5 Ways to Get Verizon Activation Fee Waived

If you are worried or searching for the details of how to get Verizon activation fee waived, then today we will discuss it.

Due to its high-end services, variety of plans, and pricing alternatives, Verizon is one of the most popular mobile networks. Both service and device activation are available via Verizon. In some circumstances, Verizon may be able to help with device upgrades. 

They do, however, come at a cost, as do all good things. People are now questioning if the Verizon upgrade cost could be waived. We have got the solution right here.

Verizon has steadily been one of the most desired mobile networks for most users due to its different bundles and high quality of service. 

Verizon has joined the likes of Sprint and AT&T in charging a $30 upgrade fee to existing subscribers who want a new phone as part of the fees levied for providing these services. 

They can also help with device upgrading. “Nothing is free, even in Freetown”, as the adage goes. Users are already inquiring about getting the upgrading price waived. Continue reading to learn about possible solutions.

Procedure to Get Verizon Activation Fee Waived

In most circumstances, Verizon does not waive the upgrade price because every customer who wants to update their handset is expected to pay it. 

If you still want them to waive the cost, you will have to be strategic. The following are some of the possibilities that have been suggested:

Unlocked Verizon Phones are in High Demand

Request a previously unlocked Verizon phone if you wish to upgrade to a new handset, and then utilize your original SIM card in it for better signal coverage. You will not be charged an upgrade fee if you take this approach.

Speak with a Customer Service Agent

Another option is to get the guts to approach the customer service representative. Most of the time, they will not entirely waive the fee. 

You can receive as much as 30% or 50% off, which is still a wonderful price, and you won’t have to pay any additional fees. 

This is more likely to succeed if the person who is helping you is gentle. Because this strategy will not work for everyone, you must hope that the fees will be eliminated for you.

Upgrade your Account and Save Money

Verizon has changed the upgrade cost structure to offer a self-service option for individuals who can do it themselves, in response to certain subscribers’ complaints. 

This means that if you choose the self-service option and upgrade yourself, you can save half the price.

Make a Request to Talk with Someone from the Retention Department

As previously said, if you want an upgrade cost waived for you, you can either use self-service or hope to meet a nice person who will waive the fee for you. 

If the customer service professional is unwilling to help you, you should ask to talk with the retention department. 

The advantage of this department is that they are supervisors with greater authority to make changes. Furthermore, the organization provides them with unique incentives to assist them in retaining consumers.

It’s critical to be reasonable in whatever you say throughout this process without being harsh in any way. You can bring it up if you’ve been with Verizon for a long time and have kept up with your bills. 

It’s a more compelling cause for you to request an upgrade in the first place. Of course, if you don’t have time for all of this, you can take advantage of self-service and save 50%.

Escalate Complaint to a Verizon Supervisor

If you raise your complaint and request to talk with a supervisor, you may be able to convince Verizon to waive your activation cost.

You also don’t want to be harsh or disrespectful, because a customer support agent can only do so much to assist you, and reps can’t always overturn fines.

Some charge waivers require the attention of a supervisor, so if you’re having trouble with a representative, ask to be transferred to this higher-up staff.

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Q:- Why does Verizon require a $30 upgrade fee?

Ans:- Nobody is excluded from the upgrade cost if they want to buy a new gadget from a Verizon authorized retailer. 

The fees, according to Verizon, help them keep the cost of service given down while also allowing them to spend a portion of the money for community development.

Q:- Is the upgrade fee the same as the activation fee?

Ans:- No, they are two separate charges. Activation costs, which cost $35, are primarily for newly registered lines. 

The payment has existed for quite some time. The Upgrade charge, on the other hand, is for consumers who want to replace their gadget with a new one.

Q:- Is there still a free upgrade available from Verizon?

Ans:- Yes, they do, although it’s usually just during certain times of the year. When the time comes, Verizon provides all existing customers with a free coupon to choose any eligible smartphone. 

If a subscriber is on contract, they will continue to receive this benefit as long as they stay on their original plan.

Q:- What plan do you have in place to avoid the Verizon upgrade fee?

Ans:- You can buy the phone at full retail price and skip the upgrade cost if you are confident enough. This implies you will have to finance the phone and pay for it outright. This is possible if you buy the phone from the manufacturer directly.

Q:- Is there a BYOD Verizon Activation Fee?

Ans:- Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) The Verizon promotion is ongoing, but it does not always imply that the activation charge will be eliminated, as it is dependent on the current BYOD promotion.

For example, Verizon may waive the BYOD activation charge for a few months, but then modify the promotion to a $500 prepaid Visa card as the only offer.

As a result, you can either keep monitoring the deal to see if or when Verizon would waive the activation charge, or you can simply use the gift card to cover the activation fee.

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Final Thought

Customers’ activation fees are not usually eliminated by Verizon, however, they have been waived on occasion, such as part of a BYOD campaign.

Furthermore, some customers have been successful in getting the activation cost cancelled by providing a compelling explanation and threatening to transfer or cancel services if the price is not waived.

As previously indicated, Verizon does not usually waive an upgrade cost because the funds are used for a long-term benefit to the client. Such as network growth, customer service center expansion, community development, and so on. As a result, it’s for a good purpose.

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