How to Activate NBC on Roku

NBC is among the most watched networks. Despite being on the top, the channel is absolutely free to watch on Live TV like Roku, Amazon Fire, and Apple TV. But to watch the NBC Network on your Live TV you need to first activate NBC on Roku Live TV.

Don’t worry if you have yet not activated it or are unable to properly activate NBC on Roku live TV. This is the only reason we are here to help you activate the NBC Network on your Roku Live TV. But before we jump on to the steps to activate the NBC network, let’s quickly have a little introduction about NBC.

About NBC:

As per the reports, NBC stands at the second number by Total viewers in the Most-Watched Networks list. NBC also has a standalone app that can be used to live stream the NBC shows on your TV using Roko Live Stream. By activating NBC on Roku Live stream TV you can watch daytime, primetime, and late-night shows and series available on NBC. Also, you can also have access to all the seasons of some selected shows on your Roku Live TV.

Yes, you can also watch all these shows, series, and complete seasons on you your Roku Live stream TV too. Just keep reading this article and by the end, you will be able to activate NBC on Roku.

The content which can be watched by live streaming depends on the location. Some of the TV providers that offer live streaming are Sling, Xfinity, AT&T, Spectrum, Youtube TV, and Dish.

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How to Activate NBC on Roku Live TV

But before you activate NBC on Roku, you need to add the NBC network to your Roku Channel list. Just follow these steps

Adding NBC Channel to your Roku Live TV

There is no expert need to install or add the NBC Channel to your ROKU Live TV. This is already an official app of the ROKU. You can install it without any hesitation or legal issues.

  1. To install or add the NBC channel Go to Roku Live TV home by pressing the Home button of the Roku TV remote.
  2. From the sidebar of the Home Screen go to Streaming Channels and click on it to open the Channel Store.
  3. Then from the left sidebar scroll down to Movies & TV. A list of all the channels under this category will slide in.
  4. Scroll Down to the NBC Channel and click on it to open the NBC app window.
  5. If you found it difficult to follow the above steps you can just simply use Search, from the Home menu, type in the NBC, and from the suggestion click on NBC to open the NBC App window.
  6. Now from the NBC Channel App window click on Add Channel and the adding process will start.
  7. After the process, you will see a success message on your screen that NBC has added to the end of Home.

That’s how easily you can add the NBC channel to your ROKU Home Screen. Now that you have added it to your screen, let’s quickly see how to activate NBC on Roku.

Activating NBC on your Roku Live TV

After adding NBC to your Roku Live TV, now you will need to activate the NBC network too. That’s also as easy as we have added it to our Roku Home screen. Just follow the below steps.

  1. After adding NBC to your Roku Homescreen switch back to the Home screen again by pressing Home Button on your Roku Remote.
  2. Click on any channel on the right window to open the Channel list and open the NBC channel from here.
  3. After opening the NBC Channel you will see an activation code. Copy the activation code.
  4. Now launch your internet browser and enter into the address bar and hit enter to open the NBC official app activation window.
  5. Now paste the copied Activation Code into the input box just under the Enter your Activation Code.
  6. After pasting the code the Continue button will be activated and turned to blue. Click on continue to activate the NBC in your Roku Live TV.
  7. After you get the success message, you will now be able to stream all the shows, series, and seasons on NBC Channels on Roku.

See how simple it’s to activate NBC on Roku Live TV. Do you think you need any expert to do that now?


Thanks for coming this far with us, hope now you will easily activate NBC on Roku Live TV. And will also be able to enjoy your daytime, prime time, and nighttime shows, series, and all seasons on the NBC network.

We have tried to be simple yet informative for your better understanding and easy implementation. It may happen that when you will actually do this may some doubt arises. Don’t worry just comment down below and will try to clarify it.

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