Volume Not Working on Firestick Remote: How to Fix it?

This post will walk you through each of the methods of fix Volume Not Working on Firestick Remote. To tackle this difficulty, you will undoubtedly need to employ some quite powerful strategies.

Actually, because Fire TV has a simple design with only a few capabilities, it might be aggravating when one of them fails. Many consumers have issues with their Fire TV remote’s volume control, but there is usually a simple cure and explanation.

Procedure to Fix Volume Not Working on Firestick Remote

Restart or Reset Your Firestick

Restarting the device might be all that’s needed to get the controls to work again. A factory reset is another option.

This will, however, delete all downloaded information as well as your system preferences, so use it only as a last option. Press and hold the ‘Back’ and ‘Right’ navigation buttons for 10 seconds, then press ‘Continue’ to execute a factory reset.

Enable Settings in your Remote

Let us also discuss some options for quickly resolving your fire tv remote volume not functioning issue. 

  1. Turn on the television.
  2. Using the menu, go to your settings.
  3. You must now locate the equipment control option, which is located beneath the setting.
  4. Go to Manage Equipment and choose it.
  5. After you’ve found the option, you’ll need to add it.
  6. You press the add button.
  7. After it finds your device, you can choose from a variety of TV options.
  8. You can also choose the type of television you want to watch.
  9. A message displays on your screen, instructing you to push the power button to turn off your TV.
  10. Wait for ten seconds.
  11. After that, you must restart your television.
  12. Because it is also a transitory issue, your fire tv remote volume control not working goes away as soon as the operation is completed.
  13. You will now be taken to your music screen, where you must determine whether or not your volume is working.

So, hit the volume up and down buttons to boost or decrease your volume level, and then double-check that your firestick remote volume is working again.

Reset Your Different Fire TV Remote

  1. You must press and hold the Home button three times while simultaneously pressing the Menu button.
  2. After that, press and hold the Home button for a few seconds.
  3. At this point, press the Menu button nine times.
  4. After the menu button sounds, remove the battery from the remote.
  5. You must disconnect your Fire TV and wait 60 seconds at this point.
  6. Replace the batteries in your remote and connect your Fire TV.
  7. The home screen will show after this procedure is completed.
  8. For another 40 seconds, press and hold the Home button.
  9. Wait 60 seconds for the setup to finish, and you should no longer have this issue.

Make use of the HDMI-CEC Port

Another common issue is when the Fire TV is connected to the wrong HDMI port. The name of this port varies depending on the TV manufacturer, however, they all refer to the same thing. This port should be noted not only on the back of your television but also in the user manual.

Change the Remote Batteries

  1. Turn the remote over with one thumb on the arrow under the battery cover.
  2. Place your second thumb directly above the battery cover on the remote’s top edge.
  3. Tighten your grasp on the remote’s top. Apply pressure to the bottom of the battery cover with your thumb on the bottom of the cover.
  4. Slid the door halfway down to remove the cover from the remote battery housing.
  5. Replace the alkaline batteries and slide the cover-up until you hear a clicking sound.

Pair your Remote Manually

It’s possible that your Firestick remote became disconnected from your TV. Follow the instructions below to fix this.

  1. Disconnect the Firestick from the power source.
  2. Wait for the Firestick to fully start up after connecting it.
  3. Press and hold the home button for at least 10 seconds.
  4. Keep pressing the button until the light on the top of your remote starts blinking rapidly.
  5. A message prompt or a blue light blinking three times on your remote should appear after a few seconds.
  6. In any event, it means your device has been connected successfully and you are ready to go.

Use the Firestick Remote App to Control your Device

You can use the Firestick Remote App on your Android or iPhone in the meanwhile if your remote is permanently broken and you don’t have time to wait for a replacement.

  1. Sign up for an account and download the app.
  2. Enter your four-digit password here.
  3. You may now use your phone to control the TV.

If none of the above solutions appear to be working, the best course of action is to contact Amazon’s Fire TV Customer Support and inform them of the issue. They might take you through a series of troubleshooting procedures to figure out what’s causing the issue.


Q:- With a Fire Stick controller, how do you control surround sound?

Ans:- You will not be able to, and you will not be required to. The volume control on your Fire Stick will control the sound on your TV, which will be your surround sound system if your TV has to surround sound.

Q:- Is it possible to use my phone as a remote for the Fire Stick?

Ans:- Yes, you certainly can. As a remote for your Firestick, download the Fire TV app on your smartphone. It will allow you to connect to any Firestick that is connected to the same Wi-Fi network. 

Directional Pad, Swipe Gesture, and Mini are the three remote control kinds available in the Fire TV app, and they all function with a Firestick.

Q:- Is it feasible to use an old Firestick remote with a brand new Firestick?

Ans:- Yes, you must hold down the home key for 10-20 seconds each time you swap. Then, in front of the Firestick, you want to use, press and hold the home button for 10-20 seconds until it blinks. After that, you should be able to connect to the internet.

Final Thoughts

You must know how to fix Volume Not Working on Firestick Remote problem with the aid of the aforementioned alternatives, but you must make sure that the steps you do are in accordance with the ideas offered, or you will have to repeat the process. It’s possible that you’ll have to see the issue.

Call the Amazon Fire TV Stick Support Number for more information and to get answers to your questions. It’s an amazing medium.

When you contact us, you’ll be asked to give the technical team some personal information, and your problems will be fixed following verification.

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