How to Change Firestick Name?

At the point when you have a few Amazon gadgets at home, it’s a smart thought to keep them coordinated. Exchanging between numerous TVs or Fire TV Sticks can be baffling in the event that they all have a similar name set naturally.

With how frequently Amazon’s Fire Sticks go on special, you’ve most likely gotten one for each room in the house. That makes streaming and leasing films a ton simpler since everything is matched up between your Amazon account.

Obviously, in the event that you have numerous Amazon gadgets in your family, keeping them coordinated is an absolute necessity. Exchanging between a few Fire TV gadgets can cause cerebral pain, so ensuring they’re appropriately named can help you push substance to the correct gadget.

As a matter of course, the entirety of your Fire TV gadgets have genuinely standard names, however, they don’t need to remain as such. You can undoubtedly change the name of any Amazon gadget by getting to your online Amazon account, simplifying your shrewd home climate, and simple to explore.

The main thing that we ought to do is to check the current name of our gadget. It is on the grounds that some of you may like that name that adjusts your perspective. Despite the fact that you should realize that the current gadget name is given by Amazon naturally whenever you are endorsed in with the Account.

They took that from the first and the last name from the record that you are utilizing. As for my situation as though I endorsed in as Amelia then I will certainly consider it to be Amelia’s Fire TV Stick. Yet, this could be distinctive for a few groups, and on the off chance that you don’t know about the thing name you were utilizing, you should initially check the name.

Luckily, it doesn’t need to be like this. You can undoubtedly change any name Amazon gadget getting to your online Amazon It tallies, simplifying your savvy home climate and simple to explore.

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How to Changing the Name of Your Firestick?

As referenced above, Amazon gives a choice to change the name of your firestick which will have an arbitrarily produced name in any case.

Method to Know the Name of your Firestick

  • To begin with this interaction, initially, you should know the name of your gadget. A straightforward methodology as underneath must be followed. 
  • Select the gadget for which you would need to change the name and start with the means underneath. 
  • On the home screen of your firestick, select Settings.
  • Snap-on the Device or My Fire TV choice.
  • Picking the About choice, you’ll discover the Fire TV Stick 4K.
  • Under the Device name, you will actually want to see the relegated name of your gadget.

Since you have noticed the current name of your firestick, let us proceed onward to the name-evolving measure.

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Method 1: Changing the name of your Firestick using the Amazon website

To do exactly that, you need to sign for yourself on the authority site of Amazon. The means underneath will guarantee that the name of your gadget is changed.

  • Under Your Accounts and Lists, select the Manage your substance and gadgets alternative. 
  • On the following page, click the gadgets tab and you’ll discover your device(s). 
  • Select Actions on the left half of the gadget you need to rename and click alter.
  • A menu called the Edit Device Information will show up.
  • Rename the gadget and snap Save.
  • The name of your firestick gadget is presently changed.

Expecting you have various gadgets for various rooms of your home, you should name the gadget dependent on the rooms, which is the most consistent thing to do. Follow the above strides to rename every one of the gadgets.

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Method 2: Renaming your Firestick using the Amazon mobile application

You can change the name of your firestick on your cell phone too in the event that you have the Amazon application on it. Allow us to start with the cycle.

  • On the Amazon application, find the Hamburger alternative on the left half of the screen. 
  • In the drop-down menu, select Your Account. 
  • Choosing substance and gadgets takes you to the following screen.
  • Under the Devices tab, you’ll discover the rundown of gadgets enrolled under your record.
  • Select the gadget you might want to rename and tap the Edit choice.
  • In the new screen, rename the gadget and snap Save.

A message will now spring up saying that you have effectively changed the gadget’s name.

You can change the name of your firestick through the Amazon Alexa application and the Fire TV controller application on your iPhone too.

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Method 3: Changing the Name of your Firestick using Amazon Alexa

  • Changing the name of your Firestick by means of Amazon Alexa 
  • Select the All Devices alternative which shows the rundown of gadgets enrolled. 
  • Pick the Firestick you need to rename.
  • By choosing the Edit Name at the highest point of the screen, you would now be able to rename your gadget.

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With the above techniques, your firestick gadget can be renamed without any problem. That, as well as the gadgets, can be renamed whatever number occasions as could reasonably be expected after the previously mentioned steps.

In spite of the fact that I would recommend you rename your gadget genuinely so you don’t need to go through the assignment again and that your gadgets can stay coordinated with no further mess.

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