DirecTV Remote Not Working: How to Fix it?

Learn how to fix DirecTV Remote not Working issues for customers. For years, DirecTV, a leading satellite television service provider, has been generating memorable moments in homes and among families all over the world.

On DirecTV, the remote volume control does not work. This is a typical issue with handheld devices. People who are deaf or hard of hearing, on the other hand, must fight to keep their preferred digital satellite station on the screen.

Their products and services come with fantastic perks and discounts that you’ll never be able to resist. People are frequently frustrated by the television’s loud sound. They, too, are frequently damaged as a result of a DIRECTV remote volume issue. 

In today’s article, we will look at why DIRECTV remote volume doesn’t work and how to fix it; we will also look at the most prevalent cause.

Procedure to DirecTV Remote Not Working

You can solve this problem at home in a variety of ways. Before buying a new remote or calling DIRECTV tech support, we recommend giving this a shot:-

Solution 1: Overcome Obstacles

Make sure there are no physical barriers between your DIRECTV controller and the receiver before employing any other advanced technologies. Wireless devices that could interfere with your signal should be kept as far away from you as feasible.

Solution 2: Replace the Battery

If there is no physical obstruction in your room at this time, you should check the battery in your controller in the following operation.

Press and hold any button on your device for a few seconds to accomplish this. The green light shows that the battery is fully charged. If it’s not slow, flickering, or not working at all, you’ll need new batteries.

Solution 3: Reset The Remote and Receiver

Resetting your remote and receiver is the best solution to fix unresponsive buttons. You can use the instructions below to walk you through the complete receiver resetting process.

  1. Locate the red button on your receiver first. DIRECTV receivers are frequently located adjacent to or inside the access card door.
  2. If your device lacks a red button, you can simply unplug its power line.
  3. Wait about 20 to 25 seconds before plugging in again.
  4. Hold this button down until your gadget restarts on its own.

Although resetting your receiver will not address your problem, you can reset your remote using one of the two techniques listed below.

Method 1:

  1. Navigate to the Settings tab by pressing the Menu Button.
  2. Select Pair/Program Remote from the Remote Control menu.
  3. When prompted, enter the five-digit code for your television maker.

Method 2: 

  1. Press the mute button and choose both until the light indicator flashes three times.
  2. Select after pressing 9-8-1 in the same order.
  3. Wait four times for the remote to flash. This means that the factory reset was successful.

Solution 4: Pair your Remote with your Receiver

If you’re not sure if your remote is set up correctly to control your receiver, the instructions below will walk you through the procedure.

  1. For at least 3 seconds, press and hold the Enter button on your device.
  2. Select your preferred receiver input source from the Sources menu that appears on your TV screen.
  3. Then, while pointing your remote towards your receiver, press the Enter and Mute buttons on your device at the same time.
  4. If your device is successfully connected, you should see a notification on your screen telling you to apply IR/RF setup.

The process to Get the Volume to Work on My DIRECTV Remote

Before we get into the possible troubleshooting solutions, let’s have a look at why this problem happens and what the root reason is.

Receiver-to-Receiver Barriers

The Genie controller communicates with your receiver to convey a signal. As a result, the path between your two devices should be free of obstacles. 

Low Battery 

Your battery set is one of the most prevalent causes of this issue. If the battery in your remote has been very old or used for a long time, you should replace it as soon as possible. 

Unresponsive Button

Unresponsive buttons are another common cause of difficulty setting the volume on your controller. When this happens, you won’t be able to alter the volume of the show on your TV, and you won’t be able to change channels.

Not Properly Programmed

To control their television, DIRECTV consumers must present their receivers with their remote control. You may have trouble managing the level of your program if our equipment is not properly programmed.

Reprogram Genie Controller

You may need to reconfigure your genie controller if you reset your gadget. Fortunately, this may be done either automatically or manually.

Automatic Programming

Automatic programming is the most convenient approach to programming your TV remote. These steps will help you stay informed during the procedure.

  1. While pointing your controller to your receiver, simultaneously press the Enter and Mute buttons. Once the LED indication on your device turns green twice and flashes, release the buttons.
  2. Your TV screen will then display an applying IR/RF setup, indicating that your setup is complete.
  3. Go to the Settings and Help menu by pressing the Menu button on your controller.
  4. Select the option for remote control after selecting the setting.
  5. Remotely select the software, then follow the on-screen directions.

Manual Programming

If you can’t configure your remote on your TV automatically, you can do so manually by following the steps below.

  1. Select your controller while pointing to your receiver and simultaneously hit the mute button.
  2. Release the buttons once the LED indication on your device has turned green twice and is blinking.
  3. When prompted, type 9-6-1 to use your smartphone.
  4. Then press the Enter button after pressing the Channel Up button.
  5. After you confirm your selection, an on-screen notice will appear, indicating that your device is ready for setup.
  6. In Automatic, go through steps 3 through 5.


Q:- Why is my DirecTV remote’s volume not working?

Ans:- We recommend keeping the receiver out of the way of any potential obstructions. If the fast flickering green light on your remote fixes the battery, press and hold any button on your remote to test the battery power. However, this must alter quickly.

Q:- Why isn’t my Samsung TV’s volume working?

Ans:- If it doesn’t work, use your Samsung TV remote to navigate to the menu. Select Sound, then Extra setting or speaker setting from the drop-down menu. The auto volume was set to usual.

Q:- Why is my television’s volume not working?

Ans:- Check your television’s and linked device’s audio settings. Turn off and unplug your television and any other devices that are linked to it. If this is the case, the HDMI sound on the TV may not be working. Change the media device or the tv speaker output to the internal speaker to see if the problem is resolved.

Final Words

We hope that by following the procedures given above, you will be able to r fix DirecTV Remote not Working issue quickly. This malfunction is not a significant issue, and it can be resolved as indicated. If your issue persists, you can contact customer service or purchase a new remote.

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