How To Create a Wikipedia Page for Small Businesses {Bleeding Edge Techniques}

How To Create a Wikipedia Page

Wikipedia is indeed the best platform to earn knowledge and gain unlimited information about anything around the globe. It is mesmerizing to think about how a single website has stored all the details of the world in its pocket, which is apparently not a piece of cake.

If you look back at the history of the Wikipedia, it has never been this huge, but over the past couple of decades, Wikipedia has exploded the internet with all the useful information of the world. No matter what you want to know, everything of high notability can easily be found on Wikipedia. It has details about all the knowledgeable subjects of the world; from the elements of the periodic table to the corpuscular theory of light, and from the evolution of a worm to the theory of automata, Wikipedia has answers to all the relatable questions.

And not just the information related to the studies, Wikipedia also possess all the valid information about people from the past, long gone, buried in their graves, as well as people living a life of fame in today’s world.

So, it is evident now that Wikipedia is the collection of all the valuable information, regarding anything in the world. But thinking that Wikipedia is only there to provide you with the information is the half-truth that you see and hear. There is a lot more than you can gain from Wikipedia. People are actually earning a load of money from doing business for Wikipedia.

There are zillions of people out there in the world who want to make a name for themselves, who want the world to know that they are something, they are making a change in the environment, that they are achieving something every single day. They believe that Wikipedia is the best place for them to market themselves, to bring themselves on the upper shelf.

What they don’t know that although Wikipedia imparts the great amount of knowledge and awareness to the people, it only allows the person, any business, or any subject of matter to have a page on the website only if they are already recognized by the world. Wikipedia is not a marketplace where you can promote your business or even yourself. It is a platform that helps people learn the truths and facts about different things, or gaining updates that what has been going around in different regions.

Now, it will surely be foolishness to believe that Wikipedia itself hires the writers and other workers to make pages for the people or anything else. It is safe to say that Wikipedia does have a community who manage and establish laws and then there are moderators, who ensure that the rules are being followed correctly by the people performing any activity on the Wikipedia website.

But what Wikipedia does not own is the group of Wikipedia experts or professionals who write, edit, research, or proofread for the Wikipedia pages. That would surely be a false report to say that Wikipedia itself hires the professional group of Wikipedia experts to carry out multiple tasks for the creation of the proper Wikipedia page.

So, now that you know that Wikipedia does not hire any employees for creating the Wikipedia pages, wouldn’t it be a mystery to know that how do these pages exist, who create those pages, as well as who update all those pages? Indeed for a common person, it will definitely sound like a furtive fact, but people who are aware of how Wikipedia works, are very well aware of the answers to these questions.

There are many organizations actively working for Wikipedia; they are excelling in providing excellent services in creating the Wikipedia page for the people or their clients. These Wikipedia page creation agencies hire the most professional group of Wikipedia experts to work together in a group to form a perfect and valid Wikipedia page.

These Wikipedia page creation organizations utilize deliberately four types of skillful people to work in the different sectors of the organizations. These four unique positions include,

  • Wikipedia Content Writer
  • Wikipedia Researcher
  • Wikipedia Page Editor
  • Wikipedia Proofreader
Create wikipedia pages
Create Wikipedia pages

Wikipedia Content Writer

Professional and most talented group of writers who knows how to write the content for the Wikipedia page article, by following all the guidelines and limitations that the Wikipedia community has described. It is the responsibility of the Wikipedia writers to provide the finest quality in the content and also to include all the relevant facts and information related to the topic that they are creating the Wikipedia page.

Wikipedia Researcher

The Wikipedia researchers are also one of the most important assets in creating the Wikipedia page. Since you know that the Wikipedia community does not allow the people or business with low notability to own a page at the Wikipedia, proper research has to be carried out by the researchers to assure that the client is remarkable enough for whom they can create a Wikipedia page. In case after the thorough study and research if the client turns out to be an ineligible one, then the team is supposed to take other safety measures to be sure that they do not disappoint their valued customers.

