How to Activate NBC on Amazon Fire TV

According to the Reports from last year, NBC was the second most-watched channel by number of viewers. And still, more and more people are joining this network. This was the reason why NBC also has an app for various streaming Live TVs like Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku, etc. With this app, NBC has kept them in the competition of a Live streaming app.

NBC has been with us since 1926, founded by Radio Corporation of America (RCA ) under the ownership of General Electrics. Since then the NBC network has now evolved as one of America’s biggest and major Television networks. NBC currently has more than 230 channels (owned and affiliates combined).

Since the world has now changed since then a lot, the new Era of Online streaming is on the verge of replacing Satellite TVs. All the big giants have already placed themselves initially by adding their standalone Streaming Apps to almost all of the Live Streaming apps. One of which is the Android Fire TV. That’s what we are gonna cover-up in this article.

So that’s a little introduction for our new NBC viewers, let’s move on to our main section on how to activate NBC on Amazon Fire TV.

How to Activate NBC on Amazon Fire TV

After activating the NBC app you will be able to watch primetime, night time and daytime shows on NBC. You can watch almost all the latest shows, movies, and full complete seasons of some selected shows.

NBC app is an authentic and trusted app among all the major App Stores. Hence, you will easily find it in your Amazon App Store.

You just need to follow two processes to start watching NBC on your favorite screen. First, you need to download and install the NBC app on your Amazon Fire TV from App Store. Second, you need to activate your NBC app on Amazon Fire TV. Let’s take both of them in detail.

Download and Install NBC on Amazon Fire TV

You can easily download and install NBC on your Amazon Fire TV by following the below steps.

  1. Switch on your Amazon Fire TV with an active Hi-speed internet connection.
  2. From the Amazon Fire TV home screen, click on Find from the main Amazon Fire TV menu bar.
  3. Under the Find menu, you will find five options, Search, Free, Movies, TV Shows, and Appstore.
  4. To download and install NBC, you have two options
    • Click on the Search block under the Find menu. Type in the NBC or you can also use Voice to search for it. It will launch you to the NBC App Window; Or
    • You can go to Appstore. And then Scroll down to the Entertainment category. From the Entertainment category ribbon search and select the NBC App.
  5. After selecting and opening the NBC App window. Clicks on the Get button to download and install the app into your Amazon Fire TV.
  6. After downloading it will be automatically installed.

That’s how you can download and install the NBC app into your Amazon Fire TV. Now that you have installed the app it’s time to activate it so that you can enjoy watching NBC Shows.

Activate NBC on Amazon Fire TV

  1. Go to your Apps Page from the Amazon Fire TV home screen.
  2. Scroll through the page to get to the NBC App Icon. Or you can use the Search option to open the NBC App Window.
  3. From The NBC App window click on Activate your device.
  4. You will see an Activation Code on a new window. Copy the Activation code.
  5. Now to activate your Activation Code by visiting on your desktop, mobile, etc.
  6. The site will take you to a new window to activate your code. Enter your Activation Code into the Input box just under the Enter your Activation Code.
  7. After entering the Activation Code the continue button just under the input box will get activated and turn to blue. Click on the activated Continue button.
  8. After clicking on the Continue button you will be taken to the next window to link your NBC app with your TV Provider account. Just submit the details required and that’s it your NBC app is ready to play all the Shows, movies, and seasons.

See, how simple it is to activate NBC on Amazon Fire TV, you just need to follow the steps above.


In this article, we have gone a little bit more detailed on the instructions to download, install and activate NBC on Amazon Fire TV. Our only intention is to make it easy for you to implement the whole two-way process on your own. And will be able to enjoy your favorite NBC TV shows, movies, and all the seasons on your Amazon Fire TV.

In case you have any issues you can definitely come back to us here and leave us a comment.

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