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Facebook Live is a broadcasting feature Facebook added to its platform back in the year 2015. Initially, Facebook Live has been introduced to some Celebrities with a verified Facebook page. Dwayne Johnson “The Rock” was the first person to use this Facebook Live.

Facebook Live gets an awesome response from fans all over the world. And it took no time for Mark Zuckerberg to figure out that Facebook Live gonna blow up the industry. And put a dedicated team of over 100 engineers to include a dedicated tab for Facebook Live by the end of March 2016.

Soon, in April 2016 Facebook rolled out its Facebook Live to the world. And since then a lot of people started streaming their live content on Facebook. But still, there are lots of people who still find it difficult to use Facebook Live and confused about what actually is Facebook Live; and how to use it? If you’re one of them then you are in the right place.

In this article, we will make it easier for you to understand What is Facebook Live? Reasons you should start using Facebook Live? How to use Facebook Live on Mobile?

So before delaying it more let’s quickly start our Guide on Facebook Live.

What is Facebook Live?

Facebook Live is a live streaming feature you can use to do a stream live videos on Facebook. Yes, you heard it right you don’t even need expensive equipment, or Studio, or a Broadcasting Station. Just you and your phone or desktop and a good internet connection (High-Speed Wifi, Or 4Gs Mobile data), that’s it.

You can easily access this feature right from your profile or Facebook page. We can say that it’s not like the traditional broadcasting service like TV. In Facebook live you can choose whom the video will be broadcasted that isn’t possible on TVs. You can also engage with your audience while streaming Facebook live video. That’s also not possible on TVs, and other Streaming Applications like Amazon, Netflix, etc. That’s how we can simply understand what is Facebook Live? Let’s move onto our next section to see the reasons you should start using Facebook Live?

Reasons You should start using Facebook Live

Yes, this is one of the main important questions do you really need to stream the Facebook Live videos. Right, why should I use it if there is no reason? Let’s explore some of the reasons you should be using the Facebook Live video feature.

#1 First and foremost if you wants to monetize from your Facebook Live video content

Facebook helps Video creators and video publishers to monetize from the Facebook Live video. Yes, You can earn dollars, sounds a good reason, right. Facebook gives you two options to earn money.

  • Fan Subscriptions: Yes, If you are doing Facebook Live video then Facebook will give you an option to set a Subscription fee. You can ask your followers and audience to let you pay a recurrent fee to support creating more videos.But to monetize from this feature you need to have a Facebook page. Facebook profile is not eligible for Monetization. And then have to meet facebook’s eligibility criteria to earn from Fan Subscriptions.
  • Stars: This is another way Facebook rewards the Facebook Live video creators. Your Fan can purchase these stars and send them to you to support creating more live streams.Facebook has made it easier for you to set a Stars target for a particular Live Stream. You can easily add overlays on your videos from Creator Studio. These overlays can use to display targets, automated thanks cards. Facebook will credit $0.01 for every star received to your account.
  • In-stream Ads: That is another way you can earn some good dollars while streaming your Facebook Live video. Facebook currently providing image and post-roll ads for a video with a minimum length of 60-180 seconds. Also, you can monetize by Facebook’s mid-roll ads during your Facebook Live videos.

Keep in mind that to monetize from your Facebook Live Video, your content should be authentic and original. And you should remain within facebook’s community guidelines while creating Facebook Live streams. These monetization options are available for Facebook Live videos streaming on Facebook Pages, Groups, and Events as of now.

#2 To run a live event using Facebook Event

Though the Facebook event is in existence since 2005, Facebook has recently added its Facebook Live feature within the Facebook event. You just need to select the Facebook Live option while creating the Event. These can be any type of event whether business events, Cultural events, Performances, Live Gaming sessions, Educational sessions, fundraising events, etc.

Facebook also gives you the option to add a Donate button on your live videos for your fundraising events. Remember this option is only available to qualify Facebook page only.

#3 To bring in Guest to your Facebook Live video

Yes, you can also do a guest interview live video on Facebook. Remember it is currently limited to a single person. This option can be used if you want to share some expert advice with your audience or wants to talks about some debate with an industry professional. You can also take up the questions from your audience and engage with them too.

#4 To launch a brand, Business, or Product of your Business

What is the best place to launch a brand or product than a place filled with 2.8 million people? See, Even you don’t need to rent a hall, stadium. Just need a good creative team, some high-resolution cameras and you are good to go. You can use the Creator app to set all the launch events.

#4 Interact with your Audience face to face live from Messenger rooms

If you are a coach, trainer, or Tutor you can go live directly with a messenger room. This will give you the convenience to hold a video call environment with a limit of 50 users at a time.

There is nothing more engaging than to present your brand, your story, your business to your customer in realtime. Generally, in other ways of advertisement, you don’t know what are your customers or audience feels watching your content.

But in Facebook Live it was just like a face-to-face conversation going on. Your audience can engage with you by Liking, Sharing, and Commenting on your live comment feeds. And you can also react to or respond to the comments. That way you can build trust and a strong relationship with your customer or audience.

These are some reasons you can start using Facebook Live now. Now that you know the reasons, let’s quickly move to the next section and see How do How to use Facebook Live?

How to use Facebook Live on a Mobile Phone?

To use Facebook Live on a Mobile phone you should be needing a high-quality camera phone. Just follow the below steps to go live with all Facebook Live.

  1. Open your Application Launcher and go to Facebook App and tap to open the app.
  2. Right in the front of your FacebookProfile home screen tap on the Live video tab just below your Profile image. Or go to your Facebook page, group, event, or room, and tap on the Live video tab.
  3. Your Live video panel will appear with the camera on. Switch your camera that best suits your arrangements.
  4. After setting the camera, add Facebook Live video description by tapping on Tap to add a description and click on Add button to add it to your Facebook Live.
  5. After setting the description click on Start Live Video and your Facebook Live video will be started.
  6. And to end the Video click on the Finish button just at the bottom right corner of the screen.

And that’s how you can use Facebook Live videos.


In this article, we have taken all the important questions one may have regarding Facebook Live. Right from the beginning of a little introduction, we move to What is Facebook Live. Moving further we have also listed the reasons why you should be using Facebook Live for all your live streaming.

Later in this article, we have also gone through how you can use Facebook Live video on your mobile phone.

Hope by now you are able to do your very first Facebook Live video. In case you have any doubts you can just comment below and we would be happy.

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