Wikipedia Page Editor

Professional Wikipedia page creation organization also hires the expert who knows How to create a Wikipedia page. Since the researchers are always busy in extracting information about the clients who want the entire Wikipedia page to be build up for them, there is no one else than Wikipedia editors to take action on the clients who do not want the entire Wikipedia page created for them.

The clients who don’t ask for the whole Wikipedia page creation service are the ones who only ask for making considerable and significant changes in their existing Wikipedia pages. Making edits in the already build-up Wikipedia pages also required a certain amount of research and verification of the details needed to be added.

So the Wikipedia page editors make sure they carry out these responsibilities for such clients, by doing the research, finding the updates, verify the information, and then bring in those changes in the existing Wikipedia pages of the clients.

Wikipedia Proofreader

Wikipedia proofreaders are hired to ensure that the content written for the Wikipedia page of the client, is error-free. The proofreaders appointed for doing the job for Wikipedia are usually the ones who have the most knowledge about Wikipedia and their rules and restrictions.

Once the Wikipedia page article has been completed, or the edit has been made in the existing Wikipedia page, it is then forwarded to the Wikipedia proofreaders to check and verify that all the information included is valid and authentic.

Also, they are hired to make sure that none of the Wikipedia rules has been violated in the content of the Wikipedia page, or the edits that have been made for the client’s existing Wikipedia page.

Another responsibility of the Wikipedia proofreader is that they have to go through with the entire material comprehensively to guarantee that there are no blunders in the entire thing. There should not be any grammatical mistakes, spelling mistakes, mistakes in the sentence structures, or errors in the orientation of the reference citations.

In order to take care of all these issues, the Wikipedia page creation company hire the professional Wikipedia proofreaders to ensure quality at its most, as these are the cases of high sensitivity.

As it is already known that Wikipedia only allows the person with high notability to own a proper Wikipedia page, it is difficult for many people and small businesses to make a name at the beginning of their career.

Since the professional Wikipedia page creation service providing companies are the experts in dealing with the Wikipedia issues and they are also there to brought solutions and ease for their clients, there are many ways they could follow to help such clients to get an adequate Wikipedia page.

If you own any such agency or you are managing the Wikipedia page creation service department of your organization, and you don’t know how to handle the clients with low notability, or the small businesses, then there are some cutting-edge techniques that you can follow to solve your problem.

The first thing that any Wikipedia expert would do is to do thorough research about the clients business. There is a possibility that you are assuming it to be a small business, but it has enough credible links and references to support the notability criteria of that business.

If you found out that it is remarkable to have a Wikipedia page, then create a proper research document, and start writing the article for its Wikipedia page. In case if the business is not notable enough, then here are a few edge cutting techniques that have been proved effective in many cases to make a client or their business eligible for owning the Wikipedia page.

  • Create a Social Media Hype
  • Work on the Notability

Create a Social Media Hype

If you believe that the client’s business is offering something unique to their audience and people can actually get interested in the product or service they are selling, then you can work on making them notable on the social media first. Start creating pages, and interact with the people there. Ask for feedback and promote the brand in every way possible.

Make the business renowned and famous among the people. Design forums for the service, where people can discuss and debate the business’ product or service. The more people will know about it, the higher the chance there will be for the popularity and media coverage of the business.

Work on the Notability

The second step that you can take to make the client’s business eligible is to create a notability for them. Now, this is indeed a burning question of how anyone can establish a notability for someone. The answer is not that difficult as you might be expecting. The first thing you need to see to is to hire a couple of finest bloggers or blog writers and assign them to contact various reliable and noteworthy websites and ask for the permission to publish the blogs or articles there.

Once the websites approve the writers for the guest post publishing, then the bloggers can start writing high-quality and satisfactory articles for the clients and get them published on different websites. Then you can easily use their links as the references to cite in the content that you are writing for the client’s Wikipedia page.

This is a hard luck game. If you succeed in this, you can easily create a proper Wikipedia page for the clients, if not then you have to excuse your clients and explain to them that it is not even slightly possible to bring their Wikipedia page on the platform. Also, let the clients know that if you will try to publish their non-eligible page on the website, there is a greater chance that their page will not get approved by the Wikipedia moderators for the publishing, or even if it gets published, there will always be a threat of it to get deleted.

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