

5. Snapping Feature

The snapping feature has been added to the new multiple-screen desktops capabilities. Thanks to the snapping feature, users can now resize windows to fit any part of the screen. Two windows can also be placed adjacent to each other.

This is a useful new feature that will make utilizing several desktops more enjoyable. Tablet users will benefit most from the snap assist because it will make navigating between apps and scrolling information much easier.

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6. Preview Still Has Charm Bar

Multiple screen desktops now have a snapping option. Users can now resize windows to fit anywhere on the screen thanks to the snapping capability. It’s also possible to put two windows next to each other.

This is a wonderful new feature that will make using several desktops easier. Snap assist will be especially useful to tablet users since it will make switching between apps and scrolling information much easier.

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Reason Why Windows 10 Pro the Best Version For Gaming

Windows 10 has a feature called the Game Bar. This allows you to record gameplay or take screenshots from PC games you own, including titles purchased through Valve and maybe other gaming sites.

To access the game bar, simply press Windows + G. Once you’ve completed filming the video, you may easily post it to YouTube or any other social media site. Xbox gaming devices are now supported natively in Windows 10, which is becoming more common as more PC titles accept controllers, including the new Xbox Elite Wireless Controller.

Some of the reasons why Windows 10 is the greatest version for gaming are as follows:


  • Windows 10 boosts the speed of your computer’s games and apps.
  • It enables wonderful new games to be played on Windows thanks to technologies like Dx 12 and Xbox Live.
  • It brings Xbox games and features to Windows 10 PCs in ways that PC players will like.

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Windows 10 Home is the greatest version of Windows 10 for gaming, and it will be the best option for the vast majority of gamers. Windows 10 Home includes the Gaming Bar, Gameplay, and Streaming capabilities, as well as the option to set up any modern game at the highest resolution settings. Windows 10 Pro contains all of the features of Windows 10 Home, as well as some additional security features.

The enhancements to Pro, on the other hand, will not make a significant difference in your gaming experience. Gamers will like Pro’s features, which include the option to hide your actions from Windows and other premium features. The Pro edition may be the better choice if you use your PC for both gaming and business. On the other side, Windows Pro is generally used by businesses and is not recommended for recreational gaming.

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