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Xfinity Stream Not Working on Chrome: How to Fix

Xfinity Stream Not Working on Chrome How to Fix

Xfinity is one of the most popular services, and Xfinity Stream has a long history of attracting customers. However, consumers have been having trouble with Xfinity Stream because Chromecast does not support it. Today we will discuss how to fix Xfinity Stream Not Working on Chrome.

Chromecast guide is now being rolled out. The characteristic is already existing on the stay version, though the Android app is nonetheless in beta.

The Xfinity Stream now works on stay TV as well, thanks to this new functionality. Xfinity Stream will function with Android and Apple devices, as nicely as Google Home Hub, in accordance with the details.

The beta version, however, is no longer accessible to everyone. In this instance, people can constantly use the troubleshooting hints listed in the article beneath to assist them.

Procedure to Fix Xfinity Stream Not Working on Chrome

Chrome Version

Some customers have been in a position to use Chrome flawlessly on Windows 10, however Xfinity Stream is now not working at all. It’s feasible that your browser does now not assist the carrier in this scenario. As a result, you may favor providing Microsoft Edge a shot.

Additionally, if you do not favor abandoning Chrome, you may strive the usage of incognito mode to enhance your streaming experience. Because it has been streaming the content material on Xfinity, you can strive the use the Firefox browser.

Check System Requirements

Requirements for Xfinity Stream Portal on a Windows PC:

If you use the Xfinity Stream app, go to Xfinity Stream App Minimum System Requirements for more information. This page will detail the system requirements for both Android and Apple devices.

Clear the Browser Cache

This method can be used on a computer. Clearing the browser cache may help solve the Xfinity Stream not functioning issue if you’re using your PC to access the Xfinity Stream website for streaming video. The following is a step-by-step guide (using Google Chrome as an example):

Step 1:

Fire up Google Chrome.

Step 2:

To access the History, press Ctrl + H.

Step 3:

From the left pane, select Clear Browsing Data.

Step 4:

Check all three boxes under the Basic tab, then select Time range.

Step 5:

Clear the data by clicking on it.

Step 6:

Wait two minutes after closing your browser.

Step 7:

Return to the Xfinity Stream site ( by opening your browser.

Step 8:

Try to listen to the recording.


One of the most frequent approaches to get matters returned on music is to appoint this technique of troubleshooting. As a result, it is endorsed that you shut the Chrome browser as nicely as Xfinity Stream.

In a comparable vein, you will want to flip off and restart your pc to reopen the Chrome browser and strive the usage of the Xfinity Stream again.

Reset the Settings

There’s a possibility that your browser is going thru some automatic changes that mess with your settings.

In this scenario, it is a correct concept to repair the browser’s default and manufacturing unit settings. You ought to additionally make certain that the Xfinity Stream plug-in is successfully mounted and loading.

Cookies & JavaScript

You may reflect on the consideration of cookies and JavaScript if the Chrome browser no longer assists the Xfinity Stream.

It goes besides announcing that JavaScript is required for Xfinity Stream to feature and for cookies to be enabled. The Xfinity Stream is most in all likelihood to work after each parameter is enabled.


It’s not going that you will have a nice trip on some other device, however, it is really worth a try. In this instance, it is satisfactory to make use of the Chrome browser on any other gadget and log in to Xfinity Stream for the usage of your credentials. If Xfinity Streamworks on different devices, it is in all likelihood that yours is the problem.

Re-open or Reinstall the App

Please exit and re-open the app if you are the usage of cell gadgets to circulate content material and have demonstrated that your machine has an energetic network.

After that, attempt listening to the tape. If this technique fails, you can force-quit the app and then relaunch it. You may additionally attempt deleting it and reinstalling it.

Final Words

Above we have discussed how to fix Xfinity Stream Not Working on Chrome. You will be able to complete this process as per the given instructions.

But if you have any problem related to this, then comment in the comment section that is located below. We assure you that we will provide the best solution as soon as possible.

